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Ohsoclever1 chapter 13 . 12/12/2020
Oh my God Gerald seeing the panties. We love to see it. Lmao

Awww, I’m glad you bought the Arnold's parents full circle. I had a feeling Helga was going to do something like this.

Grandpa: "Miles I blame you for this boy’s denseness!." I laugh I tell you (Fav line)

Awww I know Helga hates mushy scene, but secretly loves them, and I love them all the way. It was too cute. Damn she stole from Bob? I thought it probably was money that she was saving. Well then. I'll just call her RobinHood :).

Port Miriam so unaware of being kicked out. Lol. It’s funny and sad.

Okay, Lila girl, get your dance on.

Wow, another lovely, emotional, sensual story of yours. Three cheers and around of applause for you & this tale 333
Ohsoclever1 chapter 12 . 12/12/2020
Lila goes 0-100 in two snaps. I'm proud of her though. look at her living in her freaking truth!

Omg! The boys coming over is a mess, especially Sid. I love to see it.

Fav line: “this here is my personal space.” Oh but Arnold can get it. Okay, Helga. Say that.
And when she leans down to Arnold to say she'll see you tonight. I was oh snaps! It’s going down (smut? smut!)

Damn Harland, “you look way happier with her then you even did with Lila” again not every one thought they were a perfect match like Arnold thought they did.

Sadly, it's not surprising that Bob has been physically abusive. Poor Helga thinking his actions even slightly is her fault. Very well written scene.

Another Fav line: "I guess you now know what that special something was." Helga said mischievously.
Lol great way to bring this back.

"Can we stay in? I still want to be with you." And that’s how you melt my whole heart.

Arnold sure did have a lot going on at the age of nine. Lol, he had 5 whole seasons and one movie all at the age of 9. Wild!

Lord Helga during this I love you moment. Yup, very her. And oh how Arnold has changed. He went from saying she isn't his dream girl to "I love you."

Oh Arnold getting punish. Yes, yes, and yes.
Third fave line: “Your bigger than my finger..Doi." Wow, what a way to bring Doi back. I love to see it.

I appreciate all the feels with a sprinkle of smut here 333
Ohsoclever1 chapter 11 . 12/12/2020
Love this Grandpa and Arnold moment. It was written very true to their relationship. And the story of Helga x Arnold fight when they were babies is so tooth achingly sweet—love it!

Awww the library flower scene (excuse me, may I have my heart back?) seriously all the feels.
Fav line: "A-And I'd appreciate it if you didn't punch me for it." Lol great stuff

I’m glad Helga pushed his ass away because he needs to get it together before he continues.

Oh my gosh! Lila telling Arnold she is not as dull-witted as he is. Just gold!

So we get to the real meat of the issue of him always saying Helga isn’t his dream girl, because he doesn’t feel good enough. Okay, I'll give him that.

Love that Helga was there the whole time listening, because who knows how long it would have taking him to shoot his shot. Beautiful make-out scene on the roof.

I appreciate this fuzzy feeling chapter 333
Ohsoclever1 chapter 10 . 12/12/2020
Omg! This conversation with Gerald seems so in character to me. I can see Gerald be a damn mess like he is here. “A pity fuck” bro what?! I love it.

And then here comes Arnold pissing me off yet again in your story. I love this story and yet this is probably my least favorite version of Arnold. Because wth! is he talking about “she not my dream girl. Not the kind of girl you fall for.” She is Helga (Mother trucking) G. Pataki and she is a pretty amazing person, Arnold!

This boy did not just jumped out the window? Lol. Gerald reply to this is golden. This is definitely my favorite version of Gerald in one of your story.

Yes! Love the Gerald and Phoebe honorable mention.

Oh snaps! What was Lila going to say to Helga. Nice turn of events here. Phoebe is still Helga best friend. I thought she wouldn’t be since Matt is here.

So here goes Lila again and everyone is encouraging Arnold to go spay. Hmmm... wait, let me continue to read...

I love how you wrote the Lila confession. It shows she wasn’t trying to use Arnold and thought he would grow her. You did amazing job at showing the complexity here.

WTH, Arnold?! Getting Angry at Helga because he can’t be mad at Lila? He really don’t deserve Helga at this point. I’m going to need him to do better.

Omg! Helga’s confession really tore my heart in two! And you set it up to sound so beautifully her. Great job!

Phoebe is a real friend. Love her!

Wow! Just another wow chapter 333
Ohsoclever1 chapter 9 . 12/12/2020
Lol! Helga's morning call to Arnold was priceless. Got to love a girl who asks for a ride without truly asking. She is all about hiding that heart which is clearly on her sleeve.

