Reviews for Robb Returns
megacarroll chapter 98 . 9/19
This a good story by the way season 7 of game of thrones reveals that Dragonglass is not the only substance that can kill white walkers weapons made with Valyrian steel can also accomplish such a feat most likely thanks to the innate magic used in the forging of the steel.

But any way do you plan to incorporate this into your story.
Guest chapter 98 . 9/19
It has been etablished that dragonbone is black as a result of the high iron contain, except if this isn't a typical valyrian dragon but a ice dragon or something like that, in wich case you are free to do what you want
pineapple-pancake chapter 98 . 9/19
Wow! Dragon Eggs! :D
Danyael Prince chapter 98 . 9/19
Ooh, more Dragon eggs...
PHLeaz chapter 98 . 9/18
Don't leave me on that cliffhanger bro
Arian Arch chapter 98 . 9/18
Its getting interesting.
chocolate-is-the-best chapter 98 . 9/18
Your story is amazing! It's getting more interesting. Maybe add more Arya too, please.
Guest chapter 98 . 9/18
OOOHHHH, egss in the North! Maybe our young Jon Snow will get them to hatch!
deepakparthiban chapter 98 . 9/18
Wow. Thats some finish. A nice fiction, well written with a very different plot. Kudos Sir, I take off my hat to your great work. Do update frequently
chase manaena chapter 98 . 9/18
please update as soon as you can i hope we see king robert arrive at winterfall and have all his kids get together please update as soon as you can
theswordindarkness chapter 98 . 9/17
great job,will be eagerly awaiting more.
Pipkin chapter 98 . 9/17
Hrrrrgh oh my gosh, you are so great at ending chapters leaving me wanting more! I was delight to see the story update (and I'm sorry to hear of your I'll health). I have to say my favourite part was the exchange between Jeor and Ned:
Jeor Mormont ran his hand over his beard thoughtfully. "Ned, our ancestors must have been powerfully scared of the Others."
"Aye." He walked to the window and peered up at the Wall. "Just a bit."
Bloody hilarious!
Keep up the good work and I eagerly await the next chapter!
aeb chapter 98 . 9/17
Cool, I always thought it was a dragon that killed everyone at Hardhome most likely fleeing Valyeria. I believe the doom and the fire north of the wall happened near the same time. Great addition and of course dragon eggs! Thanks for the update-keep going strong.
CompuBob chapter 1 . 9/17
Dragon Eggs are the best to eat! They are incredibly nutritrious and don't need to be cooked! Mwuahahahaha
wawo20 chapter 98 . 9/17
What a twist. Something new I love it
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