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Anonymous Latino chapter 13 . 6/24
Your story is amazing! I really enjoyed it. You tackled the issie fo homosexuality very well and you made Helga bieng open minded to be very believable. My only criticism was the scene when Helga paid money to find Anrold' parents. I honestly felt it was very rushed, with little connection to the overall story. It either should have been explored a lot more or it should have taken it out all together. Other than that, great job!
CutesyBunny chapter 13 . 5/17
“Promise us, Arnold, you'll tell us who it is as soon as she is on." "Trust me, just wait for his face to get love-struck and you'll know." "Grandpa!" Lmao as always his grandpa is effin hilarious.
Man I loved seeing Helga stand up to her dad like that. It’s about friggin time and I’m very proud of her. I love that his family accepts her with open arms and assured her if Bob stays mad and doesn’t want her they’ll gladly take her under their wing.
The ending was so sweet I feel like I’m going to get cavities (actually I have a filling appointment next week but that’s beside the point)
So yeah, freaking loved this! I’m rediscovering your stories that I’ve forgotten and wow you’re such a good writer—especially for this show. You know the character well enough to put them in an AU setting but still have them in-character and not too OOC :)
CutesyBunny chapter 12 . 5/17
Lol when he admits now he’s kind of happy for Lila and Helga goes “You big sweetheart.”
“What is it you like about Arnold?” “I can’t answer that, Harold.” “Why not?” “*gestures* Look at him. If I say what I like about him his head will just get even bigger.” *boys burst out laughing* “*sarcastically* Thanks, Helga.” “You’re welcome, sweetie.” Lmao I love this girl
CutesyBunny chapter 11 . 5/17
Okay owwww that story about how they had a fight when they were kids and he panicked and was scared she’d never play with him again so he brought her a flower and for forgiveness and she acted annoyed but forgave him and he put the flower in her hair and the went back to play like MY FRICKIN HEART HOW DARE YOU TBH
Also lol his grandpa knows him too well...
I loved their confrontation in the library, it was simultaneously funny and cute.
Bahaha when Lila called him out for liking Helga XD
CutesyBunny chapter 10 . 5/17
XD “Good thing you didn’t tell me while I was drinking... How?! When?! Where?! What is going on?!” lmao I’m living for Gerald’s reaction to this news
Haha I love that he keeps interrupting him with teasing he’s like ”Would you stop?!” XD
“So I... I panicked.” “Panicked? What did you do?” *closes eyes in shame* “...I jumped out of her window.” I still can’t freaking believe that THAT is what his instincts told him to do like WTH ARNOLD YOU DO NOT IGNITE THE WRATH OF HELGA PATAKI THAT IS JUST ASKIN FOR DEATH BOY
Lol “You’re a bold kid, Arnold” and “This IS the most rotten thing you’ve ever done.” “You’re not really helping.” XD
Also damn like I know Arnold is hurt and pissed off but that was the WRONG person to snap at if anything he should’ve yelled at LILA because she’s the one who’s been stringing him along and acting like she likes him.
Hopefully this freaking MORONIC Football Head can fix his screw-up...
CutesyBunny chapter 9 . 5/17
“H-Helga... I-I already feel guilty enough about the kisses. A-Anything more than that and I might just have to go back to confession for the first time in my life—” Lmao that’s it. That’s my favorite line in this entire chapter.
CutesyBunny chapter 8 . 5/17
XD LMAO I can’t believe he accidentally revealed to the guys that he’s kissed Helga on several occasions... Like WOW, Arnold. Open mouth—insert foot.
Haha “Yes, Porky Pig” XD
Also dang Matt went from an okay guy to instant d-bag in like six seconds.
And pretty much the rest of moments between them in this chapter were really cute and funny.
Especially the end where he has a realization that it’s not normal that someone else’s lips feel more familiar than his actual girlfriend’s...
CutesyBunny chapter 7 . 5/17
Okay I honestly about died laughing when Helga said “I wonder who Lila would get angry with... if I kissed you right now.”
“Don’t you dare... Helga-“ XD lmao she is too freaking much
Okay so I guess I was right I just didn’t expect THAT was who she liked.
