Reviews for Changing the Future (redone)
Aurum Faea chapter 14 . 10h
This made me very happy to read. I liked it a lot. Good job
NymphInTheClouds chapter 8 . 11/19
Woo! Syrup village—now little Usopp will have a happy childhood. I'm excited to see how things are set up for Kuro, too.

The first three sentences make the island seem so peaceful, kinda cozy in the way I'm picturing it, too. Chopper calling Zoro 'Mosshead' was amazing.

"[...] Captain Yorkie was infested with Kestia." in the illness Nami had? Would that imply Brook's crew possibily visited Litte Garden? That's pretty cool. I like it.

"Mom, we're saved! Dad finally came back for us!" Paired with the opening narration of this section, this is really sad. It hurts a bit to read. I wanna give little Usopp a hug, here. I don't think about his backstory super often; when I do, I usually skip over what happened when he was younger, and focus on the backstory that was weaved into a story arc—everything that happened with Kuro (and while that isn't exactly considered it backstory, I see it as such for Usopp.) Anyway, thinking about Usopp backstory with his parents is actually kind of hard on an emotional level. Losing a parent is terrible, and must've hit him hard, maybe harder from the existing pain of an absentee father. I may not be a super big fan of Usopp, but man, I really feel for him. I feel for Banchina too; I can't imagine being in her position.

"I'm proud I married such a brave man [that chased his dream.]" So... I get that she's proud, or she's just saying that to make Usopp feel better. Or I'm reading too much into it, which is a big possibility. Yasopp is cool and all, but I don't think I'm a super big fan of him for leaving his family. I guess growing up on a pirate ship maybeee isn't the greatest idea for a kid, but yeah. I think I'm biased.

"I heard about a special medicine! This stuff can cure any illness!" I see what you did here. Making Usopp's lies come true, just as they should. I swear he's like... a seer or something.

"So silly. You dream too much." You can never dream enough—hush. I'm happy Usopp said he was proud after this, though, even through his tears.

...did Chopper just shove little Usopp? Wow. It's cute how Banchina thought Usopp Prime was Yasopp. But also a little sad. Sarcastic Chopper is pleasantly adorable.

That little reunion between Usopp Prime and Banchina was so cute. And the back and forth between Little Usopp and Usopp Prime was the best! Also, can you imagine having a reunion with your younger self? That would be pretty weird, or at least I think so.

So now that Little Usopp knows everyone on the crew, I imagine him joining his version of the Straw Hats later on, and just saying who would join. Or making 'guesses' about who would join—or something like that, but in a more eloquent and Usopp-like manner. ...or he would say nothing, as Luffy hates spoilers. Speaking of, I really like how Usopp Prime introduced Luffy; the 'best for last' comment, combined with the bow made Luffy's introduction feel pretty kingly—as much as possible given who they are, and the situation they're in, at least. I'm slightly surprised that Brook didn't ask Banchina's mom the uh... the question. *That* question.

I wonder if Chopper gave the Syrup Village doctors a journal with his research, or spoke faster than Kizaru travelling via mirror. I know Usopp's over-the-top story telling could be a bit much for some people, but honestly it's the best way to hear a story—with the story teller's excitement high, the crowd's mood is high, I'm pretty sure. But I can understand wanting to hear Nami and Robin tell stories instead—they are pretty cute and nice to listen to.

Okay, so, little thought from reading Usopp Prime and Banchina's conversation: can the time/multiverse fruit exist in only one time line? Or multiple? If one exists in a universe, perhaps in Little Usopp's reality, would it be possible to eventually create a universe where all of the Straw Hat's have a happy childhood? ...but also, would they even be together if they all have happy childhoods? I think I need to stop thinking about this before I head down a rabbit hole of multiverse theories or something lol.

Wow, Usopp is Usopp's best wingman, setting himself up for the future like that. What a guy.

"Are you involved with my daughter?" I wanna make a joke about Kaya's father rolling a nat 20 insight check, but... it probably wasn't too hard to read Usopp in this instance. Kaya's father giving his blessing is so wholesome.

"You've saved my life. [...]" This is so sweet. I'm really happy you had her say this—it defintely mad Usopp Prime feel better that's what i'm telling myself, anyway.

I'm kind of excited to find out what Banchina said. It's probably something silly, something she often said, or something that's just intrinsically her—something that Yasopp would instantly recognize as his late wife's words. I expect it to be something sweet, or not... considering Usopp Prime was confused.

