Reviews for Barefoot
DeltaWolf2038 chapter 10 . 6/6/2023
hell yeah, another writer who doesn't downplay(?) the invisibility cloak! i love it when it actually is an artifact givin to a dude by death rather than it just being created by one of the brothers
DeltaWolf2038 chapter 3 . 6/5/2023
harry could still wear shoes. just put a whole straight under his big toe so he can still touch the ground with it
JEROME B chapter 55 . 5/31/2023
You need to indulge in the fine art of PROOF-READING what you write. Other than that its a great story.
subhogue chapter 56 . 3/25/2023
I hope you come back to this one day, but it was a joy to read.
alphaprince0 chapter 9 . 3/20/2023
I'm excited to see what will happen when he touches the Deathly Hallows
GroveWolf chapter 49 . 3/13/2023
Keep forgetting to ask. You probably explained what 'Crows' are in the first place, but since then I've forgotten. So, what are they?
GroveWolf chapter 47 . 3/13/2023
you did have Harry tell Albus that he believes Barty Crouch Sr is under a curse, probably the Imperius. and then when Filius asks if Harry told Albus, Harry says no. What?
GroveWolf chapter 44 . 3/13/2023
something I've seen pointed out before, that Snape is our only source that James was a bully. it was stated that he needed to grow up a little, by someone else, but not that he was a bully. the problem is that Snape is almost diametrically opposed to James. their home life, their experiences, their personalities, and then Lily. I can't help but think that that would be enough, if it wasn't for the fact that there was recruiting going on for Voldemort's forces. all we've seen is Snape being bullied, but that shouldn't mean we should dismiss the notion that Snape wasn't trying to even the score. the Werewolf incident for example. they were essentially enemies. Does James ever get accused of bullying someone else? someone who didn't go on to become a deatheater? Even his memories at the end could have been manipulated. what better revenge than to make his enemy's son dislike his own father?
GroveWolf chapter 38 . 3/13/2023
I have enjoyed the story so far, despite a few mistakes here and there. but honestly, when you have Harry wear a shirt to bed, to hid his scars, but then have him say he wouldn't fix them if he could it sounds bad. who wouldn't want to get rid of scars, especially when they were from bad things that sucked? I don't have scars, if you do, from something similar then I'll stand down. But, it sounds like complete nonsense to suggest that Harry wouldn't want to be rid of his scars.
Ltbutterfly287 chapter 6 . 3/7/2023
I fail to see why girls having privacy is considered worse on the wizards part for gender equality. Though I personally think the magical world is far more equal seeing how they are entirely equal in everything that matters and their culture and society would show that. And it does if you pay attention to the world and history of HP.
PinkPandaBear0 chapter 56 . 3/5/2023
absolutely love this story, binge read the entire thing and the way you have Build the magic of this world is amazing
sad chapter 56 . 2/26/2023
ruined it goodbye
ChainsofHeaven chapter 45 . 1/13/2023
No why'd they break up...

I hope it doesn't turn out to be Fleur x Hedwig
ChainsofHeaven chapter 38 . 1/13/2023
Personally I would heal the scars because I would want no mark of anything the Dursley's did to me on my person
Zibe chapter 56 . 1/9/2023
Still a great story, hope you finish and polish it one day.
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