Eugene and Lorenzo are so freaking adorable! Fav line “you are terrible, but not wrong”

Omg! I laughed when Helga went back to the car. This girl is so damn stubborn. I would have been hurt too, if I was Arnold. And yet I get it. You do a great job at showing both sides.

This is a really deep moment as we go through the house with Helga. You really are using the art of showing us rather than telling us about her life. And yet telling us through Helga’s actions of her mom’s past. Very well done. "I wonder if Miriam didn't have anyone to take the bottle away from her." (Deep af!)

Damn, when Arnold thought he was gonna get a kiss (Egg on face). Awww but the kiss after made up for it.

I enjoyed the conversation between Helga and Arnold about outing Lila. I can see it both ways for sure. Especially since Arnold’s friends have a history of letting the cat out the bag. His friends so often do not keep anything among themselves, and that is when it can be an issue.

I appreciate this long author's note. I know for some folks sexual is very important and private and I believe one should respect it. It’s nice to have folks who are like “I don’t see labels” and to also respect those who go through the journey of coming out, or if they choose too, and the labels they see fit for themselves. Also some people are proud in private.

Smut-suspense lol. I love it. Name another story that, yeah? Awww, I'm a little sad that there is no smut here or the next 's been a nine chapter without it, but I expected it. Oh well, the story is juicy enough to hold me over.

Lovely read 333
Ohsoclever1 chapter 8 . 12/11/2020
When Arnold first start asking the guys fir advice I’m like why would he ask them if all people? Lol. They’re reaction we’re pure gold. Not sure how helpful it was too him, but great for us o witness it. Lol. All of Harold reactions were hilarious. “Arnold is a pretty girl” — “ . "For such a boring guy, you sure get a lot of action."” Hahaha. I agree.

Helga is giving good advice that he has to be the one to support Lila coming out (not necessarily publicly) at least to herself and him.

The boy (Arnold) is really getting on my nervous in this story. I guess I get it. His world has been turned upside down since he met Helga, but yet and still him trying to convince himself he don’t like her just be coming off annoying.

Awww, Helga was so hurt not to see Arnold that’s where the distance between them started. Cute and little sad. Glad they are building something better though.

I did like Matt until he just got so pushy. I get that It’s hard to grasp unrequited love when your the one being rejected. However, no does mean no and I hope he gets better though. I would like to like his character again.

These two— damn there kissed through the whole story. Face it Arnold, you are officially cheating on your girlfriend. Smh. I’m torn. I love to see it (him and Helga) while I hat to see it (his denial and cheating).

When she says Arnold kiss is familiar is he actually her first kiss? Or does that at least mean her and Matt never kissed before this time?

Very testing my nervous, but good chapter 333
Ohsoclever1 chapter 7 . 12/11/2020
The ASL scene is very cute and informative. I took two classes in college and I am afraid do not remember a damn thing now. I hate that really. I need to pick it back up.

Of course, Helga suggested Arnold to come. When Arnold thought “like I could say no to that face” after looking at both girl— I was like which face? I see what you did there. :)

Love the outfit description, especially Helga—a fox! once again. I am enjoying the symbolism in this story. The drink scene where he prefers Helga’s over Lila’s and how Helga even comments on it (bravo).

Helga is savage as hell. Damn, girl! Yeah, I wasn’t surprised about Lila either. I didn’t expect her in the very beginning, but did catch on a few chapters back. SMDH at Arnold “she is so feminine” I rolled my eyes before reading Helga’s reply.

Ha! “The pigeons” I can’t with you.

So what’s the deal with Matt? He just has a super crush? Shouting “how could you do this to me?” I’m curious what his deal is.

Interesting read 333
Ohsoclever1 chapter 6 . 12/11/2020
Damn Arnold, stuck on the small rollercoaster, huh? When he finally told Helga that he had been stuck before I thought the same thing of why he didn’t tell her while they were in the ground. This boy. I tell you. Smh. Maybe he wanted to get stuck with Helga G. Pataki.

So, after he made a big deal about Helga kissing him he turns around and has a whole make out session. And gets mad when she says he should break up with Lila. Yeah, Arnold maybe you should if your mind is full with someone else!

I just want them to be together around lol. This chapter had some very cute moments between the two that will hold me over. She really risked her life to clam him down. Arnold better step up because he is not acting like he deserve her.

I think Lila is going to break Arnold’s heart because she is into Matt. I would like this theory to be true, because I like Matt and would like him with someone and we know it’s not going to be Helga. 2: Lila could be into Helga *shurgs*

Really great chapter 333
Ohsoclever1 chapter 5 . 12/11/2020
See, Helga always pop’s up at the perfect time. Love the blend of what happen in the actual show with your original back story. Favorite moments: 1. Helga and Arnold connection that started when they were babies. 2. Olga acting perfect to protect her sister in her own way. Really love the spin on the character we know as it develop them even more.