Also Helga is so right he’s so deep in denial like oh my gosh bud
CutesyBunny chapter 6 . 5/17
I gotta admit, I might’ve snickered in a bit of an Gil way when Arnold’s mind was comparing Lila to Helga and he was like “Shut up brain!” Lmao poor buddy is so effin confused
Haha I love that she’s making them ride the ride that he and Eugene got stuck on as kids and internally he’s like “No. No I don’t wanna go on that.”
I’m suspecting someone is going to get stuck up there again... just sayin (turns out I was right!)
“They always say that! It was dark by the time Eugene and I got down!” “Wait, you were on this ride when it got stuck back then? Why the FUCK didn’t you say that?!” “Excuse me for not wanting revisit the horrible memory!” XD poor Arnold lol
Okay it was honestly kind of cute when she was trying to calm him down, even though he nearly had a heart attack when she GOT OUT OF HER FRICKIN SEAT to get to him. “Are you insane?! Sit back down!” XD XD lmao
Also oh my gosh HE kissed HER this time like *claps excitedly* you freaking GO, Football Head!
“What am I doing?” “Being stuck in a roller coaster and kissing a girl who is not your girlfriend while your actual girlfriend is on the ground, worried about you.” “Thanks for the recap.” “You’re welcome.” I love Helga lol
XD I love when he says he thinks he kissed her because she took him surprise saying his name and she’s like “That’s all it takes—saying your name?” and immediately messed with like she’s honestly too much sometimes
Haha when his mind says “I do kinda lie her” and he’s like “Wait. no no no no” Like our poor Football Head is in some MAJOR denial rn
Also LMAO WHEN HE KISSED HER AGAIN XD Dang his subsonscious is totally in control at this point tbh “What is wrong with me?” “Is that a rhetorical question or are you expecting an actual answer? Hey, don’t look at me like that. You’re the one who kissed me.” Like sister has a point Arnold
“Because she ‘boring’?” “Because she’s going to break your heart!” “By being boring?!” “No!” XD that was so funny
As far as Lila goes, I’m guessing she likes/loves someone else and either doesn’t want to tell him or is using him to get to them. Who exactly I don’t know.
CutesyBunny chapter 5 . 5/17
Haha I love that seeing The Stepford Wives is making him rethink his relationship with Lola. Good work, Helga
Also I loved how excited Gerald got at the prospect of free ice cream and lol his grandma asking for a raspberry ice to his granpda’s dismay lmao I love that crazy lady so much
“Oh, boy. I’m a big fan of your grandpa. Can I say hello?” XD that’s hilarious. I love that you’ve kept events from the show (the boys getting lost downtown, the fender-bender, etc.) and just removed Helga or Arnold from the event depending on which one it happened to. Nice touch :)
Also oh my gosh I love that Arnold and Helga were totally buddies at the playground when they were toddlers and when her parents wouldn’t let her come back he wouldn’t stop crying and refused to ever go back to the park. Like if you’ll excuse me so I can go follow Arnold’s example and CRY MY FRIGGIN EYES OUT LIKE OWWWW
“Well, Arnold, if the past has taught us anything it’s thats you don’t know anything about girls.” “Thanks Grandpa.” XD it’s true buddy you’re a bit dense
Haha aww her niece is precious. I love that she asks Helga why Arnold’s head is wide but then she says she thinks it’s cool. She’s so precious!
Also grrrr I could kill Bob for that. I mean I’m not surprised at all but I’m still mad about it.
I love that even thought Arnold is totally baffled by it, he’s realizing that he cares way more about Helga than he wants to admit...
CutesyBunny chapter 4 . 5/17
“THAT? THAT’S why you came all the way downtown, following me like some stalker? Are you kidding me? Do you have nothing better to do?!” Haha
“Then why would you kiss me?” “I know it was your first kiss and all, but there’s no reason to act like you were molested!” Lmao I love her. but c’mon obviously Arnold’s confused and shocked because he liked it and he’s frustrated because he doesn’t want to admit he has any sort of feelings for Helga because she’s also a major pain in the ass XD
Also OWW I felt so bad when Bob called him an orphan it was like “Parent’s Day” all over again (which one time I showed my friend—she had never seen the show before and was like “This show is so sad!” And I was like “Yeah but it’s really good!” Lol) even down to the point where Helga is like “Dad what the actual hell is wrong with you?!”
