Reviews for XMen: Primal Hunger
saint-nate chapter 1 . 1/1/2003
Problem: Sure, Wolvie loves to fight, but he's not psychotic about it. On multiple occcasions, he reflected on how he takes little pleasure in violence. He's also frequently ashamed of his berzerker rage. That's why he's a good guy.

If it were Sabertooth in this story, I'd have no problem.
RemedyChill chapter 1 . 12/22/2002
I really like this one. Man (or mutant) against nature is a great theme for the children of the atom because they are so closely related to nature. (Wolvie, storm, etc.)

And while I do believe that an absence of a throat where once there was one would probably kill anyone, I do remember being told on one of my many camping trips that the best way to kill a bear if nessesary was to go for the heart, under the left arm. (We carried crossbows - and if a shot was going to count it had to be well placed.)

But short of that, your story almost has a Jack London feel. If it had been told from the bears POV or from the animal in Wolverine it would have been there.

Good read. Thanks.