Reviews for Fall Through Time
HisBrokenAngel91 chapter 51 . 49m
Dumbles is going to piss off the wrong people.
LuceFray27 chapter 20 . 1h
I love how Draco and Hermione are just marauders now. and a little suspicion about what may happen when Remus fetches Hermione...and I hope im right!
LuceFray27 chapter 19 . 1h
Omg all this massive tension and list bergen Hermione and Draco, and knowing is going to be 30 chapters until anything happens with then is driving me insane! (In a good way, lol)
aaahhh! and now Remus! I loved that moment they had! eeep!
what is Draco's form?! eeep!
LuceFray27 chapter 18 . 1h
oooooohh family drama! love it! and lily! HAHAHA! I love that she just automatically stupified him, haha! and then he missed the dinner he was so excited for, poor guy! but at least lily is starting to come around to him. can't wait to see what happens at the wedding!
LuceFray27 chapter 17 . 3h
getting closer to being animagi! I bet Draco was pissed he swallowed his leaf, haha. and I love that Hermione and lily are friends, and she confides in Hermione. it's so sweet.
LuceFray27 chapter 16 . 3h
Oh no! did Sirius forget Riley? omg! cliffhanger!
I loved Draco comforting Hermione in this chapter. the tension kills me! but I love it
LuceFray27 chapter 15 . 3h
short and sweet. it was Interesting seeing a bit of lily and Snapes relationship.
LuceFray27 chapter 14 . 3h
oh my gosh I loved the truth serum prank! I loved Minerva's reaction! LOL! and I love sirius' obsession with her! ahh!
LuceFray27 chapter 13 . 4h
awwww, I really enjoyed this one! I love that they're all sleeping together, and that they all had a badly christmas especially Sirius. if was mind of sad when he woke up christmas morning, badly not to be home, poor guy. I can't say I enjoy Peter being around, but that's life. can't wait to see what trouble they get into this year
LuceFray27 chapter 12 . 4h
aw, that chapter was so good but I'm just left with sadness! poor Remus! I just want him to be happy, and feel self worth! waaah! also, ugh! this tension between Hermione and Draco is rough! and I love that Dorea knows everything!
Jules-Millicent chapter 51 . 5h
Finally able to read the new chapters and as always wonderful. I can't wait for more. Love you!
muddier waters chapter 3 . 7h
I really like this
LuceFray27 chapter 11 . 7h
Oh my gosh I loved it! I loved that she kissed sirius, and the while mistle toe prank. I loved that Hermione saved Peter, but I'm curious to see how they will get back at her. I'm also curious to see how things escalate with the Slytherins. I wanted Hermione to kick Snapes butt, lol!
muddier waters chapter 2 . 10h
doesn't seem anything like debt of timeif one must be aged down and adopted out, the potters make the most sense. I love this so much
Guest chapter 51 . 14h
I really like you story!
And I like the fact that you're sowly building the relationship between Draco and Hermoine throughout their journey together instead of just throwing them together because they will eventually end up that way! (but that may also have to do with the fact that I like both Remoine and Dramoine ;))
I look forward to reading more of their adventures!
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