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LunaCrawley chapter 21 . 16h
I’m actually SO SORRY if you were offended by my comment on the last chapter about reordering the chapters. It was definitely NOT meant that way and I’m so sorry if it came across like that. This story is amazing and is one of my favorites and I am so sorry if i offended you. Thank you so much for continuing to write this work of art.

-Luna Crawley
ClaMiAl chapter 21 . 18h
Interesting chapter! Can't wait to read more!
LiteraryRomantic chapter 21 . 12/10
I actually really enjoy the fact that this is out of order. It makes it more fable like to me. Stories told in multiple ways by many people are rarely told in order. They’re told in the order they’re needed. I actually love that at least as far as I’m concerned, it adds an additional layer of depth. Another wonderful update thank you for writing this.
Karibian Aurinko chapter 21 . 12/9
As always, this was perfect. The depth of your worldbuilding never ceases to amaze me. The Ekkreth stories feel exactly the way I remember old folk tales I read as a child felt like.

A quote from my favourite sci-fi series, Babylon 5, comes very strongly to mind after reading this newest addition to DAV: „There is no greater power in the universe than the need for freedom.”

And so much backstory revealed! I can’t help but imagine another post-Empire meeting - of Anakin, Luke and Bentu, when they learn about their shared history. It’s going to be splendid. I wonder, does Anakin know that Captain Altor is an ex-slave from Tatooine? On first reading, I thought she wanted her reply to the Academy to be worded in a certain way that it would read like a code and reveal her as a part of the freedom trail for anyone interested but after a second reading, I am not sure that was actually your intention. In any case, I hope we’ll get to see the three meet eventually.

Oh, and about Bespin – to quote from one of my other fandoms, „Journey before destination.” I am probably as anxious as any of your readers to see how the Big Reveal will play out (and the smaller one, when Anakin learns that Luke exists – that’s going to be an emotional one…) but actually, I think I simply want more DAV stories, from any point in the timeline. I might be addicted to this universe ;) Each of your stories is a gem and a wonderful surprise. We will get to Bespin… eventually :)
Guest chapter 20 . 12/8
Awesome. Kadee is such a good friend.
scottusa1 chapter 21 . 12/8
Good chapter. Keep it up. Laters.
SunDragon chapter 21 . 12/8
Thank god your still updating. It would be a shame to lose a story as good as this.
Nikki chapter 21 . 12/7
I was scrolling through FFN archive and I was like where have I seen this story before? Well duh I read it on Ao3, and your story is the number 1 bookmark on my laptop. Which reminds me I really should go back and read it all over again. Gosh I love this story you've created so much
Scififan33 chapter 21 . 12/7
Finally got around to continuing to read this. So Leia's put two and two together and come up with four when it comes to Vader and Luke? Hope this means Bespin can go better. Neat that Luke is part of the underground freedom ring even as a child. Did they keep helping as he got older? Wonder how Vader would react if he knew his son also helped ex-slaves. Like the look into Padme's family and how they help the rebellion. Keep up the great work!
Guest chapter 11 . 12/7
And so Captain Needa shits bricks...
Math725e chapter 21 . 12/7
thanks for the update!

Keep up the amazing work
Guest chapter 21 . 12/7
A story does not need to be in chronological order.
This is a specific story telling device and enriches the tale.

Thank you for sharing.
Karibanu chapter 21 . 12/7
I adore your mythology, you've put so much into it & your storytelling is exquisite. I've only one slight trouble with all these interconnected stories, and that's Luke, or rather his place in things. I *love* how being a farmboy from Tattooine actually means something so much more than just being a country hick, and especially how parts of being that surprise the other people around him - but he's still Ekkreth's child just as Leia is, so in a broader sense - who is he? Anakin is doing a fairly good job at saving himself so his canon role isn't really there - if he doesn't need to save Anakin anymore then he also isn't going to save literally everyone as he did in canon - and it'd be very sad if Luke just diminished into the role of a swiss-army plot device used to connect all the others together, or into Anakin-as-he-might-have-been.

Perhaps given he's spent his entire life working for the slave underground he'd be very well placed as an agent getting people out of the Empire rather than a high-profile starfighter pilot - however you've got Ahsoka there and even Anakin himself there, so again he might just end up as a plot device to connect people. Leia is a dragon ( given the actual meaning of the Hebrew name Leah her character name came from that's pretty funny ), what's Luke? the various forms of his name have some interesting meanings - I like the Greek connection with wolves personally.
BeautifulArbiterDreamland chapter 21 . 12/6
Oh my goodness this is amazing and wonderful I love this. It’s so cool how you do this.
Mad about the Boro chapter 21 . 12/6
Cool story mate. I look forward to your next chapter...
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