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BlanketcapeQueen chapter 22 . 7/16
Nope, I'm out.

I guess it's just not my humour anymore.
BlanketcapeQueen chapter 21 . 7/16
Alright. I liked Harry's attitude at the start but lately he's become very unlikeable to me. It's not just all the sexual comments (or the sexist ones), but the way he dealt with Snape at the end. He's grown more immature while forcibly putting himself in more adult situations. Maybe that's just 13-year-olds, or Sirius' bad influence, but in any case it's not fun to read, it's just annoying. Maybe I just have a different sense of humour and some people would like it, or maybe he grows up later in the story and this is all intentionally childish. I hope so.

Also, Tonks and Harry kissing and sleeping in the same bed? Very much not cool. He's only 13 and she's at least 19. She has a job and isn't in school anymore, while he's in his third year. I don't care that he wants it, or if the animagus transformation "aged" him by one year, or what information he's absorbed; he's still a child and that's fucked up. Their teasing and joking around earlier in the story was on the okay side of things, but Tonks should have never let it get physical in any way.
BlanketcapeQueen chapter 6 . 7/15
Man, I love this Harry's attitude and character voice. "Possibly of Chinese descent if I know my humans, which I don't"

All of his witty and somewhat confusing comebacks.

Your writing style makes me happy.
BlanketcapeQueen chapter 2 . 7/15
Lol, the goblins "look how I'd imagine Dumbledore's knee would look if it were green."

I'm enjoying this very much so far. Neat concept, well executed, and very entertaining.
annish33 chapter 19 . 7/13
I also forgot to mention that I'm loving the Sherlock references. And in case you aren't already rolling your eyes at the pedantic violin facts, I'm pretty sure Holmes owned an actual Stradivarius (in both the short stories and the BBC adaptation). One of those would cost at least double the entirety of Harry's trust vault, however, and also rarely go on sale.

Also, the fact that the violin had been played regularly over such a long period would likely increase its worth.
annish33 chapter 19 . 7/13
I'm loving the story, but I felt the need to comment that a 50-plus-year-old violin, while not old enough to be worth a fortune, should still be much more expensive than 73. Aging makes violins more expensive, as the older wood mellows the sound. 730 would be more realistic. My first full-size violin cost about $800. It was newly-made and did not sound great (independent of my playing skills, which were also mediocre at that age). My most recent violin is about 200 years old and cost around $2,000. And it was just a practice violin, so nothing especially fancy: I'm no concert violinist. I shudder to think what a 73 violin would sound like. It's not exactly a world-breaking detail, but I thought you should know.

I hate to leave a review just nitpicking at a minor detail, but please know that I am really enjoying the story as well. It's really imaginative and has a novel plot-no tired fandom cliches. I also love the easy, teasing relationship between Harry and Dumbledore. Can't wait to read more!
just chillin.killin chapter 14 . 7/10
This is my fourth time rereading this story, and I just got that Sherlock reference. By the way, great story. Good enough to read 5 times.
old-crow chapter 51 . 7/10

Your last scene with the dementors was first-rate storytelling. I hope in your next chapter your Harry finds a way to deliver ultimate levels of pain to our dark-cloaked floating friends.

Presumably, your Senior character is in prison and Junior/Wormtail are out there someplace near. Hopefully your Harry will find them soon and put Riddle in a hard way.

All the best,

Groro chapter 3 . 7/6
I agree with the AN. If Harry and Draco were to be friends either one of them has to drastically change their character; Draco has to discard his belief of blood purity which would result in parting ways with his parents, because I think Lucious is a lost cause. Or Harry would have to follow Draco's view which would not be easy because in this fic he now knows what James and Lily fought against.
Either way it would be messy and hinder any other plot development. I think Harry and Draco at best should be left at neutral acquaintance if not adversaries.
Gustav chapter 1 . 7/6
Interesting premise! Nice that Harry seems to embrace his ability. I dreaded this would be an angsty story where Harry is terrified of his powers.
i'm iam chapter 51 . 6/30
I hope Harry rips Crouch to pieces.
DrizztTeller chapter 51 . 6/27
OMG ! I just discovered your story and it is awesome !
I love your Harry, he's quite cool but can be a bit better once he is a little bit more dark lol. But I can feel that it is coming
I loved his relationship with Albus, Tonks and Hermione lol. And I would love to have more conversation between him and Luna XD
Why doesn't he try learning wandless magic ? Why is he so much playing by the rules ? Has he touch Albus old wand ? I'm quite sure that Albus hadn't use his full skills with the Elder one.
And he should do what Hermione would have done if she had his power lol. Knowledge is power and if he want to keep his freedome he should become very knowledgeable.
And why does he still go to potion class ? Hell, I would have curse Sniv so much that he wished he was only tormented by the marauders.
Take care and all the best.
I hope you are well and that we'll see you soon
Herring.Under.A.Blanket chapter 51 . 6/21
You are brilliant! I can't believe i was lucky enough to have more of this masterpiece. Thank you for updating!
I love the style and tone of this story, puts me in a perfect mood for long walks.
Some might say that harry is too strong here, but i would counter that with great power come even greater problems and stronger enemies.
torlan2003 chapter 51 . 6/17
Great story, very interesting ability I look forward to learning who was helping Harry escape. I am waiting for him to rethink or walk through his escape. I hope who ever it was escaped also.
Magnusscipio chapter 51 . 6/14
This is a superb tale that holds the reader's interest avidly. More when you can please.
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