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Guest chapter 6 . 11/15
Um, no. Max fought for years because he wants his wife and kid back, not his college ****buddy. Unnecessary drama is unnecessary. I've given this a good enough chance and you blew it.
Duchess67 chapter 20 . 11/17
Oh boy... This was an amazing chapter! LOVED how Janet came through in the pinch, so glad she didn't just freeze up and do nothing! Dinah was smart to open the taps like that, but now I'm wondering just how many other places in that building need repairs. LOL
Rusty Thebanite chapter 20 . 11/11
It has indeed been a day, Lawrence. It has indeed... Glad to see that surprises still happen with so many Thinkers still around!
Armiture chapter 20 . 11/10
I would feel sorry for Fog getting flushed into the sewers but he's not really a person anymore, he's like the Winter Soldier but with better programming. Still it beats getting ignited like a fuel-air explosive.

I hope Dinah doesn't get sniped because they think she's Little Miss Leviathan.

Browbeat did pretty good, thanks for showing us how underutilized he was in canon, shame that he's a mole and thanks for the update.
cameron1812 chapter 20 . 11/10
Superb apartment fight. Could literally see it happening! Thank you!
jayod chapter 20 . 11/9
Great read
DracoArtemisLeopin chapter 13 . 11/9
So, I like the chapter a lot, and I really enjoyed the talk that you had everyone have with Kayden, I have to point out that by your own characterization, this doesn't make sense. Back in chapter 10, Kaden listed her feelings about lesbians as never having had strong views on the subject other than, and I quote 'Ewww.' Which could be disgust. Unfortunately the argument here shows her having fairly strong feelings and some pretty damning misconceptions. Now it's entirely possible that she was misrepresenting her own feelings to herself, but it IS hard to parse both of the viewpoints having been presented as belonging to the same person.
Doombreed chapter 20 . 11/9
la pareja anette amy me parece encantadora.
Akasha Drake chapter 20 . 11/9
Uh oh. They just screwed up royally. Went after family. Check. Escalated unnecessarily, check. Went after her behind the mask, check.

There's not a single Non-Empire cape that will help them, now. Even Skidmark follows the Rules, least when it involves capes...deliberately, I think.
Jack Inqu chapter 20 . 11/9
Our heroes got overconfident; they've been taking the fight to their enemies and are used to having all the information. They didn't stop to think that their enemies would come to them, and they failed to ask the right questions beforehand.

A harsh lesson, but one achieved at a relatively low cost. It will be interesting to see how both sides proceed moving forwards.

And I'm sure Browbeat is going to have a very interesting report to give.

Take care, good luck, stay safe, stay healthy, and I look forward to your next update.
Bucio chapter 20 . 11/9
Well, the gang already have Code Names, and they survived Aster's kidnapping attempt, took out Fog, and as Justin put it, it puts E88 in the crosshairs of Kayden, who's out for her revenge.

And while Krieg is good, he is not Kaiser, and our heroines have the advantage of predicting and foreseeing the actions they may take, so Kayden and Theo know his way of being and thinking (based on the intentions of that first attack), as well as Justin, perhaps secretly, passing clues of Krieg's intentions and plans to Kayden or Theo, with Lisa, Taylor, and Dinah confirming that information.

And if they could foresee and plan about Bakuda, they can also do it about the remnants of E88 trying, by making assumptions about what Krieg could do (since it is obvious that he would seek to neutralize Kayden and Janet, seeing them as the strongest threats ), and what Justin informs them; I just hope it's in a way that completely destroys Victor and Krieg's arrogance and pride.

In addition to the "spy" of the PRT in the team, also passing information to their superiors, of what happened, and who could try to recruit Kayden again, in exchange for protection for Aster, and with the girls manipulating that situation in their favor, with it annoying Piggot later, because she would understand that they know about their spy and took advantage of that detail

Good luck and keep it up
zigmas chapter 20 . 11/9
It's good to see updates, indeed.
LeoniLiponscovi2 chapter 20 . 11/9
Awesome fic!
Sebine chapter 20 . 11/9
Fog? Puddle.
Brightstone Keep chapter 20 . 11/9
So. Time to go on PHO and yell loud and proud that not only did the E88 violate the Rules by attacking Evenstar in her home, but they targeted her actual baby.

Question though... Othala's granted invulnerability makes you impossible to damage. How did Victor avoid being yeeted across Brockton Bay like a shot put with his normal human strength?
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