Reviews for Chuck vs Jen Burton: Spy Girl
East Coast Captain chapter 41 . 5/22
Life's been kicking my ass too. I've been trying to get healthy and exercise more myself.

Looks awesome. After all these years Daniel Shaw still is the most love to hate villain. And Charah, you can't go wrong with them. Great to have you back Murphy, hope all is well.
baldcoder chapter 41 . 5/21
Great update! I'm glad you'll have time to work on this and finish it up this summer.
phnxgrl chapter 41 . 5/20
I loved how Chuck's knows how to fix the Intersect but his bane Daniel Shaw has discovered Chuck's secure location. Please continue.
wilf21 chapter 41 . 5/20
Great new chapter thank you. They are so close, but with Shaw around, in real danger. Looking forward to more, soon.
sevenrez chapter 41 . 5/20
It is great to see you back in action! Thank you for updating this story!
atcDave chapter 41 . 5/19
Great to finally see another chapter! I look forward to more.
Marc Vun Kannon chapter 41 . 5/19
Yay, another chapter! The suspense goes up, Jeff and Lester are on the clock, and I have to reread every chapter of this magnificent opus yet again. Can't wait to see the end of Shaw. And the big question: What do Jeff and Lester want now?
A spot as musical guests on the season opener, would be my guess.
baldcoder chapter 40 . 1/27
Good ole Jeff and Lester, figuring things out. Great update. Good to see you back.
East Coast Captain chapter 40 . 1/27
Glad you're back even if for a brief time. Sorry you've had those hospital visits but hope everything is okay there. Jeffster know that Chuck is a spy now that will be weird. Great chapter.
wilf21 chapter 40 . 1/27
A really good chapter thank you. Super action and success after a few 'hiccips'. That brief case was 'awesome'!
sevenrez chapter 40 . 1/26
Welcome Back! Happy to hear about the job and I hope the hospital visit is done soon. Those Bartowskis do have spy in their blood! Thank you!
Tigertod chapter 40 . 1/26
Good job the story's great love the way you got charah together with none of the inane Sarah & the cardboard actor together
atcDave chapter 40 . 1/26
That was fun!
Glad to see a new chapter of this. Get better, and keep on writing!
bahall1964 chapter 40 . 1/26
Welcome back to the Chuck universe. We missed you. Congrats on your job. I wish you much success in it and in your health. I am so glad that you have updated this story. It is truly one of my favorites. The idea is a very clever one and the writing is vreat! I hope that the next update will be sooner but no matter what I will be here to read it. I am a fan of all your stories. Take care of yourself and I can't wait to hear from you again.
phnxgrl chapter 40 . 1/26
I loved how Chuck's plan worked and the rescue was on the fly. Please continue.
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