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Guest chapter 23 . 5/22/2016
1) What a journey. Will there be a sequel after Convergence?
2) Hey, MalaysianPatriot didn't released his "insightful comments" about his country. What do you think happened to that person anyway, Chris?
Natzo chapter 22 . 5/23/2016
Hmm I was thinking about this for a few days. I admit I mainly skimmed the story so I might miss a lot. I will forgo my dislike on how you went with the terran being so weak that even mating with an Aura user produce a weaker offspring. Then again, it always a problem when bringing fiction into the real world, though I think you exaggerated with what aura can stop from what I saw in the series. Dunno, all the "earth humans are punny compared to all other races" kind of thing always rubbed me the wrong way.

But you probably already heard all that.

Diplomacy... Well, we don't even like each other here, why would we accept refugees from a super human species that can punch a hole through our heads and require a stupid amount of firepower to stop? That can blend in our population and if they wanted to commit crime or do something only their morals could stop them?

Furries aside... I doubt in the end we would welcome Faunus. If anything, some might take advantage that now they are top dog over humans. Warlords taking over small pockets of land, unstoppable by regular soldiers, crimelords doing what they want more than now...

Desperation and resentment might bloom in Remnant. "Why allow these weaklings to have their planet? We can take it!" Just infiltrate and conquer from the inside. Let them in and they start making demands and if war does break out they might have hunters and soldiers positioned in strategic points. Only Cinder, Mercury and Emerald were enough to cause the White House to evacuate. Imagine letting thousands in?

It's like Superman: New Krypton. Tensions would be too high and for all we know Aura and Dust are related to the creation of the Grimm. Maybe once they cross over they will start appearing in our world and hunters instead of heroes will be seen a the bringers of the plague.

The technologies exchange would not be worth it.

And Ironwood... if his plan to conquer earth ever comes out I would suspect the fallout would be of the nuclear kind. Do they know the weakness of the terran bodies? I might have skipped that.

Terrans might not be superhumans, but they are not the primitives they think. Communications and industrial capacity are by far superior as shown. I doubt computer systems would be compatible enough to be hacked.

But hey, you made me mull this over the weeks so good work.
Luhar1997 chapter 23 . 5/20/2016
great chapter, the suspense is real in this chapter.
anyway I agree that war should be avoided between earth and remnant, mostly for remnant because they are most likely to suffer the most in the war because 1. they do not have the resources or logistics to take over the earth. can not mobilized their entire fighting forces with out letting holes in their security against the Grimm. entire technology while impressive run entire on a single resources that is not available on earth that would have to use more than half of their reserves just to conquered just one country out of hundreds. 4. their military while well trained are too few to even occupy even half of country, with treats of revolts and insurgences. 5. the civilian population of remnant would most likely oppose the war, as they see it as a waste of resources in a pointless war that they may lose in the long terms. in conclusions while the military power of remnant may be impressive to some, it is nothing compared to earth military in term of raw firepower, high reserves and materials. and speaking of reserves i would be assuming that with a portal to another planet have open up in north america. I would be assuming that the US Military would now have reorganized it forces considering that since they can be attacked on their home territory, they now have to relies less on strategic weapons, and more on conventional tactics, recruits more solders into its army, and in a most likely case reinstate the draft to have more than enough man and woman fight the grimm if they invade. and before you start a flame war. I would let you know that I have already register for the selective service and the Anti-Draft protest during the Vietnam war was because they didn't want to die for some backwater third world country which if lost would not harm America interest or power, but if America was attacked on its own soil by a foreign power most of them would signed up immediately to fight for their country to defend it.
Winter Cometh chapter 23 . 5/15/2016
If there ever was a war with the remnans I imagine a ww1 looking battlefield minus the trenches and more on the destruction look with our armys just destroying them with the overkill weapons with Ere the World Crumbles sung by helene B√łksle playing in the background with a remnan huntsman retreating in fear saying "what have we unleashed?...*with tears in his eyes* god help us all..."

Sound like something you would see in a movie dosen't it?
Guest chapter 23 . 5/14/2016
You better not burn the RubyxConnor ship I will let you know me and the rest of the RubyxConnor shippers will sail this ship to the end it deserves.

any flames will be doused and attacks ship will live on! Go ship... well um... I-I can't think of a name right now but I will be a epic name!
Serious HAM chapter 23 . 5/13/2016
So do they have any sports in remnant? like football or baseball?

