Reviews for Kill Your Heroes
Lyssasoulless chapter 74 . 9/25
Thank u for the update
ThatPageantGirl chapter 55 . 9/24
For all of Soudai's standoffish behavior, I love that he really does look out for Sakura. And what an interesting reaction Itachi had :)
Shebali chapter 74 . 9/24
Thank you ever so much for another lovely chapter, this is one of the few stories that still keeps me in the fandom

I do not for one second believe that you will be worse at writing children than source material

…sorry, that really isn’t much of a compliment, is it.

Thank you again and please, take care!
Rei chapter 74 . 9/24
Screw Naruto, this is superior to the "original" material in every which way that I personally care about. This is hands down the best Naruto story I have read and I am so, so happy to see a new chapter posted. I was prepared to wait a decade between chapters as I have done before when the material is good enough, and this is more than good enough. You've been an example to follow in terms of writing, this is so amazing.
ThatPageantGirl chapter 54 . 9/24
For some reason, I can vividly imagine Soudai having J. Michael Tatum's voice.
arga101 chapter 74 . 9/24
Welcome back Light, hopefully life gets better for you and us. Thanks for the chapter, I'm really excited that the story progresses well into the next step. Good luck on that. Thanks again,
dariofort chapter 57 . 9/23
let me give you a glimpse of the mentality that Mexicans have regarding a out of weeding child. It's more or less the same thing that Sakura thought, and I thing that you really should keep in mind that.
I am saying this from the perspective of a male on a country that it's not first world. Having a child and not having the means to provide that child it's extremely irresponsible and kurenai and asuma here are being irresponsible from and outsiders look. Obviously what I think about that, from my perspective and in a modern world, it's that it's not my business what they do with their life, but here in the universe of Naruto, I cannot but agree with the first think that Sakura said. That it seems that kurenai it's only looking to "amarrarforce) asuma in a relationship. Obviously being and outsider and not really knowing the context of the relationship.
tabjoy13 chapter 74 . 9/23
Shikamaru just hoping his future wife trips over him. hahahaha

Thank you for writing!
jlluh chapter 74 . 9/23
This continues to be excellent.
angel897 chapter 74 . 9/23
still lovely new chapter to read. thank you for updating again
Rekt00 chapter 74 . 9/23
I just want to say that I love this story and am always eagerly anticipating when the next chapter will be released. I've read and reread the story multiple times but there one thing that makes me wonder if I'm continuously missing it every time I reread the story. Anyway, what I'm trying to get at is that I'd like to ask what happened to Soudai? Did I somehow miss the segment where they've parted ways with him or where he might've died? Or is it up to the reader to imagine that, in this instance, it is like a pet leaving their owner's side when they feel they are close to death?

I'd also like to thank you for all the work you do and hope all the best for you.
Coins In A Jar chapter 74 . 9/23
When the update notification pinged for this story, I squealed out loud. I squealed louder when you confirmed this isn't an epilogue. Thank you for the update, and your continued hard work! 3
LeoniLiponscovi2 chapter 74 . 9/23
Awesome fic!
thriceandonce chapter 74 . 9/23
Reading this chapter was it's own kind of fun just from how little I remembered of the preceding chapters xD enough to follow it, though, and it's a good author that can make a new chapter interesting even if I didn't just reread the whole thing, so well done there! Kakashi has silly ideas about polyamorous relationships, lol, not that that surprises me. And I think Itachi will be a far better househusband than Sakura ever could or would want to be!

I've been hearing a bunch of chatter lately about ffnet going down within the next couple of years. Do you post your fics anywhere else, that I may follow them there as well? It'd be rather a shame to lose them all!
Nalina66 chapter 74 . 9/23
I’m so glad you’re back! Sorry life has been rough, but if it helps, you still wrote art.
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