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LOTRlover1066 chapter 12 . 1/14/2006
Very good. You DO realize that "trothplighting" refers to betrothal and not wedding?
LOTRlover1066 chapter 3 . 6/7/2005
I loved it. Please write more.
Alasse chapter 12 . 4/28/2005
one of the best eowyn and faramir stories i've read. i love the way that merry gets portrayed in here-not stupid, but not entirely as wise as everyone else either. i love it!
Amalia Kensington chapter 12 . 2/8/2005
this first thing that comes to mind is "aw"

followed closely by: "this is a damn good story!"

yes, i loved it to pieces. and i'm especially happy with the way that you presented the relationship between Merry and Eowyn. i don't think that the books ever give it much dimension...i'm sure that if tolkien had lived longer, maybe he would have given these guys more attention, but who knows.

you did! and that's great!

the fair was inspired. the cutest thing. and now i wanna learn to fight like an elf too! *laughs*

anyway, i also really enjoyed the insight into Eowyn's inner fears and demons. i think that she's like many real women who found themselves trapped within their position in life.

well, i'm just going to stop myself before i praise you to the point of making you sick.

thank you so much for sharing this story!


Emma chapter 12 . 10/30/2004
Oh, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. You have an astonishing way with words and descriptions - your characterisations are perfect, your storytelling sublime - This story is just so lovely.
JFanFictionReader chapter 1 . 5/27/2004
I liked this story so much that I finally created a account so I could write a signed review. Both my wife and I really enjoyed this story.

There is one moment in your writing that struck me unexpectedly, as would a lightning bolt in a blue sky: it's the moment Eowyn meets the other hobbits. You have caused us to care so much for Eowyn and Merry, (especially Eowyn) that, in this story, we are seeing the events of the War of the Ring from her eyes - and her mind.

This is unusual. A bit of a digression: Tolkien (and many of the fan fiction writers) writes in the third person. You aren't really "in the mind" of any character, with rare exceptions. (Those seem to be when describing a characters motivations when they are alone - so there is no way to have them speak to someone to convey their intent. Two examples: Aragorn after the Orc attack on Rauros, and Sam after Frodo is stung by Shelob and taken by the Orcs )

But you didn't do that. You wrote first-person (Eowyn). Many other fan fiction writers do this, but they do it so clumsily that you don't really feel you are in that character's head. End of digression.

Your story is the exception: It was so easy to be IN Eowyn's mind, that something startling happened to me: When reading of Eowyn meeting the other hobbits (especially Sam and Frodo), I felt as if _I_ were meeting them for the first time - people that I had heard wondrous things about, that did deeds far beyond me, and a thrill ran through my spine at their meeting.

I have read LotR 7 times. I have read the Silmarillion 4 times. I have read the entire History of Middle Earth once. I have read countless essays on Tolkien. Your story did something unusual and wonderful: you gave me a _convincing new view_ of events in Middle-Earth - that rang so true (with an exception noted below) that I have accepted them, in my mind, as part of the "canon". Merry DID have all those conversations with Eowyn. I will never look at this sequence of events in Middle-Earth the same again. THANK YOU!


P.S. I *did* say that there was one thing that didn't ring true to me. I am going to mention it in detail, because it stands out as a bump in a story that is otherwise wonderfully smooth. So, it stands out due to its mere existence. In a lesser story, I'd probably just skip it.