“The more you stamp on a weed, the more it thrives.” “That’s... pretty dark.” XD Well that’s Helga for ya, Football Head
“YOU kissed ME!” “And you didn’t pull away.” “I froze!” “For a full minute? Admit it—girlfriend or not, you didn’t HATE me kissing you.” Oh my gosh she’s totally exposing him and I’m HERE FOR IT lmao
CutesyBunny chapter 3 . 5/17
“Who says being a Mary Sunshine is bad?” “Every modern and independent person in the entire world.” I love Helga so much XD She’s totally getting Arnold to see her point about Lila but he doesn’t want to admit it.
Like yeah she’s sweet but that’s about it yknow?
Also it was so funny when he told her about the black belt in karate and then internally was like “Why did I tell her that I don’t wanna impress her or anything it’s not like I care if she knows that” Like dang his denial gene is working into OVERDRIVE at this point lmao poor Football Head
Okay it’s actually kinda sweet that Lila’s worried about Helga. Like I know she’s a very one-dimensional character but she’s got a good heart.
I loved when she and Arnold beat up that guy for bullying Eugene. Like he’s such a nice guy why would anyone try to hurt him even if they didn’t agree with that? That ain’t right, man.
I knew it wasn’t gonna take long for Helga to kiss Arnold. It was bound to happen, especially after he admitted Lila hadn’t kissed him yet. I just KNOW in her mind she was like “Perfect...” XD my girl is sneaKy aF
CutesyBunny chapter 2 . 5/17
Lol “Helga is NOT her rival in love because I have zero interest in her.” Suuure Arnold, sure you don’t.
“What’s the deal with this nutcase? What am I being interrogated?” “Oh Eugene was bitten by the Shakespeare bug when we were children. I guess he just doesn’t know a lot of people our age who feel the same.” Lmao nice one, Geraldo.
Heh, I love that Arnold’s already getting frustrated with Helga because he keeps finding out about her talents and he’s just like. “What the hell is this girl good at EVERYTHING?!” XD it makes me think of that episode of iCarly where Freddie is talking to the popular boy that they just found out is not only, sporty, good-looking and popular, but also a songwriter and in disbelief goes “Can you FLY?!” Haha
Hah, I loved when she called Gerald “Tall Hair Boy” for the first time and Arnold started snickering, just glad she wasn’t making fun of HIM again
Also it was very sweet when he was worried she would probe him for more information about his parents but she assured him she wouldn’t make him talk anymore about them unless he wanted to. One of the rare moments so far he gets to see that she’s not ACTUALLY just a cocky, arrogant jerk.
I love how baffled Arnold is that, while he claims to not be attracted to Helga at all, he admits he’s very interested about her ever-changing and confusing personality.
CutesyBunny chapter 1 . 5/17
“Wait, I’m going to guess. Your life is a totally chaos, your family’s screwed up, you have no idea what you want to do with your life and this Lila girl is basically the one thing in your life that is consistent. So you’re dating her because it’s nice to be with a girl who has got it all together, is reliable and transparent as hell?” XD I love Helga so much, already figuring Arnold out two seconds after meeting him.
“She doesn’t know my name either... She kept calling me Football Head.” *cut to all the boys laughing hysterically* XD
Again, I feel like I’ve read this one before. This must’ve been back when I first began reading M-Stories so I just didn’t tend to save them to my list or review them. Ah well!
Hah, I loved how shocked he was when he realized who she was. Poor Arnold
And I bet her earlier words are more frustrating to him now that he knows Helga actually KNOWS Lila, so her advice is more trustworthy and from less of an outsider than he originally thought.
ForeverRogue chapter 13 . 6/15/2018
I just love your fics! Can't get enough of them :D I normally don't read AU stories but tgis one sucked me in from the first chapter! Now I really want to watch Princess Tutu and draw Helga and Lila as the characters :) Speaking of Lila, I didn't figure out she was gay til I realized she was staring at Helga at the club. I initially thought she was into Matt. I liked how you wrote the chapter where she told Arnold. I thought it would be too awkward for Arnold to date Helga after Lila's confession, but you handled it very well and it all fell together nicely. Great story!
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