Little Usopp is set up pretty well for the future, I think. I wonder if him and Banchina will attempt a visit to Dawn Island to visit Yasopp, considering Luffy said they were there around this time. That'd be pretty cool! I have high hopes for the little guy, though. The ending was really cute, and overall, this chapter had a pretty fluffy, relaxed feel that I enjoyed.

NibberWithAHardR chapter 9 . 11/4
Kuina probably doesn't have Conqueror's Haki because she had doubts about her own strength at any point to begin with. Mainly with her believing that a girl couldn't become the world's strongest swordsman, which just isn't really the case.
NymphInTheClouds chapter 7 . 10/7
Water 7 on chapter 7. I know this is coincidental, but it's great. I also like and prefer Robin's idea of interrogating Spandam and his men. If they end up executing Spandam, I wonder who will do it. Franky or Robin? Hmm...

"[...] with an air of grim determination." I like the sound of that; it's a good description.

I know it can be said about every crewmember, but Franky's backstory is so sad. He put a lot of love into all of his battleships, just to have them—and that part of him (even if temporarily)—ruined by some corrupt cipher pol member on a power-trip. And he lost his father-figure in the process. It sucks.

"We'll explain everything later, [...] his voice suggesting relative youth." Maybe... Luffy? Chopper? Hmm. The latter is more childlike, so I'm leaning a bit more towards Luffy saying this. Oh, and Usopp is a possibility too! Almost forgot about him. And Zoro's voice is too deep, I think, which is why I'm not thinking he said it.

"[...] one was running on the water." I think this is one of my favourite things about Brook. Being so light and fast that he can *literally* run on water.

Wait... does Spandam look like a panda? ... Alright, alright, back from googling it. He actually kind of does! I hadn't realized that before. And he's in CP0? I uh, completely forgot about that. Doesn't he have the combat skills of chapter 2 Koby? How does that man even survive?

"Right behind you." I think this is Sanji! Best guess. No one else speaks as dryly as him.

"Do you like elephants?" ...this made me laugh wayyy more than it should've. It took me by surprise.

Okay that tone dial caught me *completely* by surprise. Beautiful.

"[...] and then Spandam knew no more." I really like this sentence; it's simple, not too specific, but straight to the point. It feels more poetic than something with more explicit detail. Side note: had to take a twenty-minute break from reading so I could write something. Thankyou for the inspiration!

"[...] Iceberg said, his voice as cold as his namesake." [...] "Those words pierced young Franky like the harpoons of his creation." I really like these lines! The similes are super good, and of course they're fitting considering you're taking pieces of them to compare.

Tom is the sweetest. I love how Franky Prime is getting the closure he needs.

"[...] but she wasn't exactly—" "Pretty fair point[...]" this is such a good line break lol. Poor Kokoro, she's pretty in my heart and her tail in exquisite.

!saving brook! I wonder if he'll live at Water 7 for a while, or start his Soul King career early. All the possibilities.

I think Franky's best traits are his shirt and speedo; they're iconic. He can't just give those up, Iceberg, smh. And I kinda forgot that Iceberg names Sunny. I'm glad he did, though; all of the other names the Strawhats came up with were kind of bad lol.

This ended nicely, too! I like it. They fixed this timeline with gusto.
NymphInTheClouds chapter 6 . 9/24
I haven't read or watched the Arlong Park arc in forever, so I'm a little unsure as to why Nami would choose to not take down Arlong the moment he gets to island. I'm excited to see how this goes, though.

"[...] I want my younger self to have it hammered home just how important [Belle-mère] is to us." That's so sweet, and clears up my previous confusion. I know it was super short, but that little back and forth between Luffy and Sanji about the former being hungry was great.

"Arlong is mine." Sometimes I think about how little time has passed for the crew and how much stronger they've all gotten. I think I might've said it before, powerscaling isn't my thing, but I'm pretty sure even Usopp would be able to take on Arlong. Maybe even handed to hand, but uh, maybe not. I'm not too sure on that one.

The conversation between Little Nami, Nojiko, and Bell-mère, and some of the stuff that followed it, made me so sad ;w; Nami Prime's entrance was so cool.

"The winds of time are carrying tomorrow's anger that will clash with yesterday's pain," This is a great line, and I like how it sounds, verbally, I mean.