What about violent video games like similar gta, call of duty,and Mortal Kombat?
Guest chapter 23 . 5/12/2016
I came to a realization if ficiton in the Emergence verse is real somewhere else in the mutiverse then does that mean all fiction like comics, manga, cartoons, and books will be cancelled and banned due to keeping the characters in said fiction lifes private?

Team RWBY killed fiction for us.
Natzo chapter 23 . 5/11/2016
Well, hopefully, our Earth gets more that just out superior numbers and firepower to balance with Remnant. Dunno, call it patriotism, but I don't like that our humans are puny and weak and killed in one punch while the hunters are walking demigods. Never have been a fan of "our humans suck-aliens are better" kinda thing.

Still entertaining though.
Guest chapter 23 . 5/7/2016
Soooooooo...there back on there world now so lucky for them they can start a family one day without resorting to crossbreeding with Terrans. Well there was Jaune and Ren but there taken unless they would have been ok with being sperm donors buuut that would be awkward and weird for everyone.
Fallout24 chapter 23 . 5/7/2016
Well...shit that's not good it appears that Taiyang has gone into a mental breakdown well hope Ruby and Yang will stop before he does something he will regret for the rest of his life.

And lastly if the 20 year jump is still going to happen I would be intrested in how the governments will allow a species in there borders that could go on a one man warpath untill the military arrives to put them down without commiting political suicide since if I saw on the news that there allowing people that can easly punch my head and cause it to explode at anytime they wanted to be in close quarters to me I would not be happy and vote against it. Sure I won't hate them and would like to be freindly with them hell maybe even play against some in Battlefield while having a good laugh but I would not want them to be in a distance of a few feet with only government's word that one of them won't go apeshit on me. Sorry it won't work and the second some unlucky Terrans die from manslaughter due to a Remnan getting angery or a drunk Remnan getting violent the people will demand them to leave. Sad but true. Unless they have military forces watching them 24/7 just hope it won't turn into a Infamous Second Son like world if that is the case.
Iron-ninja chapter 23 . 5/5/2016
CalligoMiles chapter 23 . 5/7/2016
If the XM25 is capable of dispatching a beowolf with a few shots, the Mk 19, especially when mounted on armoured vehicles, would do a great job both at dispatching hordes of lighter Grimm and probably also at impressing the Remnants. It's basically a fully automatic belt-fed 40mm grenade launcher, and probably the strongest infantry weapon available right now. Mounted on light vehicles, you get a fast and maneuverable weapon capable of disabling light armored vehicles as well as infantry.

As you might have guessed already, I think it'd be awesome if a gun like this is used in the story.
Cipher92 chapter 23 . 5/6/2016
Well, considering Taiyang mental state, he may be thinking he hallucinating that he seeing her dead wife. All things considering that his first love went missing presume dead, another one a few years after Ruby birth, and recently her two daughter are now presume dead; considering his mental state right now he's about to crack under the stress. Let's hope that Qrow stop him from doing some permanent and lets hope Summer, Ruby, and Yang return would help him make a steady mental recover.

Still, little surprise Ironwood would hesitated at the last second, considering his shoot first ask questions later personally, but it's a good thing since if he were to do what he was order to do, a all out war would start with Earth. I'm guessing the stress of whatever is being plan by the Grimm is making him question his own decisions now.

Still I would like it for you expand on Ozpin and the message as well with the Council and everyone reaction from the project
LizardKing chapter 23 . 5/2/2016
I just shotgunned all things "Emergence" over the last couple weeks, and you have me hooked. I'm going to be waiting eagerly for each new installment now that I've gotten through everything else. Well thought out, well-written, almost professional level in so many ways, this is a fanfic of the highest quality. Thank you so much for your work!

Oh, and it might interest you that it also now has a page at All The Tropes (a fork of TV Tropes without the advertising or censorship): (slash) wiki (slash) Emergence
Guest chapter 23 . 5/2/2016
Hey I have been watching this on spacebattles and I would like to say this if you are tired than take a break you have earned one.
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