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Jon is a Stark chapter 148 . 5/30
AJ Granger
Just…no. Like, a really hard no. Without touching on the fact that kingship is completely antithetical to Jon's character and desires and everything Ned ever taught him, by right of conquest AND ancestry, the throne and dominion of the realm belong to House Baratheon. Jon, who the realm knows as the son of Ned Stark, swooping in out of nowhere and declaring himself king, completely skipping over the entire line of succession (including Stannis' unborn child), and shattering the unity that already exists cuz REASONS would go over so well with all the high lords and small folk of the realm, I'm sure. Varys would probably wait a whole sennight before Machiavelli-ing his backwoods ass, right after all the high lords declare rebellion. So…no, Jon should not turn his back on his entire way of life and the teachings of his father to be like nearly every other ASOIAF/GOT fanfic on this site.
Guest chapter 148 . 5/30
Did you give the Others storming mistwraiths?
Gary chapter 148 . 5/30
As always, your story is one of my favorites. It always makes my day better to see a new chapter up.
Trey of the rebellion chapter 148 . 5/31
I found this story earlier this week and have been glued to it. You've put amazing with into it, thank you for helping me through this pandemic
Guest chapter 148 . 5/29
Nice chapter, it is nice to have POV from south
Guest chapter 148 . 5/29
Shiranai Atsune chapter 148 . 5/29
Yey! A new update!

Still love this!
Guest chapter 148 . 5/29
I enjoy this story very much. Thank you so much for sharing it with us!
Nimbus Llewelyn chapter 148 . 5/31
Interesting - Varys smoothly covering his back, as usual.
anja.quickert.9 chapter 148 . 5/31
yesboss21 chapter 148 . 5/31
"The waiting stretched on – and then the head of something from his darkest nightmares once again reared out of the fog. It had a lot of teeth and it made a roaring noise that made him shiver again." - groan, now i am imagining a glimpse of yhe battle that was fought there, the cries, the curses, the oaths and prayers said by men, child and giant as they fought for there lives.

And now i am hearing the echos of the first war for the dawn and it raised my skin to my hair
Addlcove chapter 148 . 5/31
Varys can't help himself can he? He just have to plot.
Guest chapter 147 . 5/28
No, cymraeg, don't give up anything or rush in any way shape or form. Take however long you need to take for this amazing story to go along exactly like you intended. I understand you guys not wanting to wait, but with monthly updates that are well worth it, it's not really the same thing as GRRM making people wait a whole decade only to say "it'll get here when it gets here". Once again, patience is a virtue.
Pygmy Hippo chapter 148 . 5/30
Very excellent chapter! Hope your cats are behaving!
AJ Granger chapter 148 . 5/30
I had almost forgotten that Robert and Ned are convinced to see Jon not inherit the thrown even though he fits the prophecy and likely should be King. He can even become king after Robert. Marrying him to Stannis's daughter even or Roberts would even connect the two families. I like Ygritte and all, but she won't work as a serious love interest for Jon as someone to help unite things. I get that with Ned around and serving as the Stark, it's less about a child of prophecy, but Jon would make a good king. Interesting thing with the oath and the ghosts and how to dispel them. I am glad that Jon went with Ned to the oathstone.
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