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aGnamZer0 chapter 26 . 5h
If Erina or/and Rindō manage to reproduce Shirou's tracing, I'll rage-quit. I refuse to even consider the idea someone might be able to reproduce his feat. Tracing is his personal magic no one else can use. Not even Rin can use it despite Shirou having definitely already explained to her the inner workings of his magic.

Considering her God Tongue, I wouldn't be surprised if Erina had talent for Structural Grasping, but not Tracing! Tracing is directly tied to Shirou's Reality Marble. I'm already annoyed Shirou's gonna teach to Erina (and even more irritatinly Rindō), but I won't accept her 'somehow' managing to do the impossible and copy his unique skills.

Also, while it's become obvious that Shirou will be able to teach his culinary magecraft to Erina (and Rindō too if she also has the potential I imagine...), I'd like to believe that only Shirou would be able to truly make it work at its full potential. I still believe that his magecraft is connected to his Reality Marble.

Anyway, I just realized that Sōma most likely than not also has magic circuits. He's Shirou's cute little brother after all. Since Shirou's already teaching to normies, it'd be nice if he did the same with Sōma. It's quite unfair that despite being his brother, Sōma isn't aware of the magic world but Erina (and fucking Rindō) are. Plus, it'd serve to reassure me that not all of Shirou's apprentice are gonna be in his harem (not that boys couldn't be with Shirou, but they're brothers). Then, it would mean that perhaps, Rindō won't end up with him (and honestly, she's thankfully yet to show any form of crush towards him) and Erina truly will end up with Sōma.

Anyway, I'm glad that Shirou decided to focus on his cooking. « Therefore, forget the stress, forget the anxiety, and just take a moment to enjoy the one hobby that never failed to put his mind at ease. That was his path of cooking. » I think, right at this moment, his cooking magecraft probably made some breakthrough.

I wonder if Lord El-Melloi II somehow just felt the presence of Saber. After all, he did met her during the Fourth Holy Grail War. I'm looking forward to his meeting with Shirou, the son of the Magus Killer, who truly frightened him.

Thank you for writing and sharing your work with us.
aGnamZer0 chapter 25 . 5h
Shirou and Sōma are both so funny. At this point, they should just say to each other was they think inwardly. I mean, the way they pity each other and mentally shake their head at each other's obliviousness is very amusing, but it'd be even funnier when they both realize how much ironic their thoughts were.

You must really be a good cook. You're able to explain the reasons why each action is taken in a kitchen, or why using such an aliment is important and such. For me who's best think I can do is pasta, I'm truly awed.

I love how everyone loves Shirou's cooking. He's truly awesome!

Honestly, Erina's delusions about manga and her being the heroine are making a lot of sense. I know, that in her position, I probably would have thought along similar lines.

Thanks for the chapter.
aGnamZer0 chapter 24 . 5h
Sigh... So now you even want to add Sakura in the damn harem? Rin and Arthuria. Then Luvia. Now possibly Erina and Rindō (though I still hope the two will rather go for Sōma like in canon). And now Sakura? Fuck!

Sōma and Erina do seem to get along. There's hope. Hopefully, the same will happen for Rindō, I really can't stand her personality.

But, Sakura? Really? Why?!

Looks like Erina does have magic circuits. How the hell did it happen?

Thanks for the chapter.
aGnamZer0 chapter 23 . 5h
Oh no! Please, tell me Erina and Rindō do not have magic circuits. It wasn't something I had even considered seeing how rare those are. Please, tell me they won't really be able to learn magic? Ah, fuck! I hate it! Please, just no!

Seriously, what are the chances? It's very much unlikely. If you decide to give them magic circuits, it wouldn't make any sense.

Also, his damn cooking magecraft cannot be taught. He has a damn Reality Marble! I'm pretty sure at least.

Other than that, Lorelei was as badass and awesome as usual. I loved how neither Erina nor Shirou cowed under her presence.