I am enjoying this friendship between Helga and Mat. It’s nice to see her with a friend who knows her so well while also calling her out a bit while being in awe with her. And at the same time I know you are keeping us in the dark at what’s going on with them and what he told her recently. I notice the look Lila gave hmmm...

The Pataki just keep getting worse, especially Bob. Smh.
On a cuter note when Nika said Arnold head is wide and she wishes her’s was too, because it’s cool. Too freaking cute.

I hope Helga and Arnold get together before this story ends so they can a nice fluff moment.

Lovely read 333
Ohsoclever1 chapter 4 . 12/11/2020
Really great dream here and very true to Hey Arnold’s use of dreams expressing guilty feeling. *Sigh* so Arnold plans is to “pick” up Lila in order to talk to Helga? Yeah, that’s not a bad idea at all? This boy. Smh

Ha! Matt already know that Arnold kidding himself. Like this dude really left his girlfriend to go “talk” to Helga. Clearly, Helga is seeming more important to him right now.

Another cute outfit! The pool hall scene was described perfectly I could imagine her dancing on the table and everything.

Oh wow! The way you introduce Bob and Mariam made them seem even more intense good job at that.

Lovely chapter 333
Ohsoclever1 chapter 3 . 12/10/2020
Arnold was really getting on my nerves in this chapter. He is really trying so damn hard to be anti-Helga and how could anybody not love Helga? Even Lila loves her (not surprising, but the egg on his face when Lila defended her.

I love how Helga is always there at the perfect time. And looking dapper at that— come through dress, heels, and black coat.

The fight scene was entertaining. I knew Helga was going to kick ass. And the moment between Helga and Eugene after was very cute. But, to hell with his date who just left him. Smh. Glad he about to get a new boo and it’s Lorenzo at that! Very clever giving him his voice actor’s last name.

Damn, Helga just stole Arnold’s first kiss huh? I have a feeling she asked first when he said yeah without knowing what he was agreeing to. Oh the plot thickens.

Great chapter & P.S I love your author’s notes.
Ohsoclever1 chapter 2 . 12/10/2020
The library scene was perfect (I see the reference from Phoebe cheats here). Well maybe Arnold friends don’t think him and Lila are the “it” couple since they gave him a little push towards Helga.

Gerald skipping out on the assignment because he’s not into it makes sense. Just thinking back on “What’s Opera, Arnold” where he didn’t even watch or listen to it, because he wasn’t feeling it. You’re set up is so very true to Geraldo.

I really like the way Helga interacted with Arnold here. How she respected his space and helped him without desiring anything in return. She was actually pretty sweet to him which was confirmed by Mr. Simmons saying she wouldn’t help anyone else . Btw Mr. Simmons really added to this as he as always been a huge fan of Helga’s work.

This Mat character seems clearly into Helga, but he is giving Lila compliments too. At this point he’s like “anyone can get it” lol. I’m excited to see the role he continues to play in this story. Poor Arnold trying to convince himself he rather have Lila. Yeah okay, Football- head.

Another amazing chapter 333
Ohsoclever1 chapter 1 . 12/10/2020
I said it once I'll say it again you do Helga such justice, and that means the world to me! I just love your Helga here. She is so dynamic and full of mystery that I am even waiting to discover. Lol, the way she made Arnold step back after she pulled her hair into Pigtails. I could imagine the the look on his face. He is playing himself he know he wants Helga. I love to it!

The boys conversation always adds a layer of humor that flows with the story itself/ease the slight tension. Wonderful work!

I like this Princess Tutu concept. I feel it (a story within a story).

And I personally think most songs by P!nk fit Helga, so I adore that this chapter is hint to her song

I look forward to spending some hours with this story. Another great tale ahead 333
Veganmama chapter 13 . 9/18/2020
So I’ve loved your other stories, but this one has been my favorite by far! I loved that you brought in ASL into it. ASL was a huge part of my high school and college life, and it was cool to see it in a HA! fanfic... it felt like a crossover, lol! The way you introduced Helga through Arnold’s eyes... omg, so entrancing. It’s so easy to see how he fell for her. The pacing, the progression of Arnold realizing his feelings for her, how you described the way he felt when he looked at her (when he shouldn’t have been)... it was all perfect. And although I don’t condone cheating, my goodness, the whole thing felt so exciting, lol. Maybe it’s forgivable because it’s Shortaki. Anyway, this is one of my favorite stories HA! stories I’ve read on here. Thank you for it!
MadLover chapter 13 . 2/5/2020
This is the best Hey Arnold story I've read, and believe me when I say, I've read a lot!
Thank you for this!
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