"Whoa! She's using two of those things?!" I'm guessing this is from Usopp! And the next line... Sanji maybe? Or Zoro. I'm thinking the former, but it could be either. The fight between Nami Prime and Arlong was fun to read, satisfying ending to it as well, considering my dislike for Arlong.

I wonder if anyone will ever not be shocked when meeting the Strawhat's of the future. I'm pretty sure that so far, they've always thrown the fact in with an infodump on what happens in the future—or what would've happened if they hadn't shown up. Also, Bell-mère and Nami Prime's reunion is so sweet.

"Literally a skeleton, somehow with a black afro." we've seen Luffy with an afro, and of course there's brook, but what about anyone else? Do you ever wonder what Chopper would look like with an afro? He already pulls off the poofball-defense-point look very well, so I mean, why not have an afro-Chopper bless everyone's eyes.

I can see where Nami learned to harm someone's spirit. Bell-mère is spooky when she's angry. It's amazing how much the Strawhat's can get done in less than an hour. Taking down Arlong, partying. It's sweet how little Nami and Nojiko warmed up to the crew so fast. Nojiko joining the crew would be cool. Little Nami getting berry symbols in her eyes perfectly shows how loving money is such an intrinsic part of her character, it's great.

This chapter was super sweet, and the interactions between Nami Prime and Bell-mère made me all fuzzy on the inside ;w; Little Nami has such a bright future ahead of her, but I also wonder how she'll run into the crew this time around. Maybe she'll visit the Baratie, and maybe Nojiko will tag along with her. Arlong being gone will affect Luffy's bounty, too. Then Smoker probably wouldn't go to the Grand Line, I think. Butterflies are fun to think about!

Rising Phoenix-82 chapter 14 . 9/16
I like it, it's very interesting how you use time travel to change all these mistakes in the series.. Kudos...
NymphInTheClouds chapter 5 . 9/13
Oooh, it's Chopper's turn! He's such an adorable squishy furball who can be absolutely terrifying—like in Enies Lobby—and I love him so much. I have a feeling that this is going to be a super good chapter (well, all of them have been super good so far.)

It's... I don't know if sweet is the right word, but, maybe bittersweet that Chopper carries medicine for both Amiudake and Hiriluk's illness. I can only imagine how niche both of those things are. And it made me smile so much when Sanji addressed Chopper as 'Doctor.' And Luffy getting Kureha is going to be chaos, I think.

"Before the castle of Drum Kingdom sat its tyrannical king [...], a large wooly hippo." So... that's how I read the sentence, first. I'm reading on my phone, so my eyes drifted straight to the end of the sentence, basically. I genuinely thought you were insulting Wapol by calling him a hippo, and it was *so* accurate.

"Hey. When do you think a person dies? [...] "A man... dies when people forget him." Reading this really puts me in my feels again. Reminds me of my first time watching this moment; it nearly made me tear up, and again, it does just that.

"Doctor Hiriluk, [...]" Man, Sanji's words here are so... great? I lack the words to properly explain myself here. But they were just super nice to read, y'know?

I'm sorry, did Chopper just rush in with Monster Point? That's amazing. I'm not sure if I could even call the 'fight' between Chopper, Chess, and Kuromarimo a fight. Like, Chopper just kind of exists while being super cool, while Chess and Kuromarimo are ineffectual. That section was a fun, amusing read. And Wapol abandoning his allies was, well, yeah. Wapol sucks, his characterization is great.

"I'll enjoy hurting you." When Chopper is a monster, Chopper is a monster. I love this line so much.

Oh—oh my god. Chopper was absolutely ruthless here and his lines were *amazing*. I wonder what was going through his head. I understand why he did it (I can even relate in an abstract manner); Wapol was a tyrant who killed Hiriluk *and* made Drum terrible. I think if he was left alive, he may try to come back, and Chopper Prime wouldn't be there to help. I think everyone in the Drum military would probably be able to stand up to him (maybe, I'm not great at understanding power-scaling, so uh, yeah,) but the fear? That would make things hard. I imagine everyone wouldn't be as scared as they were before if Chopper Prime had only beat him up or smacked him three islands away, but still. I think I'm going on a tangent about a hypothetical now, uh, I'll see myself to the next paragraph.