Thanks for the chapter.
aGnamZer0 chapter 22 . 5h
Honestly, Rindo's going to be a endless source of troubles I feel. At least Erina realizes the seriousness of the situation... Still, good job Erina in stopping Rindō from revealing the existence of mgecraft to her best friend.

I'm glad Taiga was able to convince Senzaemon of her and her men's innocence. Still, I like how Shirou's becoming more and more of a mystery to everyone.

Looks like the reaction of Rin and Luvia in hearing the name Lorelei's about exactly how I had foreseen it.

Thanks for the chapter.
aGnamZer0 chapter 21 . 5h
Rindō, you nearly caused both yours and Erina's death. Honestly, it was quite funny to see your confidence shatter when that one magi killed the crocodile. But at least, it finally allowed you to understand just how much your lives were in danger.

As for Erina, I utterly applaud you for your masterful Bullshiting! Your words would make any Otaku proud of being an Otaku. Thank you, you made us honor!

More seriously though, I certainly hadn't anticipated Lorelei to have come to the Gluttony association. Erina, you're truly lucky you didn't know who Lorelei is.

Thanks for the chapter.
aGnamZer0 chapter 20 . 5h
Well... What Shirou feared truly happened. Now, how will Rindō and Erina get out of this situation without magic. It's certainly not like they can cook magic food.

Also, did Rindō realize the existence of magecraft or does she believes they're ESP or maybe they went under some kind of experimentations to gain powers? I truly wonder what she believes is right.

Thanks for the chapter.
aGnamZer0 chapter 19 . 5h
Ahahah! I wonder just what kind of face would Rin and Luvia make if they knew if threw a letter from Lorelei, the Queen of the Clock Tower to the bin. They would probably become very palse, starting to sweat like no one before while imagining all the way in which they could be killed. Yep. Only Shirou wouldn't know who Lorelei Barthomeloi is despite having spent a considerable amount of time in the Clock Tower with Rin.

So Senzaemon now believes the Yakuzas are the ones responsible for the attack on Erina? Not an unreasonable conclusion.

It's quite funny how both Shirou and Soma noticed the attention of girls towards the other but neither can realize the attention they feel towards themselves. They're truly one of a sort. And how the heck did Shirou not realize what Rin meant when she basically all but spelled it out to him while explaining to Ikumi? Sigh... They're not brothers for nothing.

Still, now I realize that maybe, just maybe, Erina will end up turning her love towards Sōma, like in canon, and not Shirou. It would certainly be awesome! I can only hope.

Thanks for the chapter.
aGnamZer0 chapter 18 . 5h
Ohh... I suddenly have a very bad feeling. Erina has a crush on Shirou. Please, tell me Shirou won't get together with her. I'm already frustrated he's bound to end up with Rin and Artoria, but considering it's canon, I accepted it. Except, now Luvia's also in the picture. I hate harems! But well... somehow, I'm pretty sure she'll get with him too, and I've tried accepting. No need to be on denial. But at least, she has magic. Erina though... I don't want Shirou to get with her when she's not magic and she can't defend herself or has no political pull (though she does have money) in the Moonlit World. Which leads me to the cause of my shudder, please, don't tell me constantly eating Shirou's food would cause a 'muggle' to suddenly develop magic circuits. I'm not unaware of the Gods of Irony's love of Shirou. And somehow, now that he has declared Erina to be his apprentice, I woudln't be surprised if she truly did become it. I would hate it! Please, just no!

And well... Shirou having the ability to strengthen a magus' magic circuits is one thing, but if he has the ability to create magi out of nowhere, he'll definitely get a Sealing Designation, one probably even more urgent than if they discovered his Reality Marble. Magecraft is a finite resourcen and magi certainly won't accept that they might need to share it with newcomers. That would run the risk that Magecraft might disappear. And since for them lineage is everything... yeah, not only would Shirou have a kill on sight order, but every magus created by his magic would become targets too.

Heh... Rin and Luvia took the news pretty well. It's true that for once, he did think things through and limited the risks as much as he possibly could.

