Reviews for To Go Forward
Odeveca chapter 16 . 6/30/2019
Odeveca chapter 15 . 6/30/2019
that was so good!
Odeveca chapter 13 . 6/30/2019
yes, yes oh my gosh this is so good!
Odeveca chapter 7 . 6/30/2019
Rhaegar would be proud :)
Epicweaver chapter 24 . 6/6/2019
great start. I like the single point of view and how you advanced Jon traveling lol. Characters feel pretty spot on.
BlueTea21 chapter 24 . 6/1/2019
Love this. It gave me chills when Jon stood in the flames...
Guest chapter 20 . 5/11/2019
Enjoyed this story, but killing off ghost ruined it for me.
AraelDranoth chapter 24 . 5/2/2019
Come on! Next chapter! Pretty please?
AraelDranoth chapter 11 . 5/2/2019
This... is an excellent story. I look forward to seeing where it goes.
AraelDranoth chapter 5 . 5/1/2019
Love it. Poor Jon. The writing is both excellent and captivating. Well done.
AraelDranoth chapter 4 . 5/1/2019
I like it. Jon is going in with the knowledge he would've reasonably known and there aren't too many big splashes in the pond.
wildbeast1498 chapter 24 . 4/17/2019
I binge read your story and am absolutely in love with it. It is one of the greatest GOT stories I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. I sincerely hope you one day return to this, hopefully the final season gives you some inspiration or idea on how to proceed and come up with a great ending! If that is what has stopped you from continuing. You’re a good author and don’t let anyone say otherwise! Keep up the great work!
TooLazyToLogin chapter 24 . 4/11/2019
You might consider putting a note in the first chapter (or in the summary) saying that you're not updating this story here anymore, but you are still doing it on AO3.

Anyways, I've enjoyed it so far, thanks.
O'Neill89 chapter 24 . 3/27/2019
This is good, I hope to read more.
Ice chapter 24 . 3/24/2019
Am I the only one who thinks author will coming back after season8 finale?
This fic has been abandoned after 2017(season7) aaand season8 didn't released 2018
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