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SKdaGamer chapter 20 . 12/26/2018
Great story! Personally I preferred Aemus, but Dark Warriors had some great moments! Unfortunately it also had a few issues, especially due to how much more was in this one (about 50K words which is still a lot).

Firstly in Chapter 6, Whirlwind and Camo were constantly stating the obvious, as well as being pretty insensitive about what was going on involving Cynder, Flashwing and Sonic Boom. All three of them have just had their mates leave, and when they're talking about how they all know what they're feeling, obviously excluding Whirlwind and Camo, either one of them always chips in, "except us" or "not us because we're still together" and heaps more around those lines, and it happened way too often in this one chapter. I'm surprised Whirlwind and/or Camo didn't get slapped with how insensitive they were. Cynder, Flashwing and Sonic Boom obviously knew that Whirlwind and Camo weren't in the same boat as them, and weren't referring to them when they said those lines of we know what each other is feeling. It really wasn't needed to have Whirlwind and Camo pipe up literally every single time, because it's not good to have characters constantly stating the obvious, as well as the fact that it came of as very insensitive with Cynder, Flashwing and Sonic Boom around. However, that little secret in Nestor's letter with the misspellings was actually really clever, so really good job with that one.

Chapter 7 only had a few issues, because it was mostly really good. Cynder's little dream there at the end with Spyro being the Dark Master was super well written. Only issue with that section is that in the second last paragraph of the dream, Spyro says he feels no love for Cynder, welcomes her to hell, and then almost immediately in the next paragraph Spyro says he loves her. A bit of a confusing continuity issue there, be very careful and on the lookout for those. The memory bits in the first half of the chapter weren't really a huge issue, but I noticed it was word-for-word copy-pasted from previous books. Don't do that unless you NEED to. We've already read that before - we don't need to read it again.

Chapter 9's only error was the fact that you didn't explain what the woodland devils actually looked like. You just chucked the name in there with no description. I don't think you described it anywhere later on in the book, so all we had was the name of the thing and that's it. My guess is it's a big tree with claws (in which if this is the case, you'd be referring to a stump demon or bark demon from the canon games), or some sort of big mutated werewolf thing. Make sure you describe some of these things to immerse the reader more into the universe of the story and so we know what we're actually witnessing.

I've also noticed in the later chapters that you use the word 'condemned' in place of 'damned' or 'goddamned'. In Chapter 18, Karis, among his thoughts, says the words "so condemned difficult". It doesn't actually make sense. Use the actual word, or don't use it at all. 'Freaking' in place of the actual word makes sense, but using 'condemned' in this instance doesn't work because it has a slightly different meaning. Similar to 'damned', but not exactly the same, which is why it doesn't really work here. 'Darned' is a better word to use if you're wanting a replacement for 'damned'. It seems to me that you don't swear which is why you're doing this (correct me if I'm wrong, but with the way you've written some of these sections that's what it seems like); I don't swear either but I personally don't see 'damn' as a swear word so I would use it. If you do see it as a swear word and you want to avoid using it, use 'darn' or 'dang', or avoid using it altogether, because the way you've done it doesn't make sense. Just something to point out for future works.

Also your use of the phrase 'Welcome to hell' is way too overused, especially in this book. Try and find something else to use, because it's not intimidating anymore, unless it really IS hell that the Skylanders are entering.

So unfortunately there are a few big negatives there, but Dark Warriors has had more positives than negatives. A lot more original characters than we've seen previously, which is great to see you getting more creative; that hidden message about Gaul in Nestor's letter was good; Cynder's nightmare about Spyro; and the many action sequences during the cult section (either in the ring or out, especially near the end with Roarke and Karis). Alaric's demise was very well written as well, and he seemed legitimately frightened, and you wrote it so well.

