Reviews for Kill Your Heroes
multifandom-fanfic-writer chapter 1 . 10/10
Love this story so much 33
HarunoBai chapter 64 . 10/7
I'm completely addicted to your story, and in your writing, I've read three of your fanfics in a two week period, and I've never found in all my fanfic reader years a story with that kind of character development, the that you did with Sakura I never saw in any history, as to me everything seems very plausible and believable. I love her relationship with Kakashi, it seems so special and unique. I love your creativity and I was devastated when I got to chapter 64 and I had nothing more, it was almost like being orphaned. English is not my native language, and I have never been able to keep an English reading for so long, but your stories have conquered me so much, so I kindly ask, if it is still possible for you to finish this story to do it, me and thousands more readers would be very grateful. Also, congratulations on your genius!
Guest chapter 64 . 10/5
I'd first like to note that this is my favorite Naruto fanfic ever.
Your writing is so detailed, the development of the characters beautiful. You are a painter with words, an artist of literature, of fanfic goodness. You are officially a god now.
Kill Your Heroes is so real, like binge over the weekend real. Your writing is precious, this fanfic is precious and you are sooo precious!
I'm looking forward to you updating when you are ready _ sad this is the last chapter cause now I have no excuses lol gotta get up and do things like work ;)
Degg chapter 64 . 10/3
So good! So somber! And serious! Sdhnkkkgsiljfr
saezucho chapter 64 . 10/2
hi! i just finished it and all i need to say is that this has been amazing. it is purely well thought and really detailed and i just love this story so much. Really hoping you uploadthe next chapter soon, even tho i will gladly wait as much as you need to finish your work. so kudos to you!
pablo chapter 1 . 9/27
hi i m loving this fic but you havent uploaded anything in 7 months so, is this still going? or have you dropped it?
Guest chapter 64 . 9/25
As the best naurtofic ive read over my 15 years of reading fanfics, it breaks my heart that this story isn’t being updated. We miss you.
I’ve read this tale many many times...probably more than 15 times.
Hoping for a more one day
seriouslyserious chapter 64 . 9/19
Hey awesomeness! i really adore this work of yours... pleaseeee let itachi have a chance mwehe. I mean.. Sakura deserves someone who genuinely likes her. waiting for your update!
Authorsanz chapter 52 . 9/17
Nooowhypls at least let kakashi feel some form of romantic feelings for sakura
Authorsanz chapter 51 . 9/17
Omg pls let kakasaku happen
adriata chapter 64 . 9/16
I am so excited for the next chapter! This is my second read through and I fall more in love each time.
Authorsanz chapter 1 . 9/16
CAN I JUST SAY... pls don’t ever stop writing! Thank u for satiating my need for a better Sakura story and for making me squeal in amazement at how hilarious, heart-breaking, gut-wrenchingly emotional some scenes are that make me go on an ever so unpredictable rollercoaster ride! Thank u for being my stress relieving platform, for making me so happy and excited like never before! P.s I love the characters so much and omg kakashi ILYYYY
adriata chapter 61 . 9/15
I’m glad this is the most heavily favorite Sakura centric fanfic. You deserve it!
anoneiricphilosopher chapter 64 . 9/15
Well, I binged this over the course of like 4 days so let me just say that it is very good! I'm really impressed by how you've managed to make Sakura so darn powerful without it feeling silly or ridiculous in any way. Somehow, despite the power level that this is reaching towards, it still feels completely believable and realistic. I look forward to seeing how things continue, and in the meantime I will likely plow through the rest of your works. Thank you for your most excellent contribution to the literary works of humanity!
dark Alley chapter 64 . 9/11
You are an amazing author. This is the Sakura that I always searched for.
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