Reviews for Small Problems With Small Solutions
Rider Paladin chapter 1 . 8/15/2015
And to be fair, he was generally having a psychotic breakdown in which he proceeded to attack the other Avengers as well. Lots of things people can do when they're not in their right minds and genuinely mentally ill like Hank was (and still is, though he's been working hard to overcome it). Alas, some writers (and some fans) at Marvel let that stick with them because quite frankly, they thought it was the only thing that made him interesting since they couldn't grasp the subtle, understated utility and awesomeness of his size-changing abilities or his ability to communicate with and coordinate the actions of insects. It doesn't help that the Ultimate Marvel continuity made him a straight-up wife-beater.

That aside, I enjoyed this small oasis of peace and love you made for him and Jan. Very romantic and creative use of their powers here.