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SeaBass15 chapter 1 . 8/2/2018
You should continue these species profiles, its very fascinating.
masterchiefsenpai chapter 1 . 7/23/2016
i'm losing hope
Guest chapter 7 . 7/22/2016
Today is prehistoric a parks 10 year anniversary isn't that awesome
A-LionGleek chapter 7 . 7/12/2016
Avian: Welcome back buddy! And fear not, I am pleased with your explanations (though still wish to respectfully agree to disagree on the cloning matters and side with Nathan). And I can certainly say that I'm still looking forward to seeing you finally get back to leaving reviews for Geo-Force (not to mention read and leave reviews for Night of the Cursed, as well as for my newly started 3rd multi-chapter Teen Titans story Shadows of Love). And of course, like Nathan said, please also comment about Nathan's PE characters and the PE scenarios he and I have written.
Nathan: Here's me eagerly still hoping to see more of Ultimate Wildlife Sanctuary (not to mention finally seeing Prehistoric Earth be born as a proper story on this website) in the near future. And while I'm not really a big fan of (or all that interested in) Simpsons, I'll see what I can do in regard to your Cryptonomicon.
Nathanoraptor chapter 4 . 7/10/2016
Avian: First of all, welcome back buddy!

And, hearing your argument, it does seem fairly reasonable; there are moral implications and there are other options as well. However, I must also make the point that worrying about a bottleneck effect, when you have a current population of 13 mammoths (with only two males) kind of comes off as missing the point. The mammoths cloned from frozen carcasses (individuals unrelated to those at the park) would be genetically distinct to the park's mammoths; that would increase genetic diversity.

Another point I must make is that, if cloning, IVF and other things weren't done, Nigel would need to rescue another 200 mammoths to create a self-sustaining population to be reintroduced. Logistically, that would be very difficult to pull off.

As for the "unnatural" thing... nothing to say here except we agree to disagree. I personally don't believe cloning is unnatural or unethical. I should also make the point that the park itself is technically human interference.

IVF does seem like a good idea; however, you'd need a bigger population of mammoths before you tried it. And, of course, going back in time to rescue mammoths would still work, just not on the scale needed. So a combination of cloning from frozen carcasses and time portal rescue would be the best way to boost the populations of these animals.

To be honest, the whole cloning debate was entirely my fault; I don't blame you for anything (and, to be fair, considering "Glarngate", the Drew/Zane feud and other major shitstorms, this didn't come off as all that bad). This all began where I merely pointed out a part that made me feel uncomfortable about the organizational system at Prehistoric Park and conflicted with established continuity; no matter what your views are, Nigel did not have the authority to cancel Wu's plans.

It's made perfectly clear multiple times he's beholden to InGen and Masrani - they can overrule him if they wanted (and have done so in the past). Whether or not something proceeds is not based on Nigel's word, particularly not something as important as this. He came off as arrogant, controlling and overstepping his authority.

Nothing other to say other than we agree to disagree. I still want to see your opinion on my new PE characters and the scenarios both LionGleek and myself have written. And Avian... it's alright. We don't begrudge you for your long absence (with the long gap between UWS chapters due to family matters, I'd be pretty hypocritical if I did).

Welcome back, buddy.

Avian chapter 7 . 7/10/2016
To Dadog, LG, Drew, Nathanoraptor and the rest of my fellow friends:
I know you guys must be mad at me for my painfully long, long absents throughout this time and I only want to beg for your forgiveness if I'm responsible for creating the cloning issue in the first place. I'm really sorry why I didn't show up to answer your question because I have a serious family matter which cannot be unavoidable and I had to shut myself from this fanfic but no worry. Not to mention my school are not on my side either. But no worry, everything is getting clearer as ever and I'm ready to settle this once for all:
Yeah to be frank, I really didn't like the idea of cloning. It is true cloning may be very beneficial as it can help sustain the population of endangered species or in this case extinct species. However, we must remember cloning can only created number of genetically identical copies of an individual and that means they had the exact same DNAs as their parents which could lead to bottleneck effect in their gene pool and thus does not help in increasing the genetic diversity in their species. Think about it, if we released cloned mammoth in the wild, they may not have the resistance against potential diseases which could ultimately wipe out the entire cloned populations. However, the naturally born mammoth may have higher possibilities to withstand diseases as they have genetic variation and half of the population may have better metabolism and immunity to survive better in the wild. Even if we could cloned thousand of pure healthy animals, it still doesn't help to save the species as there are still many other things we need to reconsider such as restoring habitat, releasing them back into the wild and survival skill. I'm not entirely against cloning anyway if it is the only way to preserve all these fragile species from the past. It just that I think I can't accept what came is not natural the way it is. It is true cloned animal are still considered 'true' animals but having same genetic copy as its parents won't help uplift the genetic diversity.

