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djenie chapter 15 . 9/23
I know I've dragged my feet a bit here. Should've read and commented long ago, but I guess you know me well enough by now! I really enjoyed the 'mind meld' between Sam and Jack, and I'm glad that he's okay (sorta, kinda) even if he's still asleep in the child's body.

Some very interesting POVs on some of the characters!
For example, Richard's surprise transformation into a competent and positive person at Jack's insistence. I approve. Nobody could be as inadequate as he was portrayed, and still go as far. (I had enjoyed the actor's portrayal of the computer Doctor on one of the StarTrek spin-offs, and was therefore predisposed to like him.)
Also enjoyed the brief look at Ziva/Tony/Tali family unit.

The ending of the chapter was great! Cake, the Cabin and Pond, Sam and Jack together! Who could ask for more?

dpdp chapter 15 . 9/12
LadyMo chapter 15 . 9/12
Thanks for the update. This is such a great story. It is like a book that you just don’t want to put down. I totally enjoyed this chapter. Again I love how you incorporated NCIS in it. I love that show and I do miss Tony and Ziva. You kind of brought them back to me for a little while. The Nox is coming back to help. I like that. I do hope that all can again trust Daniel. I feel bad that they don’t but understand why the don’t. I can also see Jack being the first one to trust him. Those two have a friendship that is different in some ways and strong. They were always able to say whatever they wanted to each other and never seemed to worry that it might end their friendship. I believe they may have thought it might bend it some and some reassurance will be needed but not gone. I like thing that this is one of those times. This incident really bended it close to breaking but something kept Jack from letting it break. That entity did a lot of damage. Glad it is gone and now comes the healing for everyone. If your story is ever put in book form I would buy it. Thanks.
Guest chapter 13 . 9/12
It is nice to see a story that recognizes how far the actor took the Daniel character away from the moral compass/absentminded professor towards more of an egotistical know-it-all and you worked it into the story as well as its resolution in in a 'believable' fashion. Great story, and always love to see Jack written well - he never would have survived or made General if he truly was an idiot as some people write him. Thanks for a good read!
Schatze8210 chapter 15 . 9/11
Woohoo...wonderfully long, lots of new info chapter. Read it through once, and need to read at least once again to get all the little details straight! SO DELIGHTFULLY CREATIVE!
sam600sx chapter 15 . 9/11
This continues to be a great story. Thanks for the update.
LadyMo chapter 14 . 7/19
Another wonderful chapter. I really enjoyed it. I like that Sam did not tell Cam he had to take Daniel back. That she listen to him and excepted it. I knew she would. Daniel is going to have do a lot to prove himself again and Cam just might be the hardest. Of course he does not know Daniel as well as the others. I hope the meditation does help him because he is just digging himself in deeper and I feel bad for him. As I keep thinking about it the entity is not at total fault. Why he ignored the warning signs I do not know. Hearing Cam’s side of the story and how Daniel was definitely made me believe he ignored those warnings signs. I truly want the old Daniel back so I hope it happens. Thank for another great chapter and a great story so far and know the rest of the will be great.
LadyMo chapter 13 . 7/19
I love how your mind works. This chapter was fascinating. I think the Daniel we all love is coming around and I like that. I love U Sang and his mate. The imagery that went on in my head was great. His home planet sounds like a paradise for all the animals, birds, and creatures. A place where the circle of life for them totally exist and the best thing no people to ruin that. Again a terrific chapter that definitely had my attention. There was times when I thought Daniel was not going to accept the truth but I think he is coming around and it is going to be hard for him. Hopefully knowing that they are still his friends will help him through it. It may take time to get back to that magic they have but it will happen and this will be in the past. As always SG1 goes through a lot together. We can see why these people, new and old, SG1 are put together as a team and family. For what they face it is what they and the universe needs. Thanks.
LadyMo chapter 12 . 7/18
I like that he had his features changed so that he does not look like Jack. This way he is his own person. He would want to keep some stuff of Jack's and it seems he knew what he wanted to keep and give up. I like to think that he now like a lost family member meaning someone who was raised by another person, maybe not family or maybe family, but had different experiences growing up. The things that are like Jack are generic inherited or from social interaction. People know he was around Jack and it seems those around Jack do pick up some of his qualities even if they do not want to. Jon can live his own life and not be bogged down by Jack's. If he is going to be bogged down it should be from his own life. I smiled a lot when reading this chapter.
