Reviews for Like Brothers chapter 12 . 8h
Loving this story! Very unique!
Mal chapter 27 . 11/28
Fuuuuuuck! ohfuckohfuckohfuck!
Mal chapter 18 . 11/28
Fuuuuck. Now, that sure isn't the person I thought would send off those charms.
Mal chapter 17 . 11/28
Woe! That ending tho...
Mal chapter 15 . 11/28
This is so fucking lovely! I adore this fic, so, so much. Thanks for writing and sharing.
Ceilidhchaos chapter 66 . 11/15
well that was an emotional Rollercoaster. thanks for your brilliance.
Ceilidhchaos chapter 21 . 11/13
way to go Theo!
Guest chapter 66 . 11/2
Thanks so much for an exemplary story. Very well done. You are a gifted author.
Mamdouh Mohamed chapter 35 . 10/24
jekodama chapter 51 . 8/25
Omg I'm so scared for Sirius right now please don't kill Sirius please pretty pretty please don't kill Sirius
jekodama chapter 49 . 8/24
Omg fuck Neville with the fucking diary I'M DYING HERE THIS IS AWESOME AND IT'S KILLING ME
suprita45 chapter 66 . 8/3
Hey! Thanks for the nice story... came here from checking out Shayalonnie's favorite authors!
There was just one thing that peeved me though: I have read a few Dramione fanfics, and while I'm not a fan, I've found some which I do like a lot. However, this one simply converted Draco into a bland Ron with a very flat personality and a reformed Malfoy family, and Blaise Zabini (at least during the first few years) into an original Draco Malfoy, who reforms later. I literally read 'Ron' in place of 'Draco' and 'Draco' in place of 'Blaise' for more than 50% of this fic.
bearblue chapter 65 . 7/26
This was. Quite lovely. Thank you for sharing it.
ScarletSpades chapter 66 . 7/11
I just read this again and can I just say honestly that this story makes my heart happy. Thank you for putting this gem here
NRK - acc on ffn chapter 66 . 5/16
Is there a second follow up fic incoming?
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