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Guest chapter 6 . 2/13/2015
Maria chapter 6 . 5/7/2006
Tom Riddle
GC chapter 5 . 3/18/2003
Whatever Vlad says, the father must be Tom Riddle. How else can you explain the parseltongue. So, for the record, THE FATHER IS TOM RIDDLE, A.K.A. LORD VOLDEMORT. There, said.

Vlad: I'm sure it must be somebody else. You are wrong, GC.

Shut up, vamp.

Gil-Celeb chapter 4 . 1/23/2003
I'm gonna MST this part. I just had to.

Vlad: Just shut up and do it.

*blinking* Vlad, when was the last time you fed?

Vlad: A week, more or less, why?

Just asking


Severus sat in his office. He tried to concentrate on his work, but found he couldn't.

HJ: What's wrong?

Ron: Who cares?

GC: *seals his mouth with tape*

Ron: mphphphphrrr!

GC: Whatever

Ankha's last name, Valmoor; he heard it somewhere before, but where? For some reason his mind connected it with Voldemort, but he couldn't remember why.

HJ: Just great

Vlad: Maybe my hypothesis was right and Voldie was the father

GC: If it was, I'll shoot myself!

And then the name on the box. It was as though his mind recognized it but refused to say from where.

James. His mind is just... weird

GC: Says who?

James: *glares*

Maybe one of her parent's were Death Eaters?

All: URGH!

After a while he gave up and headed to the Great Hall for lunch, making a mental note to discuss it with Dumbledore.

GC: yeah! Do that! I bet you my fortune that he knows! When doesn't he?

Harry: But he would give him the "when-you-are-older" crap

Vlad: Not to sound offensive or anything, but 39 is not exactly young

James. HEY!


Harry and Ron left divination with Ankha close behind them. Harry really didn't mind hanging out with her, she wasn't like most of the Slytherins,

HJ: And even if she was, most Slytherins aren't that bad


but Ron just couldn't get that through his head.


HJ: *rolls eyes*

"Come on, Harry, maybe we can lose her." They hurried down the hall and around a corner. They slowed to a walk, thinking they lost her, but she came jogging up behind them. Ron turned and glared at her.

GC: Oh no, you don't!

James: Gil, you are talking to a book...

GC: *glares* Jim, that is really, REALLY /OLD/ (R/N: Just think, he's 39 now. GSFI MST happened... 23 years ago. Urgh.)

James: so?

"Why are you following us? If I haven't made it clear, we are trying to stay away from you!" At this, Ankha's eyes darkened and she glared back at Ron, a look that sent shivers down Harry's spine.

HJ: This can't be good

Vlad. Yeah, don't mess up with people with black hair and eyes

HJ: Do we know that Ankha has black hair and black eyes?

Vlad: Well, no, but in the portrait, both the girl and the boy had black eyes and black hair.

GC: And?

Vlad: *rolls eyes*

James: *smirks*

It reminded him of...his thoughts were interupted when Ankha threw a book at Ron.

HJ: Urgh. Violence!

James: I don't like this

HJ: me neither. I don't want them to fight

GC: Blame An... Rose. Yeah. she's the one who wrote this


"I was trying to give you the book you dropped when you left, but apparently you are so caught up in avoiding me, you didn't even realize your bag was ten pounds lighter." The two glared at each other. Harry knew better than to break them up, he might end up getting cursed. Ankha held up her wand, as did Ron.

All: Glup

Harry backed a good twenty feet from them just to be safe. They sent curses hurling toward each other at the same time. Ankha's didn't do much, just made Ron's head look like it was bald.

HJ: Didn't do much? Then define "much", please


Ron's curse...well it wasn't a pretty sight. Ankha's hair was now long and gold,

Vlad: Cool!

with small silver snakes highlighting it.

HJ: er... cool?

Her skin was turned gold was well, and her normally black eyes were silvery.


All: *roll eyes*

HJ: I like the colors

GC: If you didn't, I'd throw myself of a cliff. Preferibly the one GSFI is stuck in (:P)

(AA: Does anyone sense symbolism here?

All: WE DO!

GC: YEAH! GO SEV! GO HARRY! and don't go Albus since I don't like him here.

I thought so.)

HJ. *blushes*

GC. Awwwwwwwwwww

James/Vlad: girls

GC: *glares at them*


Harry could not help but fall to the floor in laughter.

All: *laugh*

Ankha, by now very angry, sent another curse to Ron. This one made roots sprout out of his head and ears and root themselves in the ground.


Ron: HMPH!

Another curse flew, but it did not hit its intended target.

All: Uh oh

Professor Snape,

HJ: This is going to be good

who heard the noise and came to see what was happening, had two devil horns coming out of his head,

All: ...






All: *fall from chair laughing*

GC: This is so funny!

HJ: *still laughing*

James. Why, /I/ never did such a thing!

Vlad: It's just...

a red tail, and was holding a pitchfork.


GC: That's just... too much,... *more laughter*

(AA: I'm in for it now. Does anyone know the number of a good doctor?

Vlad: 345 67823

Perhaps a lawyer?

Vlad: Sorry, no

) He started to say something, but when he opened his mouth, he discovered his tongue was like that of a snake's.

All: *fall from chair again*

Undaunted, he hissed several words that made Harry turn red.

HJ: *covers his ears* I don't want to know! *still laughing*

He ran up to Ron and said,

"You should get out of here fast or Snape is going to kill you!"

HJ. And that is the censored version

The two ran off down another hall (they may get detention longer for that, but that was not what they were perticularly worried about at that moment) leaving Ankha to face Snape's wrath.

