Reviews for Changing the Future (redone)
blood-doll-aishiteru chapter 14 . 5/5
I'm so happy for them. I only wish to have seen next year's meeting with everyone.
blood-doll-aishiteru chapter 13 . 5/5
I hope they choose to join Roger in their future. That seems to me to be the path that would allow them to change the most.
blood-doll-aishiteru chapter 12 . 5/4
I was expecting Ohaea to be a blood dath. But I really like Robin setting a good example by sparing the marines.
blood-doll-aishiteru chapter 11 . 5/4
Great chapter. I really liked Doflamingo's death.
blood-doll-aishiteru chapter 10 . 5/4
Lovely chapter. I hope Koala stays safe and still joins the revolutionary army. And that everything's works out with queen Otohime.
blood-doll-aishiteru chapter 9 . 5/3
This was so sweet! I love that young Zoro and Kuina definitely think Sanji is cool.
blood-doll-aishiteru chapter 8 . 5/3
I love Kaya's father. I really want to know what Banshina's message to Yassop is.
blood-doll-aishiteru chapter 7 . 5/3
That trial, like all other forms of justice in the world of one piece, was a grave violation of due process , I mean, theee was no defense. But that didn't make it even a tiny bit less delightful, after all Spandan deserved what he got and more.
Of course Franky and Tom meeting warmed my heart.
blood-doll-aishiteru chapter 6 . 5/3
All this chapters are just so cute. They make me so happy. I'm glad Nami got to meet Belle-mére one more time and I loved seeing her beat up Arlong.
blood-doll-aishiteru chapter 5 . 5/3
This was so cute!
blood-doll-aishiteru chapter 4 . 4/30
Brooklin reuniting with Laboon and their hug warmed my heart. I hope the haki crash course sufficiently changes things so this will be one more universe where Ace survives. Also Robin's manner of saving the Merry was very cool.
blood-doll-aishiteru chapter 3 . 4/30
I hope the Luffy of this new universe they just created still gets yo be pirate king.
blood-doll-aishiteru chapter 2 . 4/30
Whitebeard's impressions were very interesting and Akainu's death was satisfying, specially with him realizing it was Luffy killing him.
blood-doll-aishiteru chapter 1 . 4/30
I really like this so far. I'm curious about who Sanji will choose to save. I want Cora-san to live, but saving Otohime is a worthy cause.
Turtletipper123 chapter 4 . 2/25
I do not think less of you for it, no. While watching the show, I cried during Merry's death as well.
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