Reviews for Chaos Hunter
pupstarstar chapter 11 . 8/16/2023
This is so funny!
DracoKing30 chapter 11 . 12/10/2022
Really love this story can't wait for new chapters
ringoshirayuki9 chapter 8 . 7/5/2022
Please for all that is holy can yo can do a story about hellsing x any anime it would be awesome to see a real vampire scare other ones in other worlds
StarKurama chapter 7 . 6/3/2020
lol that will be awesome to see the reactions of all the hunters as well as the supernatural people
Mumia0813 chapter 11 . 11/5/2019
Lol o I can't wait to see what comes next lol
StarKurama chapter 11 . 6/8/2019
love it
StarKurama chapter 7 . 6/8/2019
lol I love this story
Carol542 chapter 11 . 5/28/2019
Love it
KuroHinata chapter 11 . 3/13/2019
sniff. when I was excited to have more prank wars. goodbye Chaos hunter. thank you for posting. I need to read or watch - what is the slayers? game, manga, anime?
KuroHinata chapter 3 . 3/13/2019
I need these justice system in my country and USA. Ours is that it was publicly known of corruption but still they can run again for election but those who steal to eat can't even get a job because we need a clearance that you have no criminal records even petty crimes. sucks.
egwolf65 chapter 11 . 12/23/2018
great story!
Guest chapter 10 . 12/5/2018
So any chance that Dean ends up accidentally married to Naga, due yo them both being blitzed?

Ought to be amusing.
StarKurama chapter 11 . 6/7/2018
love this
StarKurama chapter 9 . 6/7/2018
NicoleR85 chapter 11 . 10/20/2017
I love this story. I hope you will update it soon.
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