Reviews for Fall Through Time
my-name-is-JAM chapter 128 . 9/18
Finally caught up again! XD

I was literally crying reading these past few chapters... Dorea’s death was so sad... but the whole thing was beautifully written.

Can’t wait to read what’s next
princessoliviamoose chapter 128 . 9/14
Thank you so much for this wonderful and beautiful story. I’m very much in love with it and how it’s progressing. I love the creativity of this how it’s so much more than a time travel piece. I read A Debt In Time multiple times years ago and I love this one just as much with how creative it is. I can’t wait to read more!
KnowInsight chapter 128 . 9/12
Well at least some things are looking up
4everanime chapter 41 . 9/10
Man I just love Hagrid so much
And freaking gilroy
Guest chapter 128 . 9/5
hope the kids final year will be quiet!
MaraudersCheetahPrincess chapter 128 . 9/7
I just read this story non stop the past couple of days, it’s so good! Sorry for not reviewing sooner, I just kept having to go read the next chapter! I absolutely love Draco and Hermione’s relationship. The slow burn was great and we really got to see how close they became. I love all the character development throughout this story as well as the present time scenes. It’s fun reading those as we continue the marauder era. I can’t wait to read more of this beautiful story!
SiriuslyInLove27 chapter 127 . 9/5
I love that Mione is back! So happy for more to indulge in, thank you thank you thank you! Xx
Snowflake Dazzle chapter 128 . 9/4
Awww, just in time to go back to Hogwarts! I cannot wait to see James and Lily as head boy and girl. Thank you for this chapter!
MotekElm chapter 128 . 9/3
thx 4 the Sept 1 update
emiliesarah chapter 128 . 9/2
SeleneBlackburn chapter 128 . 9/2
James swallowed thickly and chose to shift his attention back to Remus, "so, Moony…do you think Minnie has missed us?"

Remus replied with a sarcastic drawl, "I'm sure her life has been a barren wasteland in our absence, and our return will surely bring unrivalled joy back into her heart."
I love these two!
And I can't wait for James and Lilly's relationship to progress.
Thanks for the update..
xXMizz Alec VolturiXx chapter 128 . 9/1
So special
Crystal Koneko chapter 128 . 9/1
Can’t wait for the final year and what comes after!
IGOTEAMEDWARD chapter 128 . 9/1
Great job :)
TriDogMom chapter 128 . 9/1
Perfect return to Hogwarts chapter on 9/1
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