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kuriboh1233 chapter 139 . 8/21
I’ve liked this story since the beginning. Only one thing really irks me though. I know it’s Goku’s story but I was kinda hoping Suno would be more relevant combat wise farther than Namek. It’s just something that always bugs me that the main characters significant other almost always becomes more and more helpless as the story continues.

You have handled this well I just hate how DB in particular has fazed our humans as anything more than cannon fodder cheerleaders yelling Goku. I think she should at least be on par with Freeza at this point. I think Krillin could beat down Feeeza at this point in canon.

Sorry didn’t mean to preach and rant there. Just a personal thing that has been bugging me with the story, I was, am, and will continue to enjoy it.
Kaoupa chapter 139 . 8/6
Well, Freeza is back! And so is Cooler. This clash is going to be epic even without the Saiyans! And they're bound to get involved.
Guest chapter 139 . 8/4
Hello there! It's been a long time since I seem this story. So happy you didn't discontinue it or forgetting it. I was afraid that might've happen. I love this story, I was there when it first came out. Four years huh. Man that how long it's been. Congratulations. That impressive feat. I love the changes you done with the characters in your story. Their struggles, their growth, everything! And I'm happy the changes you through yourself the writer, and the enjoyment you had while writing this amazing work just as I enjoy reading. I can't wait what you'll do next. Happy Anniversary, SSVCloud. :)

I can't wait for your take on of Super and the movies. (Question: are you going to be including Dragonball fighterZ the game in your story, I always thought it had a good storylines especially regarding the Androids's and Dr Gero's past.)
LW.exe chapter 138 . 8/1
Can't believe the "ken" gag is came back. It's awesome
ILiekFishes chapter 139 . 7/31
Welp. Back to waiting for 3 months.
Press f for piccolo, but there are worse ways to get rid of him and this would be a good end. Also there’s still the possibility of him showing back up in the TOP, so that’s nice.
Setting up the movies and Goku black arcs early, ayy? Kinda makes sense, the TOP an tournament need Beerus for them to begin.
other than that you really did have to cut us off right as it was about to get juicy. nice
Yomi14 chapter 139 . 7/31
The Entire Beerus saga: you ever just wanna fight your cat for stealing your food and fucking up your things
chunnin33 chapter 139 . 7/31
Really have to wonder how Super will be handled with Gohan as the clear frontrunner.

I enjoyed these chapters as a psuedo epilogue; so much was covered wkth just enough detail.
KialDeyung chapter 139 . 7/31
I love this story
Uppaw18 chapter 139 . 7/31
I'm so glad that your back, I missed this story so much! And four chapters? Incredible! The only gripe was that the power levels felt way too high in comparison to the previous arc. Vegetto was way too fucking OP and I just didn't like just how high it went. Personally, I can't see how high Super Saiyan God Goku and above will be in your system? Because I can't see you changing the way things got in Super.

Anyway, in terms of character and story development, this was fantastic, incredible and I really enjoyed all of it and I can't wait and see how it will go from here. While I have a heavy dislike for DBS (especially Fukkatsu no F, which is fucking stupid and one of the worst DB films ever and the Goku Black Arc, because I hate Zamasu to my very core and I never want to hear a single word coming out of his fucking whinny mouth!) because of many, many faults in it, I still give give it credit for some excellent ideas, just like GT had and it was pretty bad as well.

Now, I know you don't really either mind my opinion or reject it, but I'm surprised that Goku would be at 2 million at base, I thought she would be at least 3.5 or 4 million (because in BoG Goku's base wasn't stronger than Frieza's full power on Namek), because 2 million was the largest base in the end of the Cell Saga.

Also, Ultimate Gohan's power being what? 700 trillion?! That's insane! Way too much beyond everyone else! I thought he was going to be 6-10 billion rather that over 70,000 times stronger! Also... Ultimate is not a transformation! It's a state of being! Right now Ultimate should be Gohan's max power, powering up like when he does to reach the max of his base form, not transforming! Fuck Super for making it a transformation, because it fucking isn't! It's not that he couldn't transform into a Super Saiyan with his Potential Unleashed, it's that he didn't need it!

Sorry for the rant. This whole Ultimate Gohan being a transformation separate from Super Saiyan pisses me off almost as much as any word that comes out of Zamasu's mouth, Frieza's bullshit power up in 4 months or motherfucking Zen'o the football-head, lollipop king (I despise this character the most. He is the most annoying concept of Dragon Ball Super and I will not quell on my hatred, because I'm just as infantile).

Anyway, sorry for all the rants. I really do love your story and I am a Dragon Ball fan, and I appreciate how you change the story and flip things up on their head, showing that characters aren't stuck in time. They grow old and die, or just change. That is why I loved Puar's funeral scene, Roshi replacing the no dead Korin and Piccolo retiring for good.

I hope that the wait for Super won't last as long as the five months that I've waited for these chapters, drying in the sadness that I thought that you ended the story.
Enjoy yourself and take your time.
Look what Jesus did chapter 138 . 7/31
Nice set of punny names for Uubs village took me a minute to see the connection
KialDeyung chapter 136 . 7/31
When I saw four chapters all at once I thought I had gone crazy, but I'm just happy now, thank you for this spectacular story, I fricken love it ya know
thewittywhy chapter 139 . 7/31
My god. This is incredible! The entire story has always been fun and enjoyable, and the fact that so much character development has happened is great!
Random stranger chapter 41 . 6/9
Lol I just reread the summary and I apologies for not reading it properly in the first place. Forgive me for my last review stating that you didn’t give a warning.
Random stranger chapter 41 . 6/9
Look you have one of the best writing on the dragon ball side of fanfiction. I like your characterisation on the cast and the way you describe the scenes are good but the yuri thing just the me off. There was no warning it would happen, what I mean by that is that there was no romantic build up... now I’m not against lesbians, I rather support people to love who they love, but this felt forced.

I read up to this point because it’s an awesome fanfic but I don’t think I will continue. If I had wanted a yuri/yaoi fanfic then I would choose one. This though I didn’t want it to be. Next time please put up a warning that states that this is yuri. I hope I didn’t come off as rude/homophobic.
harshs.sidhu chapter 89 . 6/2
*reads more of the chaper*
huh. that's how. neat.
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