Reviews for time stood still
PetitPentagram chapter 1 . 8/16/2015
It's really beautiful. I almost cried at the end, so moving ! It would have been a better ending than the actual one ! It's perfectly writtten, and i'm so glad it is a happy ending ! I don't know what else to say, i'm still daydreaming
thanks for posting this !
have a nice day !
Ten Thousand Ravens chapter 1 . 8/5/2015
That was actually quite...beautiful. And such a gushy, cute ending to conclude all things. I like this ending better than the movie's and the book's! Ha! Although I was quite amused and shocked at the beginning of this chapter, I never knew Bilbo was such a drinker. I mean he seemed like the person who gets buzzed after two light beers. He must be miffed Thranduil doesn't invite him to his parties...

My humor is dull, forgive me. But anyways, your writing builds a lot around emotion and it just gives such an easier chance to empathize with Bilbo. That's quite amazing! You did a great job. I know there isn't much to continue with for this story, but I hope to see more your work. :)