Reviews for Mobile Suit Gundam Century's Dawn
Deathzealot chapter 20 . 8/9/2004
Yeah nice to see you again phantom keep it up!
Maverick Hunter Zero chapter 18 . 8/3/2004
Look here. I am no suck-up (gundamnut), I give credit to those who deserve it. After reading this fan fiction, I honestly say that this, while not the best one i've ever read, is a damn good fanfiction. I'm no bully or anything, but anyone who cant see how good this is should be monkey stomped. While i agree there could be a few revesions, the general story of it is excellent. matt.
devil convoy chapter 18 . 7/23/2004
I've read a lot of gundam stories, but this one is the best I've read so far please continue.
shinobi8 chapter 17 . 7/4/2004
this story is great and if ur going to put koshiro and lee as new types go ahead but i like to know about pai and i like to know why raven called lee "my lady" is she rovality.
LodisLord chapter 17 . 6/17/2004
i didnt feel like logging in, but i read this Fic. Man it had me interested the whole time. the characters are well done, that Second Minister Howard reminds me of another bastard from the show. good work. i hope you continue it.
RougeBaron chapter 17 . 5/17/2004
I remember reading this a long time ago and there was some turmoil over this (you have a knack of making a scene... LOL, no I'm kidding). I suppose this is the new version of Century Dawn. I don't mind reading it all over again (because I like it), but it's been quite a while that the only change I notice is UC 300 instead of 100 (per Seraphilim advice I presume). Would you mind guiding me through it, what you changed and what you left as is? That'll help me a lot.
evilives34 chapter 17 . 5/11/2004
i like it, keep working and fixing the plot problem. but i still like it a lot
G-Dude chapter 1 . 5/10/2004
Naw, the whole bit about G-Saviour is bogus, man. Tomino and Sunrise declared it no longer part of the official UC calendar because, frankly, it sucks big time.
Don't be afraid to add in other MS, though. .net is a good place to find some.
Firebird 13 chapter 1 . 5/5/2004
Okay, I've read this before and it's okay but you REALLY need to check on .net and read up on Zeta, ZZ, CCA, and F91. I say this because, even with the bit at the beginning, I fear that this low-caliber of MS and warship technology will be hard for die-hard Gundam fans (like myself) to swallow. Or you could make it AU which, while it may not seem like it, would make a huge difference.
Also, by UC 300, EF would be gone. In the live action movie G-Savior (which sucked but is still part of the UC so we have to abide by it's events as well), the Earth Federation was replaced by CONSENT (Congress of Settlement Nations). You have apparently read all that is posted of my Phoenix Trilogy which, like yours, starts in UC 300. I don't want to be cocky or anything, but you might want to take a tip from that story and have some kind of revolt take place that kicks CONSENT out of power.
On the actual writting, very good! Not the best, but I don't know anyone, and i include myself in this, who can write like pchadi0. His story, Gundam, A Warlord and A Curse, is a Gundam masterpiece! While it definitely feels different than most UC series, it only helps the story. You should definitely read it. I also agree with pchadi0 about the dialog vs description thing. More discription would make this stoy so much better. If you give us that, your reviews would be much more positive and the technical stuff (things like MS technology) could be easily overlooked. You also shouldn't take this down. I did that with my Gundam story for the same reason, harsh critics. It stayed down for several months but then, I had a flash of inspiration and you've read the results. I'm also curious to see the "massive revisions" you've made. Are those what I'm reading or are they on the way? All in all, a decent fic that with some work, could be an incredibly story. If you want someone to read your stuff be for you post it (in other words, a beta -reader) I'd be more than willing to do that.
Bye for now,
Firebird 13
G-Dude chapter 1 . 5/4/2004
Not bad, not bad at all. I've really only one problem with this otherwise decent fanfiction.
The first scene screams out "Look at me! I'm a plot hole and a badly done plot device!"
You can probably fix that easily by giving us something leading up to that scene, or some background on who or what is doing this whole thing. What's the global situation in 295? It just seems like it's only existence is to make everyone forget about MS and past battles and such.
My only other gripe is that the paragraph that starts with "The calendar of the Universal..." just reeks of copy & paste of the original Gundam set-up but with a few tweaks. Well, that's mostly just personal opinion, so you don't have to take that to heart.
