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thenatureking chapter 9 . 4/1
AKJAHDKASHDKA LMFAOOOO NOOO HAYLEY WHYYYYY... i cannot believe lmfao. As capable as a trainer Howie is, it's intersting to see that not all trainers have the most ethical approaches to raising pokemon. A big man wrestling with a vicious hyena? Sure, I can see that. I mean, literally how else do you tame something like that? But that's not a method you can, or rather, should replicate when dealing with the little guys lol. Barrett is going to remember the shock of that hit for a long time which is quite frankly super sad. Miss Mariam needs to go ahead and pop the switch lol

But alas, I've made it to the last available chapter. Just wanted to say, thank you for writing this and for spawningt his beautiful creation into the world. I've learned a lot and will return back to to this story to re-read and continue leaning a lot. I really enjoyed finding this hidden gem. Hope that one day...(the optimist in me lmfao) I'll come bakc to a new update haha. Thanks again, and hope you're doing well!
thenatureking chapter 8 . 4/1
GEEZ WHAT ANOTHER BANGER? BACK TO BACK SMASH HITS OMGGGGG You have no idea how pumped up right now. This was a emotional roller coaster, had to stop reading halfway through to jot down some of my feelings.

First of all, FXXCK BARRETT YOU LITTLE PUNK! omg he was really gonna let ol girl die like that? I can't believe it...(It's absolutely fantastic writing, btw. I love your dangerous, but big brain.) And I have to say, absolutely enamored with Hayley's resilience here.

Secondly, LETS GO HOWIE! LET'S GIVE IT UP FOR THE MAIN ONE. A TRUE RIDE-OR-DIE! He may be a little nerd, but he's really about that life. A true TRAINER, like lets' talk about it! Quick reactions. Poker face. Knowledgeable. That's my type! Love the way he took charge of Gavin's 'mon, too.

And I can't believe that it was that crazy tree marbles. Hoenn rangers need to do a better job cracking down on invasive species. As a worried parent, I would really be suing someone lol...

-(this long comment i apoloigze but it's too juicy, this chapter lmfao)
and for the record, FXXCK MIRIAM TOO! GRRRR. I get she aint wanna be here, but she could've been helping out my lord. And poor Gavin...*sigh*. What a nightmare this day is. Okay. I had to stop reading after Hayley sprung back into action, but let's finish this bad boy up lol


Yeah...Yeah...Team Yellow all the way. Barrett can suck it! I hope he's jealous. And I hope Miriam gives the little guy to Hayley, like I think that'd be too perfect. Howie managing to earn a bit of the spotlight with his careful thinking at the end; much respect. Lastly, Hayley gurl you have the right idea because where ARE the park rangers? The lawsuit that's waiting to happen...smh

Fantastic chapter. Competely one-up'd my last favorite chapter...which WAS the last chapter lmfaoo. I know this story hasn't been updated since 2016, but just know reading this was beyond worth it. I'll remember this for-like-ever lmfao. Thank you.
thenatureking chapter 7 . 4/1
This was'm speechless lmfao what a riveting chapter omg...what the hell is up with this forest? At first I thought it was a Trevenant or something, but then I'm like-no way, we're in Hoenn, so I'm really intrigued. And the fact that Hoenn doesn't have any grass-related deities is trippy as well.

I have to say, one of my favorite parts of readin this story has been the way you masterfully layer and build stakes for Hayley, like poor girl. With you as her writer, she really has a tough journey cut out for her lmaooo I love the irony that Hayley was initially worried about burning the forest down lol like maybe she should've lmfaoo. The descriptions of everything were amazing, too. Probably my favorite chapter thus far. Great work!
Guest chapter 1 . 6/1/2020
That was awesome
sesshyluhvr chapter 9 . 12/31/2019
Wow, her world is black & white huh? Let's hope she doesn't get more unruly Pokémon or those that require dominance to be established...
WyldClaw chapter 1 . 4/15/2018
ooooh! what pokemon did haley get
Phairis chapter 9 . 6/15/2017
Damn, thats some fucking good shit. Keep it up. I couldn't stop reading.
Keleri chapter 6 . 4/13/2017
loool I like this gallant bug catcher, he's awful. Poor Barrett, these fights with him disobeying and getting tunnel vision demonstrate why he needs training and a trainer well. Hayley is having to do a lot of hands-on medical care! Dang, it's a lot of ask of a kid without a pokeball neatly putting the pokemon in stasis or items mostly-correcting these types of injuries.
Keleri chapter 9 . 4/13/2017
Oh nooooooo, poor Hayley and poor Barrett. :( I really feel Hayley's struggle in this one, it's so hard to make things right. Hope you update again soon!
Keleri chapter 8 . 4/13/2017
Very exciting chapter, I'm enjoying this a lot. Trevenant! Dang! This is way more than trainers without a single badge should have to handle, poor kids. Where ARE the rangers? What are my taxes paying for here? lol
Keleri chapter 7 . 4/13/2017
Oh wow, that raises the stakes quite a bit! So much for traveling with a partner keeping you safe! Looks like the forest is unusually unhappy with someone bringing in a fire-type...
Keleri chapter 5 . 4/13/2017
Nice, Hayley is prepared and sensible! No wonder she has the disobedient pokemon and unpleasant partner, otherwise this wouldn't even be a challenge for her. B) Hahaha I love Miriam, too bad Hoenn's rite of passage is pokemon training and not gaming, right? I'm surprised she's forced to go out training when she doesn't want to given the opportunity for injury and death in the woods, I might have missed if you explained that earlier.

Barrett! :( Be good, little guy. Poor Hayley, hopefully she'll get a chance to try some positive reinforcement on him. (And maybe on Miriam too lol)

"protect her shoulders from the sub," - sun
"make themselves noticed over the corwd." - crowd
Keleri chapter 4 . 4/13/2017
Ooh, I really like the battle in this chapter, lots of great description. I like your worldbuilding as well with trainer prep and trainers' schools, very nice. Dang, poor Aron! Don't be bad, Barrett. :( I like the high stakes of the pokemon battles with pokemon getting scarred and dented- does the pokemon center healing not fix that up?

I noticed a few typos if you don't mind the nitpicking:

"a pair of wigs sprouting from its back" - wings

"It was a Manetric, lithe and fierce" - there's a few places with a typo in Manectric's name, might be worth find/replacing that one. there are a couple other pokemon name typos, I noticed Drifloom (Drifloon) and Macop (Machop).

"Scizor were physical attackers, but if this one's metal frame so much as touched the sparking Manectric, it would be electrocuted in an instant." Steel takes neutral damage from electric canonically, but I actually think that it should take double damage from it and neutral damage from fire, so I'll let this one slide. ;)

"Between Barrett and MIriam," - stray capitalization on Miriam
Keleri chapter 3 . 4/13/2017
Aw, Miriam. I think I know how she's feeling, being the new kid all alone and pre-emptively snapping at people, but maybe she is just a jerk lol. Hayley and Connie's friendship feels really genuine, I like the detail you put into the scene with the friendship bracelet with the paint getting stuck. Poor Hayley, her friend gets a Ralts- that feel when your friend gets that protagonist starter and you don't. ;)
Keleri chapter 2 . 4/13/2017
Haha, curse whoever invented the forced school project partner-up! Looks like Hayley will have to tame her traveling partner as well as her new pokemon. Poor little Barrett, I hope he's (eventually) happy with Hayley.
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