Reviews for The Last Lion of House Reyne
tdc369 chapter 11 . 4/15

I really like your story so far. I love the way you describe the scenes with details and don’t force modern concepts in your story. I really hope it isn’t discontinued because i really want to find out how it will end


Kagugu chapter 11 . 4/15
thank you for your hard work I greatly enjoyed this fic
DipstickMadden chapter 11 . 4/12
Please add more! Write more! I love this story!
917brat chapter 11 . 4/6
I like this story, its very intrestign and I adore how you have everything playing out, as it make this story just that much more intresting, please keep this up and update it again soon, cause I would so love to read more of this.
mumlock chapter 11 . 4/5
I was afraid of a cliffhanger, seing as it might be some time you continue this story, but I find the ending so far very satysfying. I'm still hoping you will pick up the story again, as it would be a shame to leave it unwritten.
A very nice turn with the King's Cross' Station scene.
Guest chapter 11 . 4/4
Great story! Please update soon.
stylo1 chapter 6 . 4/2
you know i just realised how stupid their year count is. we domt have 4 seasons a year we have 1 year for 4 seasons, thus wouldnt their years be much longer then ours?
squidsk chapter 11 . 3/29
Love this story and I hope you continue to keep writing it.
Lairenna chapter 11 . 3/28
Well I shall be following this one too, hoping for some continued inspiration.
Voldfield chapter 11 . 3/26
la suite please
DP2000 chapter 11 . 3/22
Not going to lie I’m so ready for next chapter, this is such a great story that waiting just makes me want the next chapter more and more.
BURN3 chapter 11 . 3/10
Great story! Please update soon.
jessicariddle87 chapter 1 . 3/10
Keep up the great work!
Commando2341 chapter 11 . 3/6
I’ll cry if this story is abandoned. Along with TDOMCM, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this story.
It’s remarkably detailed with fleshed out characters. I found myself genuinely irritated with Janna trying to tie herself to Harry. I hope Ashara shows her just why that’s a foolish idea.
Ilireanwri chapter 11 . 3/2
I like this story. I hope you'll continue it.
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