Reviews for Kill Your Heroes
Wjl chapter 71 . 10/12
Thank you for the fantastic updates! The way you have been revealing the forces behind many characters stress points and motivations is riveting. I absolutely love this twist you show in this chapter. Hope you are doing well.
Looking forward to what comes next.
Doubleretrievalhypothesis chapter 63 . 10/12
I just wanted to say thank you. Thank. you for all your work. You have created a fantastic multi-layered Sakura-centric Naruto fanfiction, that makes you want to read on and on. Your story is one of those epic stories that you still think. about (and go back to) after you have stopped reading fanfiction or left the fandom for some years. So please thank you so much and please keep on writing.
Kakatoes chapter 37 . 10/10
This chapter in my first reading was all fluff. Having lost several people recently. Damn did it resonate with me.

Tears were shed and a little catharsis achieved.

Thank you, keep up the good work
Kakatoes chapter 32 . 10/8
years after I think this chapter is still my favorite. It's just perfect.
Avivya chapter 71 . 10/7
Oh, how good and blessed it is,
to see,
to read,
your mind's creation.
Thank you Evils-san 3
LieweHeksie chapter 71 . 10/1
Gremlin Jack chapter 71 . 10/1
Well, that's a tweest...
JasmineDragon22 chapter 71 . 9/30
A fascinating spin! I like it. The fact that Zetsu is Hagaromo and he was a lover and not a son. It’s intriguing. I like it! Now I’m curious about what Hamura is going to do.
angel897 chapter 71 . 9/30
thrilling and rather awesome to read
ChrysophylaxDives chapter 71 . 9/30
Sakura's escape from death was cool, as are her new swords.

I thought Zetsu was Hagoromo! What's his side of the story? And where do the bijuu come into it?
Lady Shiari chapter 39 . 9/30
Sometimes I forget how much I love this fic
Foxy-Floof chapter 71 . 9/30
Wow... what a crazy flip-side take on the story...

It's brilliant!
Lissy102 chapter 69 . 9/30
Please let itachi have some happinessi love the idea of him retiring to be a househusband
bleedingangel95 chapter 71 . 9/30
Nicely done.
CotoIovine chapter 71 . 9/30
I have always admire your writing skills. You really are insanely good at this. Thank you for another update, it felt like an oasis after a long walk in the desert.
Down to the story, I like your approach too. This alternative story is definitely something that I would have rooted for too if it was actually the canon in Naruto. Looking forward to the next chap
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