All in all, though, very good. I hope to see more.
Deathzealot chapter 17 . 5/4/2004
Great you started it again! Don't let your reviewers put you down, okay! I should know thats what I did and I regreat it. Okay now the fic itself is great, but you have stuff from last time like you still call keela Kikka, a couple of other times, also some chapters are the same they were when I first read this. Also is it AMEC or the DD, make up your mind. I take it that the thing in the beginning of the fic with the Tokyo Undergound is why no one knows about what the Gundam was or about the One Year War. One last thing Lucas still calls Bright his grandfathe, I would hope you change that, also the grammer needs some work to, along with the spelling. So in the end this is good, keep it up!
Patrick Hooper chapter 1 . 1/26/2004
Wow, I certainly didn't expect this. All of these people fighting over something like this. While I don't think Phantom 1 is a poser, I believe that if he/she wants to be taken seriously as a fanfic writer and succeed at it, then Phantom 1 can't let little things like harsh reviews get to him/her. Seraphilim is one of the foremost Gundam experts I know. If you won't listen to anyone else, listen to him.
If you do decide to revamp this fic or make a new Gundam fanfic, swing by or . Those sights can really help you. Especially the MAHQ forums. Or you could swing by the boards. That's where Seraphilim hangs out, so he and a few others there might help. I'd be willing to lend you a hand, despite my less than kind critique. I'm known as Gundam Mk Dead over at MAHQ and gamefaqs. Don't give up over something so petty.
gundamnut chapter 2 . 1/25/2004
Soon to be permanently removed from ? Dude, if you're such a damn coward that you're running away from critics who are totally right with their critique, then you suck and shouldn't be posting fics on the internet at all.
Why can't you just make the changes people have mentioned? REAL fanfic writers would realize any mistakes in their fics and fix it.
From this, I'm judging that you are in no way a real fanfic writer. Yer just a poser.
Deathzealot chapter 17 . 1/23/2004
I agree with you Phantom... I started watching the UC Universe with 08 MS Team and then I started to wacthing the Origanal. Well keep it up!
Seraphilim chapter 17 . 1/22/2004
-While I am perfectly aware now that there are more than four series (the original, 08th MS Team, 0080 and 0083) in the
UC timeline, unfortunately, when I first started to write this, I had no knowledge of any other Gundam series other
than those four (I only recently saw Char's Counterattack).-
When I first started writing, I had a similar dilemma. I had not seen Zeta, ZZ, F91, CCA, or any of the various side stories. But, there was a simple solution. I researched via the internet on what I needed to know. I asked for info. I made an effort to find out. You should too. .net is a nice starting spot, as is .com
-Even now, I have no information on any other Gundam series
other than the Big 4 (Original, 08, 0080, 0083). -
Er, not to argue with your definition, but the Big 4 is really MSG, Zeta, ZZ, and CCA. Your Big 4 is the OYW 4, which encompass the four main stories that occur within the time of the OYW or just afterwards.
-As you have already become aware of, one of the basis of the CD universe is that Earthnoids have faint, if any,
recollection of the Side Wars-
Not true at all, unfortunately. There are people reminiscing about the OYW even in UC 133, when Crossbone Gundam occurs.
Also, this takes place in less of a time difference than present time and WWII. Do you think people have forgotten about WWII already?
-(For clarity's sake, the Side Wars encompass the Big 4 series and Char's Counterattack
while the One Year War just referrs to the events surrounding the original Gundam series)-
For clarity's sake, there is no such thing as the Side Wars. What you call the Side Wars IS the OYW. Even 0083 is considered part of the OYW, since it wraps up the last few remnants of the old Zeon regime.
-and Mobile Suits in general.-
Uh, no. MS were still going strong even after 153, which was Victory Gundam. If you must have MS be "forgotten," make your story take place in UC 300 or something.
-This is NOT a flub on my part. It is one of the great secrets of the CD universe which will be revealed in all due time.-
Considering it's taking place in UC 100, your only options (Besides ignoring my advice) are to either change your story to fit the times, change the date of the story to MUCH later, or mark this as an alternate universe fic.
Seriously, you are a decent writer, But, even a decent writer doesn't look too swell if he writes about stuff he's near clueless about.
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