Reviews for Muggle Things
dabdysia chapter 1 . 2/10
I still hope for an update, I love this fanfic
i-read-there4-i-am chapter 8 . 1/26
"Good thing I didn't mention the oven"...hahahaha your humor is great. Love this, was exactly what I was looking for.
Crazylunalove chapter 29 . 1/13
Love this story so much. I’ve been waiting so long for you to pick it up again. Please let me see the end of this
Guest chapter 29 . 1/1
Hope to you haven’t abandoned this your writing is amazing would really like to see an update soon
Take care
zsimmons14 chapter 29 . 1/1
Brilliant story!
Loving the writing, and the characters...hope you update again!
roxanicar chapter 29 . 1/1
I love this story!
dabdysia chapter 29 . 12/16/2019
My check in. I really hope you'll continue this story
to-anyone316 chapter 29 . 12/15/2019
omg i spent an entire night (yes, i stayed up late reading this lol) and a morning reading this. aww, i’m so in love with this story! i really love your characterizations, especially of hermione and draco. and let me just say how adorable it is that draco’s so excited about learning muggle things!
Mel1987 chapter 29 . 12/10/2019
I love this story. I’ve reread it so many times. Is it going to be updated anymore? I’d love to see what happens when they get home!
MirriTandris chapter 29 . 12/2/2019
I'm hoping you continue this soon! I know that it's been a year and a half since the last update, but I'm following just in case
madisongowland chapter 29 . 11/13/2019
I love this!
Lucy G.E chapter 29 . 11/10/2019
please continue this story.. I love how you describe dramione..
HesMyBelAmi chapter 29 . 10/20/2019
I love this story! Very original and sweet. Can’t wait for an update!
DragonLady37 chapter 29 . 10/14/2019
I hope this story hasn’t been abandoned! I love these versions of these characters so much!
Puzzler54 chapter 27 . 10/13/2019
This is a great story. I've thoroughly enjoyed reading it, so much so that I have not paused to review sooner!

It looks like you last updated a while ago. I really hope this story continues. It is so good. I've laughed and chuckled and hugely enjoyed each chapter. If you continue, I can't wait to find out what happens next!
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