I really think you could have achieved a goal of "Eowyn realizing there are still wonderful things to fight for and love - and that love can be good" without the sequence of Merry's nightmare, and what ensued the rest of that night. Merry is small in stature - but he is brave. A nightmare would bother him, but he would _not_ emotionally regress in age to need a mother's cuddling. He might indeed want to talk to Eowyn - as a friend - just like Pippin talks to Gandalf in Minas Tirith, but Pippin doesn't regress to emotional toddlerhood with his fear. You develop a wonderful "little brother" relationship between Eowyn and Merry - and create a pseudo-family with them and Faramir - but I think with your talent, you could figure out a way to do this that didn't use this mechanism. To 21st century Earth humans, the hobbits may seem cuddly cute, but in Third Age Middle-Earth, humans quickly learned to treat them with honor, because they acted as if they deserved it. They were informal, friendly, simple in a good-uncomplicated-not-stupid way, enjoyed a good time, but they were NOT childish, and the halfling who did not quail at stabbing the Witch-King would NOT be frightened to such a level by any nightmare.
Aloysius chapter 12 . 4/27/2004
What a wonderful story. I always had trouble with the union of Eowyn and Faramir in the book, but you've filled in the details so well as to make me rejoice in their marriage now almost as much as Merry. I love the way you portray the relationship between Eowyn and Merry, and the way it affects the gradual development of Eowyn's feelings about love and marriage. Your presentation of Faramir is very insightful and convincing, and I love the appearance of the other hobbits, too. Your style is accomplished, characterisation excellent and level of detail extremely vivid. I really enjoyed this story - you have enriched the tale of the book for me, and that is an impressive feat.
Particular bits I really liked:
"I am now marooned in the gilded cage of Minas Tirith" - wonderful and appropriate image.
"I think I expected a slightly younger version of his father - arrogant, severe, and proud, much like the the unlamented memory of Denethor. Instead, I beheld the long-lost younger brother of Lord Aragorn, full of quiet wisdom and calm strength..." - very effective explanation of Eowyn's attraction to Faramir, and something I hadn't considered before.
"I reflect bitterly on my toxic education in the ways of desire; it has poisoned my veins and made me cold." - very nicely expressed and a great insight into Eowyn's character.
"Merry's expression has grown fiercer and fiercer during my recitation - I did not guess a sweet-tempered hobbit could be so angry" - I love this picture of Merry listening to Eowyn talk about Wormtongue.
"I perceive waht an effort Faramir has made to meet expectations for which he is not truly suited, capable though he may be. I begin to feel a strong sense of kinship with him - both of us orphans in our own ways, with only our brothers for company, and neither happy with the roles fate and circumstances thrust upon us." - this is a great parallel to draw and very effective in demonstrating Eowyn's growing affection for Faramir as she understands him better.
"I thought I rode for valor, for glory, for fame everlasting. I see now it was nothing of the kind - it was love that drove me on..." - wonderful demonstration of Eowyn's growing awareness of herself and her motivations.
"My two knights, both the tall and the short..." - lovely image, and lucky Eowyn!
"And the love he gives me is still rarer than Farmir's, for it is both pure and sensual, innocent and knowing, the sort that grants my heart wings at the same time it melts the ice encasing my flesh." - I really love your turn of phrase, you have a beautiful way with words.
Are you starting to get the impression that I liked this story rather a lot? :o)
fancy-bread chapter 12 . 4/25/2004
Beautifully-written piece of work. I am interested in seeing your interpretation of Faramir and Eowyn's romance. You have captured the very essence of Tolkien's characters. Bravo! This is a magnificent story.
Sofasoap chapter 12 . 3/18/2004
Was going to rest early because of 4 hours of karate and dance practise.. but this story is just amazing! I had to finish reading it. So beautifully written I was even on the edge of crying about Eowyn declaring that she'll never give up even if the darklord won. Great work!
Jashi chapter 12 . 3/6/2004
O_O I read the whole thing in one sitting because I couldn't bear to's beautiful. I applaud you for creating such a fascinating, interesting, and beautiful story. Thank you for crafting such a treasure.
Caderyn chapter 9 . 1/29/2004
This is by far your best chapter, I think. The way you unfolded everything. It is, as you said, like the pieces of the puzzle are coming together. It all makes sense!
-Her fear of marriage jives with her fear of being caged.
-And since she thought it was such a high stake (marriage, that is), it was only natural that she only wanted the best (Aragorn, the King).
-How she finally realised that Faramir saw her completely and didn't intend to change her.
I dunno, everything just fits.
I would be more articulate, but it's like 1.30 am over here.
Caderyn chapter 3 . 1/29/2004
It's me again. Nope, not finished yet, but gotta say that I love this chapter. The connection between slimy Grima's affection and Eowyn's, uh, tough heart really makes sense. I could see why she would be wary of Faramir's intentions.
And I enjoyed reading that bit about how she wanted Aragorn BECAUSE she knew he'd never return it. It really makes sense. She just wants to feel safe and, I suppose, normal.
Great insights to Eowyn's mind.
Caderyn chapter 2 . 1/29/2004
Ok, I don't normally review until I've finished a story, but I just gotta tell you what I like about this fic so far.
To make it easier on me, I'll just put it in a list:
-The summary basically. I always wonder about the details of the Faramir/Eowyn courtship (gotta be my fave part of the book).
-Immaculate grammar and expression. Amazing!
-Eowyn's thoughts about how she was not like other women; how she was more warrior-like instead of girly. It's exactly why she is one of three of my favorite characters (the other two are Faramir and Sam). I don't know, I just LOVE that she's so strong and courageous.
-Your portrayal of Merry and his interaction with Eowyn. I LOVE reading about their friendship. Merry is definitely my second favorite hobbit and I'm glad that he and Eowyn were the ones who slew(?) the witch-king. It sort of forged a bond between the two of them, which you portrayed brilliantly here.
Okay, I'm gonna read the next few chapters now. Excellent work!
Mallorn Took chapter 1 . 1/26/2004
ah, Merry is being so genuinly kind and (for lack of a better word) sweet. v. hobbit like. wonderful thus far...
Newmoon chapter 12 . 1/23/2004
Oh! This was such abeautiful, sweet fic! I'm so glad to have read it!
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