Reviews for Changing the Future (redone)
merendinoemiliano chapter 14 . 12/20/2022
Lovely work.
arubaturos chapter 14 . 10/27/2022
great rewriting! thank you so much for finishing this fic. loved it
bobthebuilding chapter 14 . 9/6/2022
Well, hot d*mn I did not see that twist coming at all. Fantastic, well done, bravo, that was utterly awesome.

Excellent fic.

This fic is now a new core memory in my journey to become the One Piece Fanfic Reader King.
bobthebuilding chapter 13 . 9/6/2022
To really make sure Brook's original crew got the message, he should have played their final song using the tone dial in his head. That orchestra that turns into a solo is haunting as is, and would be straight up terrifying for the people that would have made it using their their dying breathes.

I think this would be the most interesting- but most daunting and time consuming- alternate timeline to make a fic out of. Regardless of whether the Rumbar Pirates became the first Pirate King's crew themselves, or joined Roger's, or became Roger's rival like Whitebeard was (as Yorki seems to just want to spread the good cheer), it would be extremely interesting to read about because of the fact that it's 50 years in the past so all the story would be original adventures. But, definitely basically
prohibitive in how extremely time consuming it would be to write.

Anyways, a fantastic chapter. :)
bobthebuilding chapter 12 . 9/6/2022
...A giant capable of Soru, let alone the other six powers, would be terrifying. Yikes.
bobthebuilding chapter 11 . 9/6/2022
Tsuru's supposed to be a famed, skilled tactician so it'd be interesting to see what this Tsuru does with what she was told by them.

As for the flamingo, Doffy going out laughing at the World Nobles getting what they deserve is oddly poetic and appropriate. As much of an utter b*st*rd Doffy is, it was the world that played a large part in making him what he is. Sure, his brother having the same origins but turning out a Marine that dies to save a kid shows that something about Doffy was broken from the start.

If they'd never left Mariejois and stayed up there, he'd certainly have turned out even more rotten than he is in canon.

But if Doffy hadn't been born a World Noble? Well, then he'd probably still end up a ruthless man but he might have joined the Marines or become a Captain that truly, genuinely cared for his crew. After all, even in canon, he still somewhat cared for his crew.

And in canon, even though he wanted to become one, he definitely still hated the World Nobles. So him dying this way, pleased that they got what they deserved, is a fitting end for him.

A World Noble, dying smiling like a D, but a smile of bitter hate and not one of true freedom of a D.

Watch this timeline's Law show up to Luffy's departure from Dawn Island and be all "Hey, mind if I join your crew?" but completely refuse to explain why lmao.
bobthebuilding chapter 10 . 9/6/2022
Hmm, the timeline is a little vague as to whether Hancock would be a Warlord by this time (it happened around when she was 18 iirc) or if she'd still be recuperating with Shakky on Shaboady or in Amazon Lily but not having had her first pirate voyage yet, but I suppose if not this Fisher Tiger could just wait until she gets her title.

The lack of a World Noble letter, unless they somehow manage to make the whole situation play out again without the World Noble catching on, will hurt their chances of getting better status in the next Reverie, but the future knowledge of all this might offset that so it's worth it.

All things said, Fisher Tiger best tiger, no contest.
bobthebuilding chapter 9 . 9/6/2022
And thus, the greatest nemesis of all future Greatest Swordsman/woman is vanquished, the terrifying enemy that step by step sends ends all before them.

The true foe that goes by but one name: Down D. Stairs!
bobthebuilding chapter 8 . 9/6/2022
Idk, telling the entire island that Usopp is a member of the future pirate king's crew seems like a fast way for the Marines to catch wind of it. Of course, most of them will laugh at it as a tall tale, but the miraculous curing of his mom and Syrup Island inexplicably turning into the medical center of the East Blue means that at least a few higher ups in the Marines will take Usopp being a future member of the Pirate King's crew as a serious possibility.

And remember that these are the same Marines that slaughtered an entire region's babies to try and kill the Pirate King's possible son.

So, they'd monitor Usopp and as soon as they discovered the identity of who the future Pirate King would be- Luffy- they'd kill the Strawhat Pirates in their infancy, before they even had a chance to get out of the East Blue.

RIP this timeline's Strawhat Pirates: you never even had a chance.
bobthebuilding chapter 4 . 9/6/2022
...Yeah, no.

Even if Luffy trains 24/7 as hard as possible with future notes on Haki and the Six Powers, unlocks G2 and G3... There's simply no way he'd be strong enough to take down Jaya Blackbeard. That man scarred *Shanks* in open combat, and even without the Gura Gura he defeated Ace, a New World veteran with all 3 Hakis.

Moreover, Jaya Blackbeard is looking for a high bounty to take down to get the Warlord position, so what future Luffy just said about defeating Blackbeard on Jaya was no different than signing a death warrant for past Luffy once he tries and absolutely utterly fails to defeat Blackbeard at Jaya.

RIP this timeline's Luffy. Killed by your own future self's stupidity.
Wishfull-star chapter 14 . 6/13/2022
That was breathtaking thanks for writing this story and stay safe:)
pheonixlegend chapter 14 . 6/6/2022
I've stumbled upon your fanfic today and I'd like to tell you, that this story has been a very delightful read!
I couldn't read all of the chapters as I've just started watching One Piece recently, however there were many heartwarming moments that I could witness!
I simply cannot choose which moment I liked more! I also remarked that you took into consideration more aspects of the crew's involvement like Robin's conversation with Vivi for example.
Also I'm not sure at what arc/ point the manga was when you wrote your fanfiction, but I was quite surprised Sanji did not choose to save his mother, hence I said I'm not sure if she had made an appearance or if she was also part of the reason he learned to treasure food. However if you ever decide to create bonus chapters, I for one would look forward to seeing a chapter focused as well on his past.

Thank you for writing this piece and completing it :)
jupimako chapter 14 . 6/5/2022
Fantastic story! Thank you.
blood-doll-aishiteru chapter 14 . 5/5/2022
I'm so happy for them. I only wish to have seen next year's meeting with everyone.
blood-doll-aishiteru chapter 13 . 5/5/2022
I hope they choose to join Roger in their future. That seems to me to be the path that would allow them to change the most.
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