Reviews for What He'll Sorely Miss
rowenasheir chapter 18 . 4/19
Which October? 2023 or never.
Where is the promised update?
jaqmaq77 chapter 18 . 12/26/2021
An interesting story, and quite well written, if incredibly slow. 18 chapters in 6 years. 3 chapter a year. War and peace was written in 6 years... 1225 pages, 528,287 words. Spirit of redemption is 1,400,000 words and took 2 years. But having said that, I'm looking forward to seeing more of this excellent work. I like the premise, and the fact that Dumbledore is still a dick, and still believes he has all the answers.
N7 Greek-Valkyrie chapter 18 . 11/29/2021
He had better make sure Hermione is alright, and I hope Hsrry gets a body and reunites with everyone soon.
jlluh chapter 18 . 11/21/2021
Great chapter. You taking things in such an untread direction. It's great to see.

But I gotta say, "The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death" appears to be very literal. Paul goes to some length to clarify that he is talking about literal, physical resurrection where you get to walk around, eat, go hiking, etc, and not some namby pamby spiritual thing. I imagine some theologians would argue otherwise, but from a bible as literature perspective, he's pretty explicit.
stevem1 chapter 13 . 11/15/2021
Dumbledore isn’t terribly effective. Why not offer Hermione veritaserum like they forced on Barty?
stevem1 chapter 9 . 11/15/2021
This is an excellent chapter. I loved their competing versions of the Room of Requirement.
stevem1 chapter 8 . 11/15/2021
Ginny resorting to violence would be in keeping with her temper.
stevem1 chapter 7 . 11/15/2021
Great chapter. I like the differences which are shaping up.
stevem1 chapter 6 . 11/15/2021
I always thought Harry was far too casual with his personal security and thought of his property, including a priceless family heirloom.
stevem1 chapter 5 . 11/15/2021
Nice to see Harry suppressing his worry, and playing rather than training. As a 14 year old, even one as experienced as Harry, I can see falling into that trap.
stevem1 chapter 4 . 11/15/2021
Great chapter. I take back my earlier comment. Hermione is much more attuned to her emotions than is Harry. She had just taken herself out of the running.
stevem1 chapter 3 . 11/15/2021
If Harry is beginning to feel the faint quivering of jealousy, but Hermione isn’t, does that mean Harry is more attuned to his emotions than Hermione?
stevem1 chapter 2 . 11/15/2021
Very good capture of a 14 year old boy’s thought processes. Far too young to think of relationships, but old enough to understand the possibility.
Kimberly T chapter 2 . 11/6/2021
You have what I believe to be an excellent grasp of how a typical fourteen-year-old boy's mind works!
Kimberly T chapter 1 . 11/6/2021
I like this so far! Wish I had more time to read it today, but I'm already sure it's worth Following! -checks box-
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