Reviews for Falling Through Time
jaaaaaas chapter 1 . 10/13
Update please! ASAP! Can't wait for the next chapter. Huhu
evakparra chapter 39 . 10/13
My heart is broken
siriusly-random chapter 39 . 10/13
You just broke my heart goddamnit!

I don’t even know how to handle these emotions
scented-books chapter 39 . 10/12
Omg! You put hogwarts mystery In there! Love it.
Professor of Gallifrey chapter 39 . 10/11
Oh my goodness. Did you just want to completely destroy my heart and feels?
siriusly-random chapter 30 . 10/10
Hi I’m binge reading this and my god I’m enjoying it!

But especially had to say that I loved the part where Dumbledore and Hermione were talking and he told her how to say goodbye and his last remarks about going to his death. Super poetic, super beautiful. Great work!
slytherinxbadxgirl chapter 39 . 10/10
I saw this recommended on Tumblr and it was absolutely fantastic so far. I'm so excited to see what happens next.
nonny chapter 39 . 10/8
DON'T YOU FUCKING DARE! I have been grossly sobbing for the past 10 minutes, this was completely uncalled for... okay, it's a logical reaction for Fred, but aaaaaahh!
AureliaAndMidnight chapter 39 . 10/8
I’m crying noooo Fred nooooo! SHE LOVES YOU DANG IT. This chapter was worth the wait even though my heart broke into itty bitty pieces.
Beccax95 chapter 39 . 10/7
OMG this chapter was heartbreaking. Please update soon I need more. I hope he cools down before she goes on the hunt with Harry and Ron. Maybe they can dance at Bill’s wedding. Maybe when she gets tortured Bill will fetch Fred to Shell Cottage. Maybe he will step through the passageway into the Room of Requirements and kiss her in front of all the Order and the DA. I need them back together ASAP. Really hope at the end of this she saves Fred. I can’t cope if he dies in this story. Please update soon.
Guest chapter 39 . 10/7
Nooooo! So sad, but yes it was going to come out...thank you for the chapter, really well written and made me cry. I love them both, so it's hard to see them suffer.
A. K. H chapter 39 . 10/6
Wow, what a heartbreaking, but wonderfully written chapter! I'm excited to see what you have in store for Hermione and Fred next.
singingsoapbox chapter 39 . 10/5
Oh god. It's so good, but i am so crushed. Impatiently awaiting the next installment...
Eddiee Beth chapter 39 . 10/5
Another beautifully written chapter in my opinion. Honestly, I feel like the best chapters of the story are the ones authors typically hate and whine that they could’ve done better but in reality, if it was different it wouldn’t have been the best.
SweetStrawberry13 chapter 39 . 10/5
I was really delighted when I saw that you updated the story. and it's an amazing chapter by the way. I loved it even though it's sad at the end. I wonder if they will get a chance to rekindle their relationship or if he really dies. please don't pull a veronica Roth here.
I really loved the fact that you included penny Haywood though. and the conversation between George and Ginny was flawless. you nailed it there.
please update soon again.
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