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SparrowJones96 chapter 23 . 9/16
I can’t wait for season 3!
LiliLoveNutella chapter 23 . 9/13
Please update soon
LadyAoT07 chapter 23 . 8/27
Great chapter. I think this is one of my favourite fanfiction of yours. the way you have developed claims character is so interesting and great, and I love how you have mad her considerate of Sheldon, and his difficulties instead of poking fun of them like the other characters. it really show how close they are, and how much she care for him. I always look forward to a new chapter of yours, and I hope you update this one soon, as I am so excited to see where the story is going. hope you update soon. all the love!
AuthorA97 chapter 17 . 8/9
Omg these nerds are so cute I love them
Scarecrow94 chapter 1 . 8/2
reika88 chapter 23 . 7/19
this has nothing to due with this story, but I'm getting desperate here! when will the first chapter of Black Roses (Once Upon A Time) be posted?
DarkSideofParis chapter 23 . 7/19
I'm so glad to hear things are better-ish at home, especially that you're not being forced to move out! I really hope things keep going on the up and up for you and that you and your family get to a much healthier place. Also, awesome chapter and I'm looking forward to checking out the next story (as well as the next Angel update!).
iloumsed chapter 23 . 7/19
My partner's family is identical to yours. I rescued him from them and I'm so happy you can see the type of people your family really are. When I met "J," he didn't know that you actually wash yourself in the shower (he thought you just stood there and let the water do all the work). He had no idea how to buy things from the store, and he didn't even know that clothes that were the right size even existed (his b*tch of a mother was over feeding him so he'd be fat enough to fit his dad's hand-me-downs).

Don't fall for their tactics. It's a psychological technique to treat you like trash, wait for you to respond the way they want you to, and then retract certain punishments as a sort of "reward," causing you to question your own morals and the law because you did something your family didn't like (it was 100 percent the right thing to do btw). This behaviour extremely common in very religious families and cults.
Isabelnecessaryonabicycle chapter 23 . 7/18
Wow I can't believe this part of the story is over, it was a really great read! Thank you for posting it! I can't wait for the next part and anything else you update! :)
INeedSleep chapter 23 . 7/18
Hey! Great chapter as always, I’m glad the relationships are developing fairly quickly. I just read your A/N and I just wanted to say that I’m sorry that this is happening to you. As a person from a family who bury their issues under 15 layers of resentment, I know how much it sucks. I just wanted to let you know that I’m rooting for you and I believe that one day you’ll get to feel completely comfortable in your own home because you deserve to have a life you love. Also if you’re having financial issues you should plug your kofi a lil more! I’m sure there are plenty of readers who are willing to help :)
Warriorcreed chapter 23 . 7/18
First, I’m glad things haven’t got any worse for you and that you weren’t forced out of your home, hopefully things will continue to stabilize and at least get sane again, though I know that it will be hard not to forget this treatment by the people who are suppose to love you.
I was extremely disappointed to see this is the last chapter, your story with Claire is a joy to read and I have been eagerly waiting each update. This chapter takes a little different tone than the show with both girls being upset with the guys leaving and with each of them now having someone to confess their true feelings to. I would expect them to hang around with each other more for the three months just because they know the other feels the same pain and worry over the guys. The thing that I’m really curious about is when the guys return, I expect the girls will get excited the last couple weeks and each will feed off the other’s excitement making it worse. Penny will have an outlet for her excitement when she sees Leonard, dragging him into her apartment and smothering him with love, but what will Claire do, suppress her excitement because of the way Sheldon is or just throw caution to the wind and attack him, too, I can’t wait to find out.
Concerning you story voting, my vote is for this story because I will be waiting for it’s continuation, and I wish you well in the meantime, hang in there.
Momochan77 chapter 23 . 7/18
An excellent ending for this story! I’m super excited to see what’ll happen in the next! I’m also excited for all of your other stories! I need to get back into a Doctor Who mind before reading more of Angel but all in all I’m excited! See you next update!
ShoutALittleBitLouderNow chapter 23 . 7/18
I think r/raisedbynarcissists would be good
bamadude chapter 23 . 7/17
Well, I'll have to make this short as I'm still doing items on my honey do list. I'm glad that Penny and Claire admitted their feelings for Leonard and Sheldon. Can't wait to read Chapter 24. Glad your family life is improving.
10868letsgo chapter 23 . 7/17
I love it! Funny sneak peek. I hope you feel better. Don't ever regret. you did the right thing.
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