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Guest chapter 94 . 8/1
Wonderful story ! Also thanks to the authors for making me (and surely others) discover a bit of hindu culture !
Just so you know, last chapter (before epilogue) it is décolleté and not décolletage (on the first half of the chapter).
1Corinthians 1313 chapter 94 . 7/22
YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Love it :) I literally just flash read all of this today! You managed to tie everything together so majestically. I am in awe...

And still crying over Sasha :(
Doodly Noodly chapter 94 . 5/15
So awesome! Seriously, one of the best stories I've ever had the pleasure of reading! Thank you so much for writing this. I got so into it, I read it in two days! And it was a happy ending, so plus, like, a thousand bonus points. Cheers!
Syret chapter 94 . 5/15
Absolutelyloved your story!
TrueReviews chapter 94 . 4/24
I don't even know where to begin at how incredibly beautiful and moving this story has proved to be. My journey with it began six months ago when I came across the title as I was scrolling through the Hobbit section. I must admit I was wary of taking on a tale dealing with the trope you used (female from our world falling into Middle-earth) as I'd read one before so poorly written I swore off that trope forever. HOLY SMOKES! Sona is an honest-to-goodness grown woman with a rich background and a woman of color to boot which just made me love her all the more. She was a delight to read and her staunch position as a pacifist is not something seen very often in Middle-earth fanfiction. Thorin and the dwarves you captured with brilliance and feeling. Thank you for taking your time to build a realistic, warm love story brick by brick instead of rushing to push the pair together. You are an excellent author and I thank you for sharing this heartfelt story. And thank you for inspiring me to post my own story (Lord of the Rings) which I've been slaving over for the past three years.
TellerHusky2000 chapter 1 . 4/9
Yes... this is all an AU... Anything can happen~ Gandalf the Grey broke the 4th wall...
He must be punished!
green-jedi chapter 94 . 3/17
Oh my.

What a beautiful story of love. Not just romantic but care and compassion for all life. I truly appreciated the diplomacy and felt very encouraged and hopeful from the way many of the situations faced were with an open hand instead of a closed fist. I also loved the colour and appreciation for beauty you wrote. Thank you for writing this!
Guest chapter 94 . 3/14
This story was amazing. You did a great job.
wolviegurl chapter 94 . 3/8
I loved it.
RimaChan x3 chapter 94 . 2/25
I don't even know how to start this review, but maybe a great thanks will be the best, a great thanks for all the feelings you made feel while I read your awesome, lovely, tear-producing story, I can't even find enough words to describe it. I have started reading 2 days ago and I sincerely cannot remember how I even found it, for I have never really read Thorin-centered stories (I WAS a huge Kili/Fili fan, but now I feel totally different about the gruffy king, all thanks to you and your [I cannot say it enough] aaaaaweeeesooome story) so as I was suddenly reading your fic, I absolutely could not stop, even though I had so much stuff for university to do. But your story just never stopped popping up somewhere in my head and I just had to keep reading. And really I stayed up till like 4am (it's exactly 3:45am at the moment) each night just to keep on reading and I did not even get tired because it was soooo amazing. I really loved how the story progressed and your characters. Sona is an awesome, strong-(willed) woman who shows that you needn't be a great warrior to save the day, but you can actually be just yourself. I liked how she still stayed with her believes and traditions. And it's totally great that she was somebody who made faults, because it just made her human, humans make mistakes and we learn from them, as she did. I loved that she could be weak at times and still appear as a strong, model-like woman I can admire. And I absolutely loved that you never forgot to include the company as they are all important characters, I loved her friendship with Bifur, this lovely dwarf just isn't loved enough. And Dwalin as a great friend and help in every situation (though we never found out who she resembled or did I just forget that?). You gave every dwarf so much detail and character, I came to love everyone of them. And Sasha, holy I loved Sasha. As I am a great dog lover myself her death made me cry rivers. the tears just kept coming and coming (totally making my two dogs getting totally nervous because they did not know what happend) I never thought that an author could make me love an animal enough by writing a story that I would cry this much! generally you have such an authentic writing style, that I just cried so many times while I read your story, everytime Sona talked about David was just a bunch of so hard feeling being thrown at me I COULD NOT STOP THE TEARS! I really came to love David,even though he wasn't even a living and acting person. And that's how I know that your story is awesome and great and OMG I cannot even... I never never never felt so many emotions while reading Fanfiction and just a few books made me feel so much. I am so sad that your story is finished that I will most probably start reading Thorin's pow now because I cannot deal with the feelings I am feeling at the moment. Again a great thank you for sharing this story with me, us, the world. I am so grateful that I was able to read this. I would like to say so much more but my English vocabulary is a little bit limited (yeah ehm hello from Germany :D) oh and yeah there is more to come because I just realised I have forgotten one point: I just loved your changes from the original storyline, because that actually made unique and sacred and so much more lovely and awesome. I can feel how much thought you put into this story... in German we say "Herzblut" which literally mit "heart blood" and I don't know a fitting English word (shame on me I'm studying English...and while reading your story I wanted to say soo much and I am sure I forgot half of it in this review and I am sorry if I forgot anything important, because I just know that there was more I wanted to say... so okay I think I took enough of your time, hopefully you will read this, because for me it is important that you know that this story became such a big impact on my life (I surely will not forget) and yeah... Vielen lieben Dank für diese klasse, abenteuerliche, romantische, mich zu Tränen rührende, Herzschmerz verursachende, mich zum Lächeln bringende und so unglaublich großartige Geschichte.
Svenja, aka Rima
DragonChaos chapter 88 . 2/24
I am ugly-crying right now...I both love and hate you for it. Mostly love, though.
lavonnadarc chapter 89 . 2/19
Okay, now that is no fair Sona girl. You made me cry. The loss of Sasha is heart wrenching. It is almost to hard to read through the sad moments without fighting back tears.
Teeshadii chapter 6 . 1/22
If you want a hobbit fic, which is about a girl dropped into middle earth, and has slow build romance, you must read To Look Beyond the Mask by tweetzone86. It's quite possible that you have read it before, but if you haven't, go and do so. It is amazing.
Calenmiriel of Durin chapter 76 . 1/24
Hi there :) Just wanted add to your A/N... Maybe they didn't exactly explain why Khan is not Hindi :)...

You see, Indians work on Caste systems... clans so to speak, and Khan is not an Indian Caste :)...

It is, technically, an Islamic surname, as that's its origins, but that does not mean multiple muslims did not marry Indians generations ago, and that's how the name got carried down... After all, Pakistan and India are practically on top of each other :)...

My name is Jade Harisunker, and even tho I'm from South Africa, and religiously I follow Christianty, I still know a bit of Indian culture from my Grandmother as she is Hindi :)... I am from the Singh Caste, as that was my grandfathers surname, but he gave his Hindu name to all of his children as a surname :) that also happens sometimes :)

We see the the surname Khan, and we generally think Muslim

Hope that helps...
sukondis chapter 94 . 1/19
aww I was hoping they had at least one kid
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