Reviews for Robb Returns
orannia chapter 175 . 9/24
I adore this fic. It’s fascinating watching previous enemies work together. ‘The enemy of my enemy is my friend’ is holding true.

‘If we win this war, if we prevail, and the Game of Thrones ever re-asserts itself, do you have any idea how powerful and influential the Starks will be? We must be mindful of this. We must ally with them. Start thinking how to, brother. Start thinking."’

Is Tywin not counting that his youngest son (and now his heir)!8/ marrying a cousin of the Starks?
Guest chapter 175 . 9/23
Can't wait to read more, great work
jelpy chapter 175 . 9/20
Talk about delays; I have been so busy in the last year I haven't really had to to rerad any fanfic, not even yours, which sucks since i lofe your story. Frankly, the only Story I know that matches it for plotting and clarity is "The North Remembers." which-as far as I'm concerned-is a perfectly worthy substitute for Martin's ever delayed finale. If he never finishes it, I'm fine with that particularly fanfic as a finish. As always, ooking forward to your next chapter.
Blue-Happens chapter 159 . 9/15
I never liked Euron greyjoy as a character. he seemed like a lazy late addition. I never was able to get invested in his bullsh*t
Blue-Happens chapter 106 . 9/14
I think you meant 'eyes or teeth for.' but you didn't say that, you said eye teeth. and now I have the horrible image of eyelids with rows of teeth instead of eyelashes

wtf are eye teeth
Blue-Happens chapter 103 . 9/13
one of my favorite books is "A memoir on writing; by steven king" and in it he talks about many things, but in this case he talks about an editing concept called 'killing your darlings'.

it describes looking at the whole work after it's done, and removing unnecessary scenes from it, no matter how much you might love them.
this fanfic is very good. it would be better if you killed your darlings. you have many, many useless darlings in here.
Blue-Happens chapter 96 . 9/13
if I took all the different signs and legends you've used/come up with till this chapter, it would be 3-4 times larger than 96. it seems you come up with a handful of new ways to confirm the long night is coming every chapter.

every man in the north must believe already. only absolute fools and vegetables haven't caught on by now. move on.

the south (tywin lannister) won't believe shit without proof, proof is on it's way. what else is there. stop repeating yourself *please* I really want to love this but you keep bogging it down
Blue-Happens chapter 79 . 9/12
this is kinda baloney. everybody and their dog are finding ancient powerful relics, hidden stores of knowledge, and the old gods every chapter telling everybody exactly what to do

it's a good read, and I'm enjoying it, but there's a little voice in the back of my head constantly muttering about the technical flaws here
Blue-Happens chapter 78 . 9/12
the spears name is SO corny I kinda love it
Blue-Happens chapter 77 . 9/12
gods interference and magic bullshiting away every problem in sight. logically I know it's a kinda lazy writing thing, but it's still so cool
Blue-Happens chapter 53 . 9/12
it's cool as hell, and I will not deny the rule of cool, but you really are curb stomping all the signs and portents that say the exact same thing down our throats

I can taste asphalt in the back of my throat your repeating the same thing so many times
Blue-Happens chapter 46 . 9/12
I really like the old magic, the warning, etc, but it really does come at the detriment to character decisions

while fun to read, the characters do actively feel like they're on tracks toward a thing rather than making choices
InfinityMask chapter 175 . 9/9
Being called godslayer is big. It brings prestige and power. But also many burdens.

So Gendry still thinking about that…
InfinityMask chapter 174 . 9/9
Hoho. He make the whole castle horcrux? That was something.
InfinityMask chapter 173 . 9/9
Hmm. Why old god can’t kill drowned god but Ned can?
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