Reviews for Spider-Man One-Shots
Guest chapter 1 . 10/19
Great chapter loved it. Next time do black widow (from the thunderbolts) or Lyra chapter 2
Blank chapter 1 . 10/19
You say she hulk not interesting but she hot
xilestyle chapter 103 . 10/19
xilestyle chapter 74 . 10/19
loved it!
SoundVenom chapter 121 . 10/18
Cool like how this went as for future chapters I vote felicia hardy/black cat from spiderman tas (1994-1998) she's one canon version that would give peter a chance in a heathy relationship I even have thought of way this could work.
Part 1:The first night she becomes black cat (season four episode three) after hitting spiderman with knockout gas felicia does UNMASK him like she organically wanted to instead of changing her mind like she did in actual series.
Part 2: She unmasks herself and confess her feelings for him in alternate version of the awakening (season four episode six) where vampire michael isn't found peter and felicia become couple.
Part 3: Peter and felicia get marred and have hot honeymoon.
FrostHunter chapter 121 . 10/18
Pleased with chapter could you eventually use one of my ideas please keep it up.
gunman chapter 121 . 10/18
Been a long time for this to have an update.
Chapter 29, if I'm not mistaken.
Still, a good read if nothing else.
I'm a sucker for happy endings, and this is a good one, considering the history the pair have with each other in their own respective universes.
Have you considered writing stories for Heather Cameron (Lifeguard), or Cecilia Reyes, or maybe even Valeria Barnhardt (Meteorite) or what about Karla Sofen (Ms Marvel)? Any of these sound good?
Write on.
Rougarou144 chapter 121 . 10/17
Very good very good keep up the great work and see ya
Rougarou144 chapter 121 . 10/17
Very good very good keep up the great work and see ya
Grimlock 2099 chapter 121 . 10/17
Do spiderman and scream Part 2
GANON-DORK chapter 121 . 10/17
*slow clap* Spider-Gwen...*Cough* Gwenpool *cough* And my female villian ideas? Good Chapter though. i enjoyed it. Nice job including her love in music. Thumbs Up on that one. Wish y'all the best.
justafan chapter 120 . 10/17
hkw is squirrel girl a cosmic being ehh i enjoyed it anyway great chapter.
phantom00 chapter 121 . 10/17
Gwenpool, female iceman, female beast, or female Johnny Storm
jjello98 chapter 121 . 10/17
These stories are beyong awesome. These romances are well thought out with amazing story lines! Spider-man is my favorite hero and I like what you did with him.
alexisdu7442 chapter 121 . 10/17
Black widow
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