Reviews for Robb Returns
serialkeller chapter 158 . 6h
Amazing as usual. Keep it up!
gilgameshone chapter 158 . 9h
You continue to amaze. In no way did I see this twist coming. I am always delighted to find one of your updates. To help with navigation of this masterpiece, I would be willing to go through chapter by chapter to modifying the chapter titles a la GRRM, i.e. Bronn II, Jon Arryn Vi, etc. PM me if you're interested.
Guest chapter 158 . 5/12
Great chapter. I usually dont like fight scenes very much, but I liked this one.
anonymouse chapter 158 . 5/12
I REALLY wanna see the AH discussion on this chapter. This was a twist I did NOT expect. :)

-a girl has no social life
RaptorusMaximus chapter 158 . 5/13
This story is utterly fantastic and I cannot wait to see it continue. You're handling the ascent from Dark Fantasy to High Fantasy exceptionally well, and the Call and everyone's reactions to it is just *chef's kiss*
I love it.

I do hope the Seven and their followers will eventually get the chance to contribute to the war in a bit more meaningful of a manner like the Old Gods have been. But I imagine they're still trying to catch up with everything atm.

I eagerly await the next chapter.
danigirl4 chapter 158 . 5/13
Great story, can't wait for the next chapter!
Indiana Jackson chapter 158 . 5/12
This continues to amaze
Guest chapter 158 . 5/10
Well shit I did not see that coming
Max20.7 chapter 158 . 5/11
A good chapter, I like your ideas and how you use magic in this story.
ZenJack chapter 158 . 5/11
Another great update. Hate Euron so much.
Guest chapter 158 . 5/9
Guest chapter 158 . 5/9
I always did hate Euron...
aussieKayz chapter 158 . 5/11
Great chapter
Rex Draconium chapter 113 . 5/11
It took 113 chapters to get to the first ten minutes of the show, I love you
MarsNeptune chapter 158 . 5/10
So nice to read you, my friend.
You took your time but you delivered a magnificent chapter.
Take care of yourself and your love ones.
I will wait for the next chapter.
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