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Krav chapter 66 . 10/9
I didn't even review the entire time I was reading that because I was simply SPELL BOUND

Your writing style is rather unique, and even though it leaves me without an idea of what happened and I have to double back sometimes, it's so enjoyable that it's kept me absolutely captivated.
Ahhh I really hope this one continues onward
Marahuyo chapter 66 . 9/28
I don’t have the words to say how brilliant of a piece this is as I am sure you’ve already heard thousands saying. I must tell you though how much you had me literally laughing at loud at some of this. It’s very difficult to write humour in the midst of seriousness, and you’ve done a very good job. Please update soon! I spent 2 nights re-reading this. I think it’s my third time? And keep safe, author!
bichenta chapter 62 . 9/21
My favorite fanfictions are the ones that question the canon. In Naruto, I didn't find a lot of them. I'm glad I stumbled on yours. I like your Sakura moved by fear. You were the only writer I read that worried about details, like Sakura's outfit. The fanarts made me wish the outfit in KYH was canon. I also like how you developed her story, her fighting style and specially her genjutsu side. Your fanfiction shows how incredible Sakura could be if she explored her natural ability. But not only that, you blow your minds with the description, the details that made an ilusion real. It's so rich!

By the way, Genzo-san is the most perfect character. Not only because she was the person that shed light in obscure points in Naruto story (the massacre, the egotism of Minato and Kushina), but also because she was badass and tragic in a powerful way. The canon shinobi's stories are soft near the story of her team and her past. She should be canon. It's very nice that she didn't passed her techniques to Sakura. In the same way, it's nice that Sakura wasn't Tsunade's apprentice. In this fanfiction, Sakura is her own person and forged her own techiques and talents. This is something that we don't see in the manga. The characters that didn't need help (like Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura received from their sensei) were the genious, like Kakashi. In some point, Naruto and Sasuke developed their own signatures jutsus, but Sakura didn't. And she has a lot of potencial.

Another original character that I loved was Tatsuo and you left me feeling conflicted everytime he appeared. I shipped Tatsuo and Sakura a lot. A LOT. He's perfect and I think they should have been given a chance. But the way you wrote is also perfect. His death is so important for Sakura growth. I loved the scene in the pos-death world. I liked how you developed the plot. I read 62 chapters so easily. By the way, when she finds redemption by dying is like a circle was completed. Perfect! I expect another 66 chapters for the second part :D I'm kidding hahaha

You left me conflicted about Tatsuo, but I also like her relationship with Kakashi. Everytime you wrote about how Sakura and Kakashi are happy living in the house with the dogs, I hope that this is a KakaSaku fanfiction (I swear that I imagine a love relationship when she's of age. I don't think it's nice a underage and a old man living happily ever after haha). I also love your Itachi very much. But this story doesn't need to be about a romance (if Tatsuo were alive... I'm kidding haha). If it's only about Sakura, I'm very happy.

I like your plot, the way Sakura is not invested in bringing Sasuke back to Konoha, how this isn't the main thing in the story, how she talks with Naruto about this. This fanfic even makes me wonder if Naruto and Sakura even have a real friendship. Ok, I'm not going there haha

About this chapter: I loved your Tsunade. To be fair, I love your female characters. They are amazing, I think Kishimoto should learn from you about this.

Thank you so much for this story. Sorry about my grammatical mistakes and mispellings. I'm stilll studying english. I'm really looking forward for the next chapters.

Zestylicous chapter 66 . 9/16
Firstly, wow. Just wow. I loved this take on Sakura and your storytelling, especially in the beginning of the fic. The intensity of focus you achieve during the first fight scenes really pulled me and made me feel like I was a part of the battle.
One thing I've noticed is that your scenes feel quiet. Maybe I only noticed it because I'm working on my sense of noise in my writing.
Anyway, please keep it up. I'm so excited to see you deviate away from the canon and manipulate the characters in a realistic and interesting way. I think you make great plot and character development choices.
TheVastEmptiness chapter 9 . 9/14
I enjoy how hopeful this chapter feels. The darkness of the fic never becomes overwhelming or exhausting when you’re so good at inserting much needed levity.
pyranha chapter 66 . 9/14
it's always a joy to reread your work, and with more chapters each time - i think i last read it more than a year ago? there's an elegance to your words
TheVastEmptiness chapter 7 . 9/14
Sasuke is so surprisingly sweet in this chapter. I love his little little conversation with Sakura and how he tells her she did a good job *sob* I’m usually not big on their interactions but this is an exception
TheVastEmptiness chapter 6 . 9/14
Her fights are sooo messy and gritty
TheVastEmptiness chapter 4 . 9/14
This chapter is so dramatic! Kakashi’s little speech, oh my gosh, almost gave me chills let alone Sakura. Love itttt
TheVastEmptiness chapter 3 . 9/14
I never noticed before how deep into Sakura’s perspective we get. She perceives Kakashi as disappointed after the fight, but I get the feeling that’s not exactly right... interesting.
TheVastEmptiness chapter 2 . 9/14
Ahhhhh the first fight is so good. Sakura has such limited resources and skills but still manages to turn it to her advantage. Love that.
TheVastEmptiness chapter 1 . 9/14
I forgot how much of a bang this story starts with. I’m going in for a reread and already loving it :)
Inner-me-is-chaos chapter 66 . 9/8
Wow, good start for the big fight.
Thank you for updating. This is still one of the very best fanfics I have ever seen!
burrblefish chapter 66 . 9/5
I can't believe I sat here and read this entire story in one shot. The premise is phenomenal and the unfolding of the plot and crucial points were just as amazing. Sakura's relationship with Kakashi and his ninken was so endearing, and honestly, I'm a little sad about the notes that her relationships ended with (particularly Tatsuo in the in-between and especially Itachi right here at the end) but I think its what makes the story more believable. Romance wasn't in your genre descriptions, therefore not a major device, and realistically also wouldn't be the forefront when war and death are around the corner. I do kind of wish something happens for them afterwards, whether its another slow build or a maintenance of closeness. Spent hours silent-screaming at Itachi's feelings towards her (in the best way). Thank you so much for this piece and I look forward to more!
Thatkeepsthestarsapart chapter 36 . 9/5
“ she'd just taken what little he'd had to give and made do, searching out things on her own.” Okay, so I was going to wait until I caught up to the story until I commented (because if not you would have 3 million notes from me lol) but I HAD to say something about this line. This little thought of Kakashi’s seems like it could be very canon to me, but Kishimoto did not give us that maturity from Sakura. You gave us a VERY realistic version of a strong Sakura—not too OP, not some prodigy. But I feel you took all the subtle notes of her characterization that Kishimoto gave us in the manga that didn’t reflect in the anime, and built upon them for your story.
I know this story is a few years going now, and that your last update was sometime Ago, but I’m prepared to wait for its completion. This is well down and a super interesting take on Sakura‘a development. Thank you for writing this!
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