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nightmaster000 chapter 29 . 7/12
Excellent chapter, as it seems Stan and Ford are really starting to make a little bit of progress repairing their bond.
Crazycatscarmen chapter 29 . 7/8

It's not even a code, I just can't word the feelings I'm feeling.

PLease finish this...I might die otherwise...

Thank you for this and this magnificent chapter (HOW ON EARTH DID HE CLIMB THAT THING HE HAS ONE ARM!)
Crazycatscarmen chapter 20 . 7/8
Beautiful, just beautiful.

I'm not crying! It's just...ah. Clear orange juice leaking from my eyes. Yeah, that's it.

Lol, that doesn't even make sense, just saying I love this au so much. Thank you so much for writing it!
The Cowardly Christian chapter 29 . 6/29
Again, I like how you adjusted things to the stan's current situation in a realistic way...

If you do cannon...I really hope you don't just have Mable get away with ending the world scott-free like she did in cannon...or at the very least I hope you have Dipper stay in Gravity Falls.
willam and jack and jake chapter 29 . 6/25
love it
Nameless shadow chapter 1 . 6/23
Pretty smart using the blind eye to stop ford from just turning the portal back on. I look foward to the rest of this
Luiz4200 chapter 29 . 6/23
Of all reasons one could come up for not having a 'Fordchurian Candidate', I never expected Ford not having a shadow.

I thought Stan had already declared himself alive. Was he too afraid of having to explaining where he was during all those years or was he too focused on Bill to care?
inuchara2511 chapter 29 . 6/23
3 or 4 chapters, im happy and sad at the same time :D T-T
Brenne chapter 29 . 6/22
Oh man! I'm SO glad you updated! Glad to see the brothers getting along! I wonder what happens next. Looking forward to more! XD
Eve Prime chapter 29 . 6/22
I love this chapter though I am so sad to think it will be over so soon! You should do a sequel where the brothers are out on the ocean. awesome update and I'm looking forward to more!
eltigre221 chapter 29 . 6/22

soooo happy to see more and how Stan lost the election bc he was technically declared legally dead three decades ago XD can't wait for more and until then, later and have fun writing :)
The One Who Reads Too Much chapter 29 . 6/22
only 18 pages, lol most people are happy with 5-10, though I for one appreciate all the extra effort you put into these.

Lol, not casting a shadow. You wouldn't think that would be relevant, but Welcome to Gravity Falls, heheh.

Lol, "Change", a political platform just vague enough to be anything and trick everyone.

Hey!...Lord of the Flies wasn't thaaat bad.

Ahhh Grunkle Ford, so trusting with giving children "ethically ambiguous" devices, lol.

Well look at that, the brothers had a decent conversation together. Almost. If you tilt your head and squint.
Energy witch chapter 29 . 6/22
It's about time those two compromised on finding a way to defeat Bill. The rift is a pickle, but it seems Stan found a way that can destroy Bill.
nightmaster000 chapter 28 . 5/30
Brilliant chapter and work as always. :) I think it's been a while since I reviewed but this story never fails to be a great read.
H80NP chapter 28 . 5/21
So, yesterday i settled down and re-read the WHOLE fanfic, and have been reading from somewhere like chapter 13 up until right now for like the last 4 hours...

Holy crap! I cant tell you how awesome these last 5 chapters were! The recreation of The blind eye, Not what he seems, Stan getting used to this world, Stan and Mabel bonding! Need i say more?
Honestly, the Not what he seems part was probably the most intense I've felt reading something for awhile.

thanks for writing! I'll definitely read the next chapters as they come :) Oh and the one shots you mentioned too!
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