Reviews for Double Agent Vader
Guest chapter 19 . 6/19
This was very nice. Loved reading about Padme's niece. Hope there is more soon.
thehappynihlist chapter 19 . 6/13
I would like to see Vader's perspective on the upstanding imperial officer. The good guys blindly following a bad cause, if you will. Would he think they are worth saving? And how would that even fit into the Ekkreth mythos, if it even did? But, honestly, I could care less if you put that in here. It's just food for thought. I am mostly just along for the ride. It is a rare thing to come across a fanfic that is good enough to challenge your view of copyright law. This is one of those few. Keep on keeping on, as they say.
not paranoid enough chapter 19 . 6/12
This was a fantastic chapter! I love the idea of Anakin and Padme using flower messages, of Anakin taking the time to study flowers durinf the war (I really wonder what Obi-Wan thought of that!). I'm glad we got to know Pooja! A clever chapter.
Vi-Violence chapter 19 . 6/11
That's just beautiful.
Nogoodnms chapter 19 . 6/10
This is good shit. I can't wait to see what comes next. The non-linear style is a little annoying but whatever, it works fine.
ksecc1 chapter 19 . 6/9
Another chapter I just loved. You manage to paint this hypnotic picture of sentiment, danger and mystery in each chapter. How do you do this? I so wish your Anakin (and Leia and Luke) could have a happy ending. I'm not sure how you'd manage that for Ani. And I'm. It sure you'll ever get to this end. Which is fine with me, because it means more chapters! Thank you so much for each and every chapter. You are a gifted writer.
Jadaerys chapter 19 . 6/9
i want padmé! why is everyone alive and she isn't?! :((
Bountyhunter1977 chapter 19 . 6/8
Oh good a new chapter, I was beginning to wonder if you wad ever going to update.

Yea it's good to see things from another perspective , and now if the Twins show up the hole family will be together even if they are not aware of it.

Will you show any more improvement in there Saber work before they have to leave Hoth and Luke goes to Yoda for training and how will train be different then canon with his extra training under his belt. But as this is told in Leia pov what will she do, go with Luke to train or train her self with the Holocron on the 40 day trip to cloud city?

Leia has shown some mastery in telekinesis if her choke hold is any indication but what about Luke will he be able to lift he is X-wing this time and not be full of Self Doubt.

Will she be Able to stop Luke from loosing a hand , maybe worn Anakin who Luke is just in time? I do not see this version of Vader/Anakin purposely hurting Luke to tempt him to the darkside.
Guest chapter 11 . 6/8
I love this whole thing, but I had to say I especially that part where Needa found out who Vader is and the whole thing with his understanding of how the Galaxy works breaking and rearranging itself. It was some awesome imagery and just was really vivid and I liked it a great deal.
Lurker-in-Light chapter 19 . 6/7
Glad to see another update. This one had me smiling throughout.
ClaMiAl chapter 19 . 6/7
Oooh, very nice! I love the idea of the messages being so loud and clear and right in Palpatine's face...if only he could understand them. Can't wait to see what comes next!
Noradin chapter 19 . 6/7
Thank you for another great chapter!
Raiukage chapter 19 . 6/6
I love this much... Though I gotta admit, while re-reading it today, particularly the chapter where Ekkreth was building Leia's saber, I got to wondering. How would Obi-Wan react, from the Force, seeing a side of Anakin he would never have seen while alive...
Guest chapter 19 . 6/6
Beautiful! Thank you! Please update a little sooner next time...?
Khalthar chapter 19 . 6/6
I would imagine that Darth Vader absolutely LOVED the irony of using FLOWERS to send notice of his defiance!
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