I realised I forgot to read The Beginning so I'm going to go read that before I read Pure and Heretic Jewel, so I'll see you back on that one if I end up leaving a review. Keep up the great work though, because these fanfics are really good.
marrodlop03 chapter 20 . 6/25/2018
very good your fic my favorites are the one of skylanders the beginning and aemus very beautiful and you have not considered in putting a song of sia the recommendable ones can be those of helium of 50 dark shades or my love of the saga dusk eclipse or here I am version acoustic and one of avril lavigne the best that would be for a fic of skylanders would be keep holding on and that's it I hope skylanders pure and hopefully keep it up and take care I love your fanfics and I would like to write one like yours so goodbye and hopefully you finish skylanders pure and do another special Christmas and a song I liked and I would put it in a fic and that is called every day is very good Christmas and you have not thought about spyro and cynder should have a child, it is just an opinion nothing more hopefully take it and hope you take good bye and have a good summer and a good life by sierto I'm from Mexico and hope you do not feel bad because I wrote good goodbye and see you
IllusionMaster17 chapter 20 . 6/24/2018
You finally came back with this shocking and amazing saga! Honest, this last 2 chapters were so shocking, wonderful, breathtaking and totally unexpected! And with the background music was spectacular!
The moment when they finish with the wolf was some dark, but satisfactory. Then the fight with the Fire Golem was so wonderful! And the part when Spyro says his speech to the Skylanders to fight until the end was so SO inSpyring and legendary (I even played Avengers theme to make it more epic).
And the final, this final is the most unexpected cliffhanger I ever saw! All the Skylanders dissapeared, Gaul took Spyro with him, and leave Cynder alone! It‛s many information to hold and scream!
Well, you made a wonderful job! And not only one, instead two new stories! I wonder when takes place the prequel, and how will begin Skylanders Pure. There‛s many things on my head now! And the wait will be unbearable but it‛s worthy for the story!
Again, wonderful job!, and keep making so wonderful stories! :D
PS: Damn, Gaul is so badass here...
soulikiller10000 chapter 18 . 4/15/2018
well... its see that our heroes have a moment of peace :), i just can say that this chapter do the relation of flashwing and drobot more... ineteresting.

thanks for writte the history!
IllusionMaster17 chapter 18 . 3/28/2018
Yay! New chapter! Well this was very quiet and lovely, with all the romance and worryness for each one's love. Also I can't believe this is going to end soon! And I thinking it was a long ling time ago since I read the first story from this saga. I really loved it and I'll never stop loving it!
Wonderful chapter.
soulikiller10000 chapter 17 . 3/26/2018
the guest review is mine, he he he... i forget sing up XD
Guest chapter 17 . 3/9/2018
sorry for dont do review. but i ust can say about the history is taking a good way :3
ItzBeaned2k18 chapter 17 . 3/7/2018
Wow. Things have really took a turn in this book. Can’t wait till the next chapter.
IllusionMaster17 chapter 17 . 3/2/2018
I forgot to say, so sadic when they spit on Roarke's corpse, and when Slam Bam smash his head. Sadic, but satisfactory.
IllusionMaster17 chapter 17 . 3/2/2018
This was very intense with the fights and confeontations, and sad at thw end, but they helped them to escape from that horrible cult and to live again. Poor Kelyse...
But was a intense and shocking chapter, now I wonder what will happen next...
IllusionMaster17 chapter 16 . 2/22/2018
Although they were in a delicate situation, they managed to keep going on, but the sudden appear of Kaos is enough proof about a disaster. But now it‛s time to break away of the cult.
Great chapter. :)
IllusionMaster17 chapter 15 . 2/22/2018
*Gaaaaaaaaaaaaasp* No way! I‛m totally speechless with this turnabout of the events! The battle among lovers, and now what!? Spyro was so brave admitting his position and relationship with Cynder if that saved her from any wound. And now the plan could change, I hope the Skylanders know what to do after this.
Awesome and shocking chapter! I can‛t wait for the next one! :O
PD: How will react the others after this?
IllusionMaster17 chapter 13 . 2/16/2018
Wow, what amazing battle! The plan was better than I could expext, but it's sad for Alaris... The cult muat be stopped before more life are sacrificed. Also with Roarke's plan, that creep me a little. Great chapter!
IllusionMaster17 chapter 12 . 2/15/2018
I loved this chapter totally! Finally Spyro and Cynder are together, the plan is set and ready, and looks like new allies are with our heroes. Also what fast update! I'm enjoying this story more and more! :D
PD: Also was good knowing what Warnado wants to fix the things with Cynder, and I forgot what Flashwing and Drobot were a couple. My bad. Now I must put more attention to every word, to enjoy more this wonderful story.
IllusionMaster17 chapter 11 . 2/12/2018
This was a great chapter, with all the plan and all the thing which involucres Spyro mostly is interesting. And aslo how Gaul is making the way hard for Cynder and the others but they know what to do. Awesome chapter.
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