The reunion was so sweet. Hiriluk's hug, praise, the Straw Hat's giving Chopper his moment. The imagery is so cute and heartwarming. And I love how Luffy just rocketed Kureha and himself to the castle. I knew it would be chaotic.

Chopper being so... Chopper about compliments is always the best. His line after Kureha calls him her superior is the best

"I always tried not to feel happy when humans complimented me." Did we get this line or similar in canon? I don't remember it, but it makes me feel for him, and it makes so much sense given his past. Chopper deserves all the hugs and affection.

The ending for this chapter was great. ChopperV2 & Hiriluk's promise to Chopper Prime was sweet, and Sakura Kingdom being born? That was the best. This Chopper, I think, is on a super good path.
NymphInTheClouds chapter 4 . 9/10
Laboon? Hmm... Merry? This is an interesting place to start with, but also makes tons of sense. Also, I think I've said it before, but skull jokes make me so happy. I love Brook. To echo Zoro, I really like the sound of 'The Thousand Merry'! And I wonder what Robin is asking of Sanji.

"...Since when can ships grow arms like this?" Come on Sanji, don't you read the various books about cool ships? We have: a ship made out of food and souls, a ship large enough for giants, a submarine, basically a whale, literally just a travelling sky island, and ship-turned-into an island. A ship that can manifest arms isn't too farfetched, I imagine.

Ahh I see; Robin wanted Sanji to get Vivi, Mr 9, and Crocus. I wonder how scared Vivi will be when she sees Robin. I wonder what's going through ZoroV2's head; is he wondering how Zoro Prime lost his eye? If ZoroV2 can avoid losing his own eye? Maybe not those, because I mean, he's looking at the future versions of his crewmates and captain, but still. And I wonder what ZoroV2 thinks of Prime's change in swords.

Usopp received the biggest glow-up over the timeskip and I'm so happy it's acknowledged here, even if it's just a passing though and not super explicit. Reading his story about Merry was... hard. Especially the last paragraph. It nearly made me cry, and I'm sure I would've if I had to read it verbally ;w;

I know it was probably NamiV2 who was smacking LuffyV2 in the head, but I keep imagining LuffyV2 doing it to himself. It's amazing.

This conversation between Robin Prime and Vivi is giving me ideas (well, not the whole conversation, more a sentence or two, but still!) I really like how the whole thing went, and Robin saying that bit about Igaram at the end was so sweet

"I guess that rumor got started [...]" Luffy saying something so dark, yet remaining so cheerful is like, Robin vibes. It's great. Brook's line to crocus and what followed that made me smile the whole time while reading! Especially the 'nuzzle the skeleton' bit. The thought is odd, yet completely adorable.

Yes! ZoroV2 asked about the eye! And I'm so happy LuffyV2 asked about Sabo. And Luffy Prime stopping Robin from speaking was the best. Get your screen time Luffy Prime, you deserve it.

I bet things are gonna go so well for this version of the crew. Going back to this spot, saving the Merry, I think this may be one of the best moments to set everything up (maybe *the* best if they could only choose one time to go to.) The warning about BB and rush in teaching them about Haki and Six Powers is gonna give them such a boost. I think Zoro Prime's parting line is one of my favourite things about this chapter. It was excellent.

Also, I think we all cried over the Merry. Crying while writing about her is completely, one-hundred percent valid!
NymphInTheClouds chapter 3 . 9/7
"I'll be fine after I get some meat." I love how eating meat just heals Luffy. Same with milk. If him or Brook lose teeth, or break bones, they just gulp down some milk and *bam,* new teeth, bones fixed/regrown. It's great.

"who the hell are those guys in cloaks?" Man, Ace is in for a big surprise. I wonder how he'll react to everyone. Same with Luffyv2! He'll get to see Franky's post timeskip design sooner, assuming they all reveal themselves, anyway.

"Thatch died...and so did Ace[...]" I'm not sure if this was a canon line or not, but Blackbeard assuming that Ace died shows his arrogance perfectly. Love to hate the man.

"The now former-warlord spat out blood as his concentration failed," I see Ace hit him hard enough for Teach to only be able to fail his con save. Commendable damage, Ace.

"Nice shot, Ace." I can't even begin to imagine what Luffy Prime is feeling here. It would maybe be like seeing a ghost, except they're flesh and blood and when your hour is up, you'll never see them again. Only a disconnected version of yourself in another timeline will have them, and that's sweet and all, but thinking about it is painful. Almost feels unfair, y'know? Luffy Prime needs a hug.

