Reviews for Robb Returns
Vwchick chapter 117 . 7/17
Amazing Chapter! Wow! Happy Robert didn’t fly off the handle, and well I’m so curious to see how Tywin is gonna cope with what his “golden” twins have been up to! I cannot wait for the next chapter! Thank you so much!
doraemax chapter 117 . 7/17
Question, does The King loves his sons and daughter (i am of course talking about Joffrey, Myrcella and Tommen). I know he sees little of himself in them, but he had thought them his. And no fathers are completely heartless. So, can he sent them away for their mother's sins? Or will he take them on, regardless. Though maybe none of them will inherit, at that. That may be a way out of an outright war with The Old Miser... :P
Lee chapter 117 . 7/14
A. The guest reviewer "disappointed" was way out of line.

B. On a plot level, I love that Robert knows and took the time to acknowledge that Myrcella and Tommen, while not biologically his children, are of a far different breed than the monsters that their mother or elder brother are.

C. As far as the great ASoIaF/GoT universe goes, I actually love the expansion you've put in to the threat of the Others. I understand that politics are one of the many points of interest for the series, but you do a great job pointing out that survival comes first. I completely approve of the mythology you've created here!
Bruja1775 chapter 117 . 7/16
OMG I LOVE this story. I've done nothing but read it for the last two days (almost non-stop). Please update soon. I'm practically on the seat of my pants waiting for a new chapter.
Anonymous chapter 116 . 7/14
Sansa make something out of Joffrey? Robert is the psycho's "father" it's him who should have done something to make something out of Joffrey. What a lazy and worthless man.
Lord of the UnDead chapter 117 . 7/16
Three year anniversary of this story
Noble Korhedron chapter 117 . 7/16
"Oh... shit." indeed...
reader713 chapter 1 . 7/16
Happy birthday Robb Returns!
Aleucard11 chapter 117 . 7/16
Haha, 'oh shit' indeed. Can't wait for the next chapter!
joniskpelare chapter 117 . 7/15
The cat is out of the bag...
meletusd0r chapter 1 . 7/15
SomethinSomethinDarkSide chapter 117 . 7/14
I've been reading fanfiction for about 5 years now, and i have never read a single fanfic that has drawn me in as much as this one.
Batshark chapter 117 . 7/14
Sorry for the ka e review but damm things we getting wait to see Joffrey reaction to everything.
Sarah chapter 117 . 7/12
SO GOOD! Loving the story line.
Guest chapter 112 . 7/12
Poor Ned, I can't even imagine the horror of realizing that someone he cared for had taken the advantage of his grief and raped him, and that a child had resulted from his rape. But as he had already taken in and loved the child of his sister's rape, I'm not surprised that Ned would accept the child of his own, he is too good a person to blame the child for how they came to be.
And poor Cat, she has just learnt that Jon was Ned's nephew, and that Ned never betrayed her after all, but now she'll learn that Ned has a bastard he never knew of, but that Ned still never betrayed his marriage vows, but was taken advantage of.

Also this really, really, reminds me of how Lysa raped Petyr. He was also too wounded and delirious to consent, he was staying at her home, and that rape as well ended with a pregnancy.
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