Reviews for Science Fiction
Darkverger1 chapter 57 . 7/25
It's been a long journey with this story, but we are nearing the end. It's been great and hopefully Ill be able to see it through to the end. I've always loved your stories afterall.
KittyKatt Uzumaki chapter 57 . 7/22
Moonshadowcuteness1 chapter 57 . 7/21
I'm happy for this update I am excited for the next few ending chapters and I'm looking foward to the rewrite as well! Also thanks for uploading and not abandoning this story I was soooo hyped to see your comeback I'm really greatful for the fact that you still are trying to complete this (awesome lol) story!
M.v.j.M chapter 57 . 7/20
Can’t wait for the next chapter :)
GreenDrkness chapter 57 . 7/20
Yeah that was a bit more anti-climatic than I thought with all the plot that led up to it so while I'm glad I got some resolution I can't wait for the rewrite
Keep on the writes
pikachukite chapter 57 . 7/20
I liked it the way it was but if you want to rewrite it it’s fine by me! I’ll read it too.
Zerephel chapter 57 . 7/20
Looking forward to the rewrite, this I enjoyed this version quite a bit so a rewrite would be great. I didn't notice much problems, though that's most likely due to binge reading it in one setting and not really focusing on it when reading, just going with the story. Good to hear there will be a sequel as well.
Bellmitch Kritznovah chapter 57 . 7/20
OMG! Your Return! The Chapter! The emotion! Danny! The rewrite! AND THE NEWS OF A SEQUEL!
This day can't be better!
MorikoTheHalfAngel chapter 57 . 7/20
Im actually glad Hiro got the final blow tbh
PhantomFever81 chapter 57 . 7/20
Hell yeah!
hypersreak chapter 57 . 7/20
I enjoy reading this story so I look forward to reading the final chapters :) and I will definitely be reading the rewrite and sequel!
Host Gost429 chapter 56 . 7/10
Please update sooooooooon!
EmmaRachel318 chapter 56 . 7/1
this story is amazing i have read it a total of 23 times not an exaggeration
Darkverger1 chapter 56 . 6/29
Wow, it took me a while to get caught up but wow, this is getting so intense. I don't know if you are still writing this but i'm at the edge of my seat now.
Devious Purrloin chapter 37 . 6/15
The events of the movie are starting!
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