Reviews for What if
Guest chapter 7 . 3/4/2017
I really love your stories as a first time reader and I can't wait for more stories especialy Steffy Liam and Wyatt and Steffy and Hope getting along. Bye
paranoidbychoice chapter 8 . 1/14/2017
What sneaky babies hiding like that:)
paranoidbychoice chapter 7 . 1/9/2017
You have no idea how slow I just read this story cause I did not want it to end, so I am so happy that it is getting a follow up story! Loved the Wyatt/Steffy pairing I wish the show gave me a genuine thing with those two instead of making them a side story to Liam/Steffy cause I have grown to really not want Liam happy especially with wonderful Steffy. Also love thee twist of Wyatt being the uncle instead of Liam's Brother.
Guest chapter 6 . 10/4/2016
Love your work so much i really wanted Pheobe to survive that this is better she gets her happly ever after too.

Another plot What If Steffy never lost Aspen and She and Ivy are cousins and do not have bad blood with each other.

Or Wyatt felt in Love with Steffy first # I love STEAM more #STEAM ROCKS

Until next time

peace out

twlightbella chapter 4 . 7/14/2016
KarenDani4Ever chapter 4 . 1/6/2016
Hi! Can you please write a chapter about a conversation between Karen and Dani after Karen finally comes out to Bill? Maybe something along the lines of Dani telling Karen how proud she is of her, and Karen apologizing for hurting Dani with all the secrecy and promising that it will never happen again? Thank you!
paranoidbychoice chapter 3 . 12/16/2015
here are a couple of ideas: what if Steffy choice to stay in LA and did not go to Italy during the Lope wedding? What if Wyatt come earlier in the show and went for Steffy not Hope? What if the Lope beach wedding went through? What if the baby didn't die in the accident? What if Amber made a come back? What if Steffy went to jail for Aly's death because of Ivy? What if Steffy had enough when Ridge fired her over the video and instead of forgiving Steffy went to her Marone Grandfather?

As you can tell I am a big Steffy fan I love a character that has flaws and acknowledges them that was one of the reasons I could not get behind Hope she did not seem real
KarenDani4Ever chapter 3 . 11/10/2015
Hi! Can you please put a one shot in here about Karen and Danielle? Thank you!
bbgold chapter 2 . 9/5/2015
Nice chapter. looking forward to more
bbgold chapter 1 . 7/21/2015
Nice start so far. Looking forward to more What If.