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Ander Arias chapter 121 . 23m
Listen, the reason those people, myself included, disliked the fight wasn't because of your treatment of Jaime. Yes, Jaime pre-character development was a piece of shit and he needed something similar to what happened in canon in order to get started on the road to atonement.

No, the problem was your treatment of Robert.

It has been a problem bubbling under the surface from the very beginning, but most of us didn't pay it much mind since it didn't affect the quality of your writing. But it wasn't the case with the latest chapter. See, anybody who reads this story can easily infer that Robert is one of your favorite characters, but said favoritism went trhough the roof with last chapter.

Yes, Jaime is quite an unlikeable asshole, but Robert isn't much better. He's an awful king who spends most of his time gobbling food and whoring around, leaving a trail of bastards that will have to grow fatherless. And yes, he's as unfaithful to Cersei as much as she is to to him. But rather than give him character development, you had him shed all those vices overnight, and suddenly decided that he wants to take his duties as a king seriously, get back into shape and mend his relationship with his brothers. And there was aboslutely nothing (other than the Call) that prompted this 180º turn.

And it's not because you lack skill. Robb Returns is not the most popular ASOIAF story on this site for no reason. You could have given Robert proper character development, but your adoration of him blinds you.

You know, one of my favorite moments of this story was Littlefinger's dressing down on Stannis. It forced Stannis to face several awful truths about his character, made him realize of his flaws, thus setting him to act upon them. That's how you jumpstart character development. And Stannis didn't need to lose a limb or even be beaten in a public fight. Something as simple as that was enough. Robert never went through such moments.

It would have been much better if Barristan Selmy fought Jaime instead. Barristan can ralistically beat Jaime in a fight (there's no way Robert could have beaten Jaime without Stormbreaker, that's why you had the magic sword do most of the work), and it could have been seen as the symbolization of Selmy purging the Kingsguard of the dishonor brought by Jaime.

Now, I'm not going to demand you to delete the previous chapter and rewrite it to fit my liking or some other nonsense. But what I will ask you is to be more careful when writing Robert in the future, because honestly, you're this close to turn him into your personal Gary Stu. Which would be a shame given the overall high quality of this story.

As for this chapter, well, the part that interested me the most was Theon's. I never liked the idea of abandoning his heritage like that, I preferred if he decided to clean his family name instead. But you bring some valid points about how he might nerver be accepted in the Iron Islands, much less as a ruler, given his current views, and his wanting to be a Stark fits with his book characterization, so nothing to complain there.

Anyway, sorry if this review was overly harsh. But as I said before, this story is both popular and very well written, so high expectations will be placed on your shoulders, and sometimes reviewers will be harsh is said expectations aren't met.
Nimbus Llewelyn chapter 121 . 1h
Well written, as ever, and intriguing, as ever. Keep up the good work. Also, Greymist? Nice choice.
scifiromance chapter 121 . 2h
Another great chapter, very thoughtfully written. Domeric helping Robert Arryn made me smile, and the thought of changing the Bolton colours and words was both a relief and worry. How will Roose take that? Domeric is well supported here though, as Lord Redfort made clear.

I'm glad Theon told all and that he won't be made to leave the North, it's a burden off him. He has a home now, a people and gods he chose.

Robb and Jon's scene was well done too!

Thanks for writing!

Hektols chapter 121 . 3h
Very interesting develoment for the various heirs, specially Theon.

About time was saw Robb again, he is supposed to be the main character in this story, it would be great if his wife from his previous life came to the North.
ms.ladyaries08 chapter 121 . 3h
I love jon and Robb together
Dragon Man 180 chapter 121 . 4h
Not much on this chapter, but the talk between Theon and Robert was interesting and shows Robert can do the political thing on his own, not just fight.
AnthonyR89 chapter 121 . 4h
while i agree that his fight with Robert was unfair, i don't think it's in the way that you mean.

mainly, in that Jaime demanded the trial by combat so that he would no longer be known as Kingslayer. but if he had actually won, he would STILL be a kingslayer.

as for my opinion on Jaime, frankly, he's a worthless piece of shit, though not as bad as Cersei.

the again, cannon Robert wasn't much better. he was never much of a king. Westeros would have been better off if Ned Stark or Jon Arryn took the throne
Spartan of Rome chapter 121 . 5h
Good luck in Bermuda man. Don’t go disappearing on us in the Triangle
orionastro chapter 121 . 5h
very good new chapter
Reine de la Nuit chapter 121 . 6h
Extra Kudos
tlstroud chapter 121 . 6h
First I'd like to say that I loved the new chapter and it was worth the wait. I can understand why Theon would chose the Starks over his father. He may change his mind about his sister and uncle later, after Asha arrives in Winterfell. I also, like the name he chose and his growing bond with his direwolf Mist.

Now about Jamie, he needed to be broken to loose his arrogance. In the original history it was lose of his sword hand that was the beginning of his road to redemption. Even after that it still took time. Jamie needs to be in state where he will not only hear and see the truth of things, but will be able understand that those things are the actual truth. I mean, he has SEEN the head of a wight and did not believed, and he has HEARD Tyrion tell him that the Others and wights are real which he, yet again, did not believe. Jamie Lannister has the potential to do some good. However, before that can happen he needed a good ass-whoopping to knock him off his high-horse, which is what King Robert gave him.
Jwsponky chapter 121 . 7h
Perhaps this review would be more appropriate on the previous chapter, but where everyone else was complaining about the duel being unfair, I had been rooting for Robert to kill the idiot. Not complaining by any means, it be your story, and a grand one at that, just commenting for the sake of commenting since I rather dislike the character in question.
Puidwen chapter 121 . 7h
A nice chapter.
Morbious20 chapter 121 . 7h
Good chapter .
Tuscan Of Mandalore chapter 121 . 9h
I want to see Arya remember her past, i feel like it would be characterization for her. Any thoughts on whether that's a good idea anyone?
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