So, Professor emiya, huh? No, Dean Emiya! That's certainly not something I had seen coming. Shirou becoming the figure head of a revolution and the new leader of a completely made up new faction of the Mage Association. Ahah, his E-rank luck is definitely working overdrive today. *snort* Well, better becoming a figure of awe for those magi than a terget. Still, his magic is not something that can be learnt. It's 100% due to his Reality Marble.

Thanks for the chapter.
aGnamZer0 chapter 17 . 5h
So even Lorelei has been informed about Shirou's cooking. His life is about to be utterly turned upside down.

You know, the whole thing about those magi accidentally revealing the existence of magic is quite unrealistic if you ask me. That Shirou made a mistake, I get it, but even traditional magi? They know better than to assume there's no one and should have set a bounded field.

If Erina hadn't made any noise, she could have found out about magic and left with her life intact.

Thanks for the chapter.
aGnamZer0 chapter 16 . 5h
You know, it's kinda frustrating that both Rin and Luvia just take the whole money for themselves when it's Shirou who won it. It's actually despicable. Shirou's not their possession and is his, is his, not theirs. They act like they want to protect him from the others magi, but the truth of the matter is that they just want to keep him and the profits he brings in, both magically and financially for themselves.

I know it's not that. Rin wants to protect him because she loves him. If she just wanted money, she could have just sold off to the Clock Tower his secrets. But the fact of the matter is that it's certainly how it loks. Why doesn't Shirou get a share in his own winnings?

Erina's truly not honest with herself.

Thanks for the chapter.
aGnamZer0 chapter 15 . 5h
I didn't thikn Zelretch was already aw&re of Shirou's newfound abilities and accomplishments. Honestly, I thought this skill of his was unique to this Worldline.

Mah, Zelretch is Zelretch. No need to think too deeply about it.

Still, I wonder if Shirou's ploy to get help from the magi to strive towards World Peace will work.

Thanks for the chapter.
aGnamZer0 chapter 14 . 5h
You know, I was wondering about the titles of the chapters "First Knife: Part N". Now I finally understand what that means. Senzaemon intends for Shirou to battle and possibly defeat all Ten Seats, hoping it will help him hope his skill and resolve. Good! Honestly, before that, I really didn't see the point of the title because it never changed besides the part bit.

I love Shirou's plan to control the Clock Tower through his food. If it isn't ambitious and original. I'm pretty sure no one before tried one upping others magi through their food intake. Ahahah! Shirou's truly twisted. Reality Marbles are indeed not for the sane of mind.

And yet, crazy may he be, his plan actually has a lot of chances to work. I'm all for it! Go and conquer the Moonlit World!

Thanks for the chapter.
aGnamZer0 chapter 13 . 5h
« At the expense of eating good food, Shirou's cooking might as well have been a Seventh Magic in the eyes of the Clock Tower. »

And what's the sixth magic? As I thought, is it really Taiga's cooking? Shirou's cooking helps others improve while Taiga curses them. Two sides of the same coin. XD

Still, more seriously, I'm glad Shirou chose to combine both his parents' style. I actually felt slightly frustrated he only focused on his mother's considering his father's talent.

As for his cooking voodoo, looks like it's not as simple as reinforcement but actually reality altering. Reality Marbles are frightening!

Thanks for the chapter.
aGnamZer0 chapter 12 . 5h
True Magic, huh? Would be quite funny if the Sixth True Magic was so close to Shirou for all that time. XD

I fear Tatsumi's gonna have nightmares for a long time to come.

Phew! Honestly, I really would have hated it had Shirou revealed the exitence of magic. And when he said to Rin « Do you trust me? », I thought he meant, do you trust my judgement of Rindō, that she's trustworhty and telling her is the only solution? I'm glad, euphoric even, that I was wrong.

Special Forces, huh? *chuckles* I love it!

Shirou did become quite good at lying. The best lies are those that containt a grain of truth, half-truths so to say. He didn't utter a single lie, it's Rindō's imagination and common sense that made the story.

Thanks for the chapter.
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