Other than cloning, why don't we use another method such as IVF or In Vitro Fertilization. Compared to cloning, the offspring will be entirely unique than its parents. Frozen zoo is the best choice to preserve test tube which contained sperms of various extinct species that were rescued from the past. I'm not entirely knowledgeable in this field but please correct me if I was wrong but I believe IVF will help more extinct and endangered species and increase more genetic diversity. I know many people including myself consider cloning are unethical and unnatural as it defies the natural way the animal born. Every species deserved to be exist in this world and that why this park and time portal were built in the first place. I initially thought what the point cloning animals if we can already save animals from the past by the means of time portal when you consider to add fresh gene to the park's mammoth from frozen carcasses. Like I said in my past review, there is still another way aside from cloning and who know they could be any potential healthy wild mammoth out there awaited to be rescued. I wish all animals in this park were entirely naturally born and not came from human interference. That what I had to said about this and if there any objections from anyone, I will respectfully listen to your feedbacks.

Dadog, I'm truly sorry if I accidentally caused you to involved in this matter and I agree Nigel seem to be a bit of jerk here by stepping down the authorities and it was all because of me. I'm so sorry to say this but this seem a bit unfair to me since you had already choose cloning by vote when I didn't even yet to speak to myself. I respectfully ask your permission to settle this one more time. I really didn't have intention to cause mess here and as a loyal fan to your fanfic, i will keep looking forward to your stories as you work so hard to impress us with your continuation of Mortal's PP stories. Please forgive me Dadog. Also, please forgive me LionGleek, I know you must have been waiting for long time and I hope you'll forgive for what I did. I promise I will review your stories and I promise our friendship will remain strong. Don't you worry! And not to forget, Nathan, thanks for the good reminder and I also promise I will never stop supporting your stories too.
Ok, that's all I have to say, good night guys! I can't wait to check out Mortal return to the fanfic once for all!
Guest chapter 1 . 6/16/2016
Well Mortals back with Prehistoric Park: A New World check it out.
Drew Luczynski chapter 7 . 6/10/2016
Jack: No he's just not writing any chapters until DOTI is done. Which should be another twelve years. Hopefully DD is atleast writing chapters while the hiatus is going on.
Jack905 chapter 7 . 6/10/2016
Drew: okay, also Diadog "Back from the Ashes" is "Complete" right?,
Drew Luczynski chapter 7 . 6/9/2016
Jack: it's over man. Cloning's ok
Jack905 chapter 1 . 6/9/2016
The whole cloning argument is really getting old now.
Zane Akker chapter 7 . 6/4/2016
To Danny:

I do see your point.
Danny chapter 1 . 6/4/2016
Also, Entei looks similar to a buffed-up Smilodon in my eyes, which is why its considered viable for the list, though in hindsight I would place Yanmega (Obviously based on the Meganeura) in Entei's Place, as I do in fact prefer Yanmega to Entei thanks to Jessie's Yanmega being cool in the Anime and the fact that its mostly green in colouration (My favourite colour, by the way).

As for the answers thus far, Zane's Choice of Mamoswine is definitely a good one, plus he backs-up his choice well, I just prefer to use other Ice-Type Pokemon over it, such as Vanilluxe (Its a good Pokemon, I swear!), Avalugg, Dewgong and Lapras. The same thing goes for Ground-Types such as Gliscor, Golem, Donphan and Torterra.

One more thing, I am known for using Pokemon that most would shrug off, such as Vanilluxe (As Stated Before), Tropius, Garbodor, Bibarel, Emboar and Kingler. Also, I don't hate any Pokemon released thus far aside from Pichu (Pointless Electric Rat if you ask me), who even then I'm willing to use, if only to get a Volt Tackle Pikachu or Raichu (I would of made it a Move Tutor thing instead of the waste of time it actually is). Just a few things to keep in mind whilst we're still talking about the franchise.
Danny chapter 1 . 6/4/2016
LionGleek: In my defence, my was mostly joking when called Dawn an Alpha Bitch, as I stated to you back then. Also, my opinions on her have in fact changed, that being that I like her quiet a bit now, though not as much as Misty, May and Iris. To be honest, my main reason for disliking her was that she was so soft throughout Diamond and Pearl, which to someone who gets irritated quite easily by those who cry or whine when they lose made it quite hard to accept her as a replacement for May, who did get upset from time to time but always came out stronger and wiser, whilst Dawn made the same mistakes. However, over time I've come to sympathise with her more, as her mother was a goddess among coordinators, her best friend became a fierce rival (Seriously, this man had an Alakazam and a Machoke before Battle Dimensions started, which even I have to admit is pretty impressive), she gained a creepy stalker in Conway and, unlike May didn't have a sibling to support her in ways friends simply can't do. What I'm saying is that she had much more pressure placed upon her than May did, making the breakdowns she suffered through much more understandable.

Zane: The way you worded that comment made it sound harsh, Zane. Yes, Humans are Animals, but the way the Fanfic is written it is targeted towards breeds that aren't Human, hence the lack of Neanderthals and the like. While I believe the Humans deserve recognition, their could always be another guide specifically targeted towards the humans rescued throughout Prehistoric Park's history. We will find out in time. Until then, let's be calm and patient.
Zane Akker chapter 7 . 6/4/2016
To A-Lion and DaDog:

Humans and all other humanoids ARE technically animals. Simple biology determines that. I don't care for your personal beliefs, and so does evolution.
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