Reviews for Stanswitch
Katie7489 chapter 26 . 4/16
This is so good!
SittingInACoffeeShop chapter 26 . 3/31
:O :O :O
How dare you cut it there! You fiend.
Such a great chapter and so worth the wait! I can’t wait to see Stan next time!
NeonArt1 chapter 26 . 3/27
AHHHHHH! This story is SO good! I read this whole thing within a couple of days and I’m hooked! Keep it up!
willam and jack and jake chapter 26 . 3/27
Crazycatscarmen chapter 26 . 3/26
Crazycatscarmen chapter 24 . 3/26
Rain the Revenant chapter 26 . 3/25
OH SHIT this was worth the wait, this is fucking awesome

i love to see the whole town going after the cops. GET EM!

mabel steals the show in this damn
Luiz4200 chapter 26 . 3/24
Point taken about everyone knowing Stan exists by this point.
The Cowardly Christian chapter 26 . 3/24
That was a nice, original AU chapter. And very in-character of everyone. My compliments.
Brenne chapter 26 . 3/24
OH NO! IT'S THE DREADED CLIFFHANGER! (Hides in closet). Oh man! How will the reunion go? The suspense is KILLING me! I gotta see what happens next! Looking forward to more! XD
Guest chapter 26 . 3/23
Great chapter! I find everyone's decisions interesting.
That Dipper still couldn't believe activating the portal won't destroy the world. Even with all of Ford's precautions, Dipper knows Ford is flawed & there is a bunch of evidence from Fiddleford, the government agents, and the warnings in the journals claiming the worse will happen. Fiddleford not wanting to hurt Ford, but not willing to risk the world & everyone's lives.
Ford just trying his best; he has similar concerns as everyone else and is scared too. Where canon Stan was 100% for opening the portal for his twin, Ford fights his doubts for 30 years wanting the world not to end if he can rescue his brother. In the end only Mabel fully believed Stan is still alive and will come out of the portal.
What will Stan feel about the portal opening and who may / may not have brought him back? Just have to wait for next chapter; looking forward to it.
Linzerj chapter 26 . 3/23
Aaaaaaaaaah dude omg I loved how you reworked this episode! I'm so psyched for what happens when's stanley comes back!
VanillaPerky chapter 26 . 3/23
This is soooo good and I am living on a HIGH of pure suspense!

You have done SO well!

Mabel! Gosh she's brave! I will be looking forward to the reunion of the Stans :O
eltigre221 chapter 26 . 3/23


I can't wait for more and until more later and have fun writing
Energy witch chapter 26 . 3/23
Mabel made the right choice to take the leap of faith.

This is it, Stan's finally coming home. Any chances he might open up on what's on the other side of the portal then again he probably doesn't want to worry the kids nor his brother and there's his pride.

Hey wait a sec, as soon as Stan steps out of the portal, they gotta use the memory gun on the agents otherwise they'll take Stan to make some experimentations or such just like in ET, Splash and Alex Mack.

Or worse say Stan comes through the portal but he's seriously hurt from some sort of brawl with Bill's goons or bounty hunters.
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