LadyMo chapter 11 . 7/16
Reading this story is wonderful. I love the images that go in my mind when I read it. I love the story. I love how you brought the Nox into the story. I am glad that all those bad spirits are out of Daniel. Now he can heal himself and fix those relationships he so love and need. I remember the episode called Need and how he let the her manipulate him even though he thought he was doing for a good reason and his friends left to do die. The way he was acting kind of reminded me of that in a way. This was early in the season so they were still getting to know each other and build up a trust and friendship but I love how Jack was there for him, how Jack hugged him and let him cry as he was going through withdrawal. Jack understood that withdrawal feelings from his special ops days and being tortured. Reading this bought that back. This adventure, this "bad side of" Daniel will be remembered but filed away properly as all their times are. I also hope in some way bring them even closer that they ever were and I know they will learn from it, all of them. Hopefully Atlantis will be kind to Jack. Having that knowledge and power is something and I always hate that Jack have to give it up and not be able to handle it. I like the idea of him having it and passing it on to others to for the future. Even though he would not like that he have it he would use it wisely and not get power crazy over it. That on top of all the other secrets that Jack has to keep would be so great and maybe overwhelming. If anyone could handle it he could and he would always have his team to help him. Just what he would need. Since he does not have or cannot access it if it is locked away I am glad that when he needs it, it will surface. Also the little kid in me loves that he has the power/gift of healing when he goes Ancient.
LadyMo chapter 10 . 7/16
Love the details and sure they helped Sam. I love that Teal's and Brat'ac are having kids. He certainly took Jack's advice about enjoying life some. Whether as a child or an adult Jack is going to love having those kids around. He so love kids and is so good with them. Still enjoying it. I had a hectic weekend so I could not continue until today.
LadyMo chapter 9 . 7/13
Wow is a great word for this chapter. That is what I was thinking when I was reading this chapter. Rodney being Rodney as just cannot believe that he is not the one who knows everything. Of course why he would not believe that Jack would know and can do things in the city when he knows that he has the ancient gene I will not understand. Rodney with that gene just might be dangerous. What a chapter. I like Daniel but he just can’t seem to stop making people angry. Thanks for another great chapter.
LadyMo chapter 8 . 7/13
It is good that Jon was there to help him in every way. If not I am sure they would have found another way but I like that Jon is part of this story. I like NCIS and I always thought there were similarities between Jack and Jethro Gibbs. I love that you made him Ancient. We can say that it is the gene that makes them so good at what they do and for their attitude, good and bad. I never liked the idea in the SG1 show that the Ancient ascended and just left the universe and do not interfere. Maybe there is a very good reason for that but I never thought of it and it was not explained. I guess it was something that we as young earthlings we would not understand. Even worse letting the Ori get to the point where they were. Ok I will stop rambling. Another chapter that I truly loved. It kept me so engaged. Thanks.
LadyMo chapter 7 . 7/12
I can say Daniel and Jack got a lot of their chests. Not sure if they will argue again but I hope Daniel take into account what Jack said to him. I also hope he takes into account what he said to Jack and real think about all of that and his attitude at everything lately. Daniel needs some clarity and hopeful he will get that soon. Teal'c and Jack will always be there for him so he does not have to worry about that. Friendship is a wonderful think and some would not have put up with that and stop being his friend. They know Daniel and know how he is which a good thing so they can get frustrated and mad at him but still be there for him. Really enjoying this story. I cannot say this enough so you might see me write it several times.
LadyMo chapter 6 . 7/12
Another good chapter. I love that he healed Ducky. Also glad it helped him out in the process. A good reason for doing it if asked by the higher ups instead of the reason he is my friend. A very interesting chapter. Abby hugging Jack and Jack making that face would be something to see.
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