"[...] your highness." I love Whitebeard saying this. It validates Luffy Prime's position so much, and kind of makes him feel that much stronger, considering called the Strongest Man in the World is addressing him in that manner.

"N-not so fast, old man!" BB sounds spooked. I wonder if he saw any of the fight between Luffy and Akainu, or if he just assumes WB took everyone out.

I feel like there's so much to unpack with that fight between BB and WB, if you can even call it a fight. Blackbeard was too arrogant, and never fully realized his former-captain's strength. BB may have even assumed that WB mostly relied on his fruit more in his old age. I don't wanna say BB lacked foresight, but uh, that's definitely the case.

"You overestimate your ability [...]" WB's calm tone is terrifying. Like, yeah, anger is scary when it's loud and explosive and everything, but silence? That's worse. You don't know exactly where it's going to go. I imagine WB looking stoic as he kills BB, and again, it's terrifying. It shows his title is well-earned.

Now... the way WB kill BB is ruthless. I can feel the former's anger—the anger for his son, Thatch. It wasn't for long, but BB suffered before death. He was shocked, surprised, by Ace, covered in burns and punctured by literal flame. Having an arm and more cut off is even worse. I'm not sure if he's right or left-handed, but if he's left-handed, then I imagine that would just be like throwing gas on the fire. I've never had a limb taken from me, but hate having so much as a papercut, so I can only imagine how awful BB felt. It's satisfying to read. When WB finishes him off by treating his skull as a stress ball, I imagine it to be a little slow considering we got a scream from BB. It's a satisfying end to a character that everyone loves to hate. Simple, quick, well done.

"YOU MONSTER!" Does uh, does Burgess not realize who his captain was? Y'know, the man who murdered his crewmate for a fruit, kidnapped a kid half his age? Really shows how effective those rose-coloured glasses are.

"[...] enormous and very hard arms [...]" I wonder fi Franky would ever install something to make his arms squishy on command, that way he could carry people not only in style, but in comfort as well.

"Those poor Pacifistas," [...] "tone as dry as bones." Hah! Bone joke, gotta love 'em.

LuffyV2s reaction to Luffy prime was amazing, same with Luffy Prime's reaction to the reaction. I hope Ace learns to not be such a hothead dummy and actually live in LuffyV2s timeline instead of acting on anger. Luffy Prime's reunion with Ace was so bittersweet, and I'm super glad that he told them about Sabo. It was cute how Robin explained most of it, and adorable that Luffy Prime jumped in so she couldn't finish explaining everything.

Everyone's reaction to Zoro training with Mihawk was cute. I love the reminder that Sanji trained with Iva and the other Okama. Remember when he was an Okama himself? Good times.

I really enjoyed the paragraph of what everyone was doing during the party. Zoro needs more people to drink with. I liked the conversation between Luffy Prime and WB! It was nice. Luffy Prime letting Ace hit him was the best, made better when Luffy Prime hit back. Overall, I loved this chapter a lot There were a lot of good moments.
NymphInTheClouds chapter 2 . 9/5
Imagining Franky being completely covered in a black coat is kinda silly. His post time-skip design is so over the top with such a specific silhouette, I wonder if anyone would put two 'n two together after the timeskip in Luffy v2's world.

"Or maybe the stress on the human body [...]" I love you, Robin, never stop.

"[...] where Akainu's scar was still on his flesh." My heart. Akainu sucks so much. I also really love the wording here. When Luffy later says that Blackbeard and Akainu will die, I got like, ahh I literally don't have the words. I feel like this is gonna be super cathartic to read.

"Guys, put on your hoods." Right. No one will recognize Franky's distinct figure. But then again, there may just be someone with a similar look. Like that time Duval looked like the identical twin to Sanji's bounty poster.

While reading Akainu's lines, I feel extra-reminded of why I hate him so much. It's amazing how a character can be written so well to be so thoroughly hated

Luffy knocking out all of the marines is so satisfying. Wonder if Koby got knocked out too, if he's here at this point (can't quite remember)

"[...] that reject, Doflamingo." Luffy. yes. amazing. "I guess you're just a failure." Luffy's taunting is giving me life.

