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Franxine bobo chapter 35 . 8/20
I don't see how they came up with the stupid finale for them to separate when I read stories like this and I have to realize the writers gave us the better version of paige and Walter I like the writers version better.
ScorplinginTraining chapter 50 . 6/5
I'm really going to miss this collection of stories! As long as you solemnly swear you'll keep writing one shots, I guess I can let it go.

You have such a good grasp on these two characters. I could easily see this whole conversation playing out in the show. In fact, I would LOVE to see it play out on the show. Or anything play out on the show for that matter. :-(

I can completely see them trying to reestablish their friendship first because, let's face it, they've been friends for far too long and have been through too much together to simply walk away. Yes! And I love how they are both trying so hard to be 'cool' and they are holding back because they're afraid the other person doesn't feel the same way. But we, the readers, KNOW they both feel the same way!

A perfect conclusion to a truly marvelous collection of one shots!
(Do you want me to log in Anonymously and do a review-a-day thing until you reach 500?)
ScorplinginTraining chapter 49 . 6/4
This little one shot said so much. You have a real gift of capturing the emotions of a minute in time. The little bit of truth in their brief late night conversation was so apt. It screams that they both still love each other. Even though they don't say it aloud. The whole thing was both sad and hopeful at the same time.

Loved it! Fabulous job!
dcd28 chapter 50 . 5/29
I read chapter 50, then I thought about it being the last chapter of this collection, so I reread them all again today, all 50 chapters. Thank you again, for all of them. Thank you for sharing your writing talent & your imagination with us. FanFics mean more than ever now!
Guest chapter 50 . 5/29
OMG! I wished you'd tacked a long passionate kiss at the end of this. But it was still great! Damn CBS and those stupid showrunners for leaving us in a lurch.
Bicii chapter 1 . 5/29
By the way, the good thing about “Lightning” is that your first chapter could be the last one too ;)
Bicii chapter 50 . 5/29
Ok! That worked for me and my broken heart... I’m still in tears *snif, snif, snif*
Very good ending for this story and « Lightning » who is my favorite one shot series!
Thank you again for the session, you have to send me the bill ;)
Joan123 chapter 50 . 5/28
Oh, this was so heartfelt and so beautiful. Thank you so much!
SomeNotAdultYetGirl chapter 50 . 5/28
You are always amazing at your work! Love it.
So, i need to ask you something. I've been working in a fanfic that explores a friendship between waige after the incident of 4x22. I swear I started it before you post this, so now I am insecure if you would feel uncomfortable if I post mine. Its multichapter and way different from yours, but I don't want to upset anyone hahaha i dont know how long i would take to post it cause i'm in the middle of a bunch of tests at college and i cant finish the first chapter, but i really wished you to tell me you'd feel okay with it. Is there somehow you can answer me?
Marti chapter 50 . 5/28
Now this is the happy ending the fandom needs. Thanks for this.
heleenscorpion chapter 50 . 5/28
I keep reading all these stories over and over. Thank you. I wished you continue but i understand too. Please do continue writing Scorpion. We need our fixings
Marie chapter 50 . 5/28
Wow that we great I read all your 50 chapters and loved all of them
Thank you hope to hear from you soon
MetalKyria chapter 50 . 5/28
Thank you, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE this wonderful ending.. I loved it. hope you are back soon, with more of your lovely Waige stories
dS-Tiff chapter 50 . 5/28
What a wonderful way to wrap up your series - and a wonderful way to wrap up the Waige journey after what we were left with! This all feels very realistic - although I would hope they wouldn't have waited so long before having this conversation. All they needed to do was talk like this in the first place-honestly and openly - and none of the mess would have happened! You write these characters so well and the reasoning behind Paige's actions that day is perfect, exactly the way I see it too. I'm looking forward to more of your stories. :)
Guest chapter 50 . 5/28
Wow. Wonderful
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