Reviews for Broken
Kaylen.b4444 chapter 27 . 4/3/2023
Yeah the whole Severus Remus thing is too much imo… it’s weird
New Kid on the B chapter 27 . 3/27/2023
No, just no! Snape is so much ooc that it sucks! And he goes from being engaged to being a near-molester to Harry's step-dad? And you don't think this is sick?
Guest chapter 12 . 11/13/2022
Sev is too damned pushy, wishing Harry would just just punch him in the nose!
TheClutsyGinger chapter 27 . 6/15/2020
I loved this story but I gotta say the whole Remus/Severus freaked me out a bit. But again I loved it all the same
Rachelme177 chapter 14 . 6/15/2020
Why does Harry keep giving in to Snape.
Rachelme177 chapter 12 . 6/15/2020
Why does poor Ginny's fiancee
/husband not get a name? Did you just not care? I mean, how hard is it to come up with oneBob, Phillip, Ricardo, Juan. There, 4 names, feel free to use one.
Ra1nb0wF1re chapter 13 . 6/3/2020
Ok, apparently I made it to chapter 14 according to my last review. It’s a miracle I made it through chapter 13. I’m not reading chapter 14 though, I’m done. The story could’ve been so much better if better choices were made. Oh well, I’m out.
Ra1nb0wF1re chapter 14 . 6/2/2020
You know I like the concept of the story but Harry is too wishy-washy. First he mourns Severus’ death (rightfully) then gets upset when they find out he faked it (understandable). Harry wants nothing to do with Severus but let’s him molest him over and over again. Only to start having feelings for Lucius and kisses Severus? Like WTF!? I’ve only made it to chapter 12 and I am so frustrated reading this story. This Severus is so unworthy of any relationship. He is an overly possessive self righteous prick, from the other reviews I’ve learned that he gets together with Remus in the end? Heck no! I’m so done. This was not worth my time and frustration reading.
Meganrae1234 chapter 27 . 11/19/2019
I love this story! The only think i had a hard time accepting was Severus and Remus. Not because of the pairing but because no parent would ever consider getting into a relationship with their child's ex fiance. I understand that harry isn't his biological son but Remus considers Harry his son and Harry considers Remus his dad. No parent would forgive nor fall in love with their child's ex fiance especially when they have hurt them as horribly as Severus hurt Harry. But all in all the story was great
waya715 chapter 3 . 4/4/2018
lol smartarse
Acacia Jules chapter 22 . 8/24/2017
What tradition are you talking about? The Weasley's don't seem to have any traditions when it comes to naming.
Acacia Jules chapter 3 . 8/24/2017
Wait, sons? Since when did Harry have sons?! WTF is going on?
Acacia Jules chapter 27 . 8/24/2017
Why would Potter be the smallest? The Potter family invented some of the most popular potions in Wizarding World, such as Sleek ez hair tonic. They're also one of the old pure families.
Qtsarahanne chapter 27 . 5/5/2017
Great story, thank you for writing it!
FFictionKittyKat chapter 21 . 1/15/2017
I love the idea, but the text is very... robotic. There isn't a lot of description, but you tried and that's what counts! Thank you for writing this
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