All: Uh oh

GC: not that she doesn't deserve it

Hj: *glaring* Yeah, she's just cruel

Vlad: *rolls eyes*

She looked at him, doing her best to keep from laughing, and tried to think of the counter spell; Snape would have done it himself, but he was still cursing Ron into next week.


After a moments thought, she tried the only spell she could think of. For a second it looked like it would work, but then, on top of what he already looked like, his black robes turned into red, sequened robes.

all: *fall from cahira gain*

(AA: *Sits making out her will*)

GC: *evil grin*

Ankha could do nothing but stare, her jaw almost hitting the ground. Snape, finally coming back to reality, took out his wand and tried to do a spell, but was unable to (his wand doesn't understand the spell in parseltongue)

James: stupid wand

HJ. Yeah, staffs are way better.

He said something along the lines of what spell needed to be performed, and, to his surprise, Ankha performed it. He looked curiously at her.

HJ. Does she speak parseltongue?

"Can you speak parseltongue, Ms. Valmoor?"

James: er... *looks from book to harry*

HJ: *shrugs* Great minds think alike?

GC: *small grin* or like father, like son?

HJ: *blushes*

She looked horrified at him.

"No, Sir, I just remembered what spell to do, we learned it last year."

All: *skeptically* Really?

It crossed Snape's mind that the spell was too complicated for fourth years, but what students learned did differ from school to school, but still...

HJ: Right. We believe you. Not


hehehehehehehehehehe (don't ask, I am very hyper!)

All: so we have heard
Telp chapter 4 . 1/23/2003
*still glaring* Those two started fighting and Harry did NOTHING!

Harry: Yeah, I did NOTHING!


Ron: Look it on the bright side

Vlad: And that would be...?

William: Harry would have been caught in the middle of the duel

Oh no! *hugs Harry* Not him! Anything but my Birdie!

HJ: I...can't... breathe... *gasping*

James: Sis, leave him alone

*blushing* Sorry, guys

Lily: Why is everyone here?

My brain is producing information faster than it can be processed

All: Oh

Hermione: You should see a psychologist

Geez, 'Mione, thanks for the moral help

HJ: *patting her head* 's OK...

Vlad: This review is pointless

Sirius: Your point being?

James: that there is no point



Lily: Remmie, are you feeling OK?

Yeah, I would have expected such a stupid comment from Sirius, not from you!

Siri: HEY!


James. Triple hey!

Lily: Jamesie, you are not involved in this!



Jamesie: *pouting* Gosh, calm down, Lils


Remmie: I hate it when people yell


Remmie: *bursts into tears*


Vlad: Oh Lord.

Harry: Is it just me, or the adults seem awfully childish?

I think it was the wine they had

All: *look at wine*

Look! There is a note!

Harry: *picking it up and reading it out loud* "Just testing my new immaturity potion. Sev"
Gil-Celeb chapter 4 . 1/23/2003
What's up with Ron, eh? Such an attitude! *glares at Ron*

Ron: Not my fault. I didn't want to!

Yeah, right. And what the ******* is MALFOY doing with ANKHA?


Vlad: *angry* Thanks, GC, for the lovely mental image!

GC chapter 3 . 1/23/2003
Uh oh.

Ankha Weasley twins?

This can't be good

*evil laugh*

I hope they could get Sev or Albus... would be interesting!

Vlad: Or Trelawney!

Yup, I want a prank on the teachers

GC chapter 3 . 1/23/2003
SEE? I TOLD YOU! IT'S SEV, IT'S SEV IT'S SEV! a boy with black hair and eyes! IT'S HIM! *dances*

Vlad: You can't be sure, it could be anyone

Yeah, right, it MUST be Lucius Malfoy (R/N: Tell Ankha that. Consider it "payback" for hurting the twins ) Honestly, Vlad, who do you know that has black hair and black eyes?

Vlad: Hagrid

EURGH! *wrinkles nose* And it cant be, Hagrid has BROWN hair. So, any other suggestions?

Vlad: Erm... James Potter?

EURGh! EURGH! His eyes weren't black!

Vlad: Quirrel?

Nope, try again

Vlad: I ran out of ideas.

Then you have to admit that it is most likely to be Sev

Vlad: Or Voldemort

SS chapter 3 . 1/23/2003
What's in the box? What's in the box? What's in the box?

Vlad: We get the idea

Oh well... let's keep reading! *dances*

Vlad: *rolls eyes*
Silver Star chapter 3 . 1/23/2003
Hey! I think Sev is the father!

i also think he has some sort of mind-blocking spell, kind of the same thing I did to Grandpa Albus in FHFTHC... but you didn't hear that from me, key?


Love, GC
the mysterious reviewer or guess who chapter 4 . 1/23/2003
Hey! Chapter 3 rocks!

I love this story, you know that? And I already ran out of things to say.

Nameless-Vampire: Shut up and read, then.

Geez, Vlad, go and bite somebody

Manny Maarie chapter 2 . 1/19/2003
TGoodie goodie, love it. You are a great author. Please continue, it is really interesting. Now, who is her father, I have 2 idea: Voldermort or Severus. Am I close, dont tell me. Just keep writing. Well, hurry up...Wait, her father wouldn not be Albus would he.
GC chapter 2 . 1/16/2003
Albus avoided that question on purpose!



Gil chapter 2 . 1/16/2003
Being mysterious, are we? *laces fingers* Please, the whole "You-Will-Know-When-You-Are-Older" stuff doesn't work very well... *blinks* Besides, why is Albus being so secretive? Andywhy does he ALWAYS know EVERYTHING?
GC chapter 2 . 1/16/2003
What's up with Malfoy? *snarls*
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