Akainu attacking like that, and being *so* confident that he killed Luffy, only to find out that he completely missed is beautiful. His last words to Luffy are super terrible in a good way, showing how 'absolute' his line of thinking is; no room for change of thought or conceding his views. And Luffy leaving him with a hole in his chest is 100% cathartic. Now Akainu can be a donut as well.

Go D. Usopp, takin' down Sengoku like that. I'm so proud. "you won't do any better than Akainu did." Brook is giving me chills here. Like, bone-deep chills. I wonder if he gets them too! Get it, cause he's all bones? haha...ha, I'll uh, see myself to the next paragraph now.

"I'm going to put this a way you'll understand, Sengoku: [...]" Oh man, yeah, that's rough. I wonder if anyone in the marines had ever thought of it that way before. I almost feel bad for Sengoku, with everything that happened to Rosinante, but also... yeah. Can't feel terrible for Sengoku.

Whitebeard comparing Luffy's haki to Roger's makes me so happy and so proud. I like how Jinbe Prime revealed himself to Jinbe V2 and Whitebeard, especially because V2 was left speechless. Jinbe Prime's words to WB were so succinct and eloquent, and totally makes sense that they worked in making WB choose to live. I liked reading that bit.

The nod to Buggy doing god's work is nice. And of course there's a cliffhanger with Blackbeard showing up. Super excited for more cathartic reading of BB getting pummeled to death by Luffy Prime seeking revenge.
NymphInTheClouds chapter 1 . 9/4
I know it's probably super inaccurate, but I can only imagine the old guy as Master Roshi, but with tons of wrinkles and it keeps making me giggle lol

His powers kinda make me think of Toki's time time fruit, but instead of being something opposite hers, like simply going back instead of forward, it has to deal with worlds and/or fates. That's really cool. The fact that the crew won't be able to move onto the new timeline makes a lil sad, but it's also understandable, and shows the crew's character. I may be over-analyzing, but someone could look at the situation and choose not to save someone or change something in the past, because their self that's affected becomes a separate entity. It isn't helping the self that they exist as and experience.

I feel like I'm sort of reiterating here, but the Straw Hat's probably view it similarly to how I stated above. Except that they might see it as giving themselves another chance to live a happier life. They're selfless. (Note: I just went back and checked what Robin said and I think I basically just rephrased what she said. But uh... different words count for something sometimes, so I'm keeping it here!)

...and now I'm thinking about the consequences for some of them. If Robin's island was never erased, would she have found the Straw Hats? She might've stayed on Ohara for a while before going out to sea, maybe with Olvia and others, to find more poneglyphs. At that point, it would be up to fate if she were to meet Luffy and the others. I feel like it would be fairly unlikely, but maybe that's a bit cynical.

With Chopper, I'm not sure if he would end up becoming a doctor, y'know? Or at least, if he did, it would probably be later and who know's how or if that would affect Luffy and co.

"Even if we change the past, it won't affect us as we are now[...]" I really like how Robin catches on and explains stuff early! It's always so satisfying to read. I think it may be one of my favourite parts of her character

It's so sweet how Master Roshi is letting them Save Merry on top of everyone else. And it's even sweeter that Sanji was willing to give up his saviour spot

"Though of course, I'd still come back to be with you all in my second life." I love how brook was already planning to wonder around as a lost soul for years until his body decays lol

I forgot to mention it because of my tangent earlier, but I've never read the word quaver before (from what I recall.) Like, quiver I've read frequently, it's a great word. I really enjoyed reading something new today!

This was a lovely prologue, and I enjoyed the whole set up. I think this is my longest comment for a chapter with such a short word count, too

kasumikuna chapter 14 . 5/31
Maybe a sequel where they had a reunion with the others? TvT
Guest chapter 14 . 5/15
Well done. Great understanding of the straw hats and each situation they were in. I always love the idea that they all learned some of the 6 powers on top of haki, especially the "weaker" members who at this point (onigashima arc) need a power up. Keep up the great work!
Jeptwin chapter 9 . 5/15
I suppose the old man would’ve probably Awakened his Devil fruit then?
way2dumb2live chapter 14 . 5/10
Good job! Normally, time travel fics are either decent or bad. But this, this surprised me. You've nailed the characters to a T, although I will admit that you didn't give Brook as much attention as others, but he still got attention none the less so I'm not one to complain. Honestly, the future's looking bright for you! Can't wait for more!
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