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Mysteriousrt chapter 94 . 1/21
How about Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk? :)
Big.Grey.Bird chapter 94 . 1/21
Can you do Hela Godess of death ?
Omarnosian10 chapter 94 . 1/21
American Spider would be a better name
Cloud Prince chapter 94 . 1/21
Good chapter, STAY COSMIC!
Shadodemon123 chapter 94 . 1/20
1 nicely done 2 spider cap not too bad 3 good work and see ya
cabrera1234 chapter 94 . 1/20
can you imagine if doctor doom was a avenger my god the avengers comics will sale like crazy!
aspiringactor chapter 94 . 1/20
Bit of a weird twist there, having Peter become Capt. America. but I like the concept. As for future chapters? Jubilee, Amora the Enchantress, young Jean Grey & Spider-Gwen are my personal requests (Unless you're willing to break the Marvel-only rule) More Captain Marvel & Scarlet Witch would also be welcome.

Keep it up!
Shadow Fennekin chapter 94 . 1/20
Oooh... Captain Hydra, I remember him and those other Hydra Avenger clones from that one Spider-Man comic.
And Doctor Doom as the Sorcerer Supreme, awesome! We'll see him make an appearance as Iron Man at some point won't we?
gunman chapter 94 . 1/20
This Captain Hydra wouldn't be Filch by any chance, would it?
I can just see that happening. Filch gets kicked out of SHIELD, and HYDRA picks him up, both reasons because of his personality.
And he becomes the new Hydra super soldier.
Though, killing Cap off, just like that? One would think something like that wouldn't be so simple. Like... he's survived how many exploding bases before?
A dozen? At least?
I almost expected Protocide to show up and give Spider-Cap a pep talk or argue or something.
Nice job on this.
Keep up the good work.
Write on.
Skywarp460 chapter 93 . 1/14
Hey you could do Elektra part 2 or Enchantress part 2 if you want.
Blue Moon chapter 93 . 1/14
I like to see Misty Knight and Collen Wing.

Any chance you do a Starwars:Clone wars/Spider-Man,s harem story?
Peter fall in to a Portal,he de-aged to a 3 year old and found by Shmi skywalker,he get the Force powers and Anakin is never born.
WDCain Man chapter 93 . 1/13
It was nice seeing Peter being intimate with Jean (she is a hottie) but it would have been interesting if you showed Peter dealing with Jean during the worse part of her life: When she was the Dark Queen of the Hellfire Club then the Dark Phoenix. It would be weird seeing Peter deal with dominatrix Jean because in the original comic, even Cyclops didn't really. Wolverine just broke in and Mastermind's control was momentarily broken leading Jean to go nuts.
Spider-Ninja0117 chapter 93 . 1/13
can you do domino?
Viper8784 chapter 93 . 1/13
That's fucking adorable
Retrokill chapter 93 . 1/13
That was pretty good (How was 'bathroom time"? xD ik how that feels xD) "Besides arthitis? I'm okay..." typical pete...

So I thought know what screw-it, just read...

Here's a couple characters for you to try out. PM me if you need the links to the comics they appear in or what-not.)
1) Aleksandra_Nikolaevna_(Earth-616)
2) Anastasia Kravenoff (aged I mean c'mon you did it with a couple others sooo...)
3) fem-Black-Panther
4) Tigra
5) Aurora
6) Dagger
7)fem-Draz (Why isn't there a fem Draz fic yet?)
8) Domino
9) Patsy Walker aka Hellcat
11) The Heralds (looks up the comic its great!)
12) fem- Justin Hammer (cuz why not! Ya' did Tony anyways! :P)
13) Lady Bullseye
14) fem-Daredevil
15) Night Nurse- Earth 9997 (She's got such little info on her that you come up with almost anything for her apart from her name)

And since Marvel has its Star Wars...
16) fem-Vader/Anakin
17) fem-Obi-Wan
18) fem-Kylo
19) Rey
20) Mara Jade
21) Leia
22) Oola the Twi'lek
23) Hera
24) Sabine
26) fem-Han Solo
I'm just gonna keep on going...POSSIBILITIES!
Back to Marvel...Yea I can't keep going I'm getting lazy now...
Just look up this site for ALL the Marvel characters...

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