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SeverlyLate chapter 12 . 7/4
Oh hell, what happened to you?
Your Otokage story was somewhat naive, but showed potential.
This one is just retarded it,s so inconsistent.
Normally a writer grows with time, which is evidently not the case here.
SeverlyLate chapter 10 . 7/4
There are two types of retarded types of time travel /reincarnation stories: one, when the toddlers are immidiately tortured and interrogated for their adult behaviour; the other, when said toddlers are immidiately become shinobi and nobody gives shit about their adult behavior.
This seems to be the "type two" idiocy.
Of course there's one added very beloved idiocy, when the chosed reincarnator immediately runs to find Toddler-Naruto in order to clean his appartment, cook for his balanced diet and generally fuss around the orange cuteness.
Oh god, have mercy!
bluedog44 chapter 7 . 6/21
Was that the centipede that she was fighting before she went to go get her wrist blade?
In my opinion, he was a shitty sensei. Favortisim (Sasuke), don't know what to say for Naruto (it's a few things), and didn't do anything for Sakura he even said so himself (i'm pretty sure he expected her to lose her match between Ino in the chunin exams, not to tie)!
She died a few days before her birthday! :'(
bluedog44 chapter 5 . 6/21
GAARA! OOOOHHHH is Sasori going to adopt him? He could easily pass as Sasori's son!
Danniegirl1022 chapter 50 . 6/19
"and all you do in your spare time is hit on women who are way out of your league. Who's the real loser here?" This response had me rolling.
PerpetualRed chapter 42 . 6/11
Holy shit, I hope Danzo is flayed and castrated alive...gouging his heart and eyes would be quite nice, too...
PerpetualRed chapter 7 . 6/11
It was so hard not to cry... My eyes did get watery, however.
Iscriptikus chapter 72 . 6/10
An impressive work
PillingForCrows chapter 72 . 6/6
What a story! I love how everything came together in such unexpected ways. If you ever start publishing, make sure to link your stuff to your FFN. I'd love to support you in your future endeavors.
PillingForCrows chapter 1 . 6/5
This story is both heart wrenching and too damn wholesome at the same time. I love you, writer168.
Innieminnie chapter 4 . 6/4
Hmm. They're not very good at staying under the radar for experienced shinobi..
Fullmetal11791 chapter 72 . 5/30
Just finished this and I've got to say that you've done a phenomenal job writing this. Made even more impressive by the fact you were still in high school for the majority of this, from what I gathered from an earlier authors note.

I was actually expecting a completely different story when I first started reading this, but honestly? I'm glad my expectations were wrong. Your original plot points were all very well done and interesting, you wrote your characters well while paying homage to their original selves, and you've got a great sense of dry humor which consistently came through.

The aside's showing the 12 years later in the original timeline were also extremely well done. It gave a great contrast in tone to the new timeline, with a much more somber and emotional feel.

I also really loved how you didn't have the shinobi from opposing nations constantly at each others throat. Was a really nice deviation from the norm and was well appreciated.

Again, awesome job, and thanks for writing!
BloomingCarnations chapter 21 . 5/30
Can you make a companion story about the potato incident :3?
Fullmetal11791 chapter 59 . 5/29
As much as i love these interludes, i dont like how youve made Sakura's letter mention that she knew she was going to die via Naruto and Sasuke. You said the letter was 30 or 40 pages or something, meaning she wrote it before their fight started. She shouldnt have known she was specifically going to commit suicide via her team mates.
Blackbird26419 chapter 72 . 5/28
What a masterpiece! This one of my all time favorite stories. I love it all from the characters to the growth of each and every character to the plot. Incredible!

I know you said you won't be writing a sequel but would you consider writing an extended epilogue of maybe 10-20 years in the future with Naruto's return, Itachi as Hokage, Neji as ANBU commander, Hinata Sasuke as Clan heads and not forgetting Sasori, Sakura and Hindan. I would love to see an over all ending of what become of the character.

Once again amazing Job
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