Reviews for Rebuilding
MarineSeve chapter 300 . 10/19
This story is amazing ! I love how it shows that everything isn’t perfect but that they manage to be happy !
Kriti chapter 300 . 10/18
Oh this is one of those wonderful fics that you just come back to, time and time again. This is my 2bd or 3rd spin on this wonderful merry go round of characters you created. I just keep wishing we see more glimpses into their futures. The Eighth Years taking over the wizarding society just like Narssica envisioned!
And a special thanks for including all those different religions and cultures. I myself am a Hindu from India, and it was lovely to see our festivals and culture being included and that you took the time to get it right! It was always a little thought in my mind why the student population at Hogwarts wasn't diverse...
... As always, thank you for your words. And for putting this fabulous world together!
MarshmallowMcGonagall chapter 86 . 10/15
MarshmallowMcGonagall chapter 85 . 10/15
Not being able to go home ... this is so powerful.
MarshmallowMcGonagall chapter 84 . 10/15
Hermione having a group of friends ... real friends? Wow, it's amazing to see her recognise that.
MarshmallowMcGonagall chapter 83 . 10/15
It's so sweet how everyone wants to help Andy! And Hermione's outburst is so very Hermione.
MarshmallowMcGonagall chapter 82 . 10/13
The broom jokes are brilliant. And it is such a brilliantly Draco thing to do the lessons!
MarshmallowMcGonagall chapter 81 . 10/13
Um, that is quite the Dramione chapter!
MarshmallowMcGonagall chapter 80 . 10/13
The support for Padma is beautiful 3
Pratik chapter 300 . 10/12
I’ll say, forgive your enemies but don’t forget your friends.
Pratik chapter 300 . 10/12
This has got to be a joke right. So what, we just forgive our enemies ? Hermione is a hypocrite if she can forgive Draco Malfoy and other pure blood arseholes but can’t forgive Ron and so breaks up relationship with him. What a disastrous premise. Thank goodness for JK Rowling and her canon. Wonder if you’d be so forgiving if it happened to you in real life. Taking liberties with canon is a fan fiction writers prerogative but basing a story on a flawed premise is simply wrong.
princessesierra chapter 300 . 10/11
This is a beautiful, heart-warming story, that neither minimizes the impact of the war, nor lets it get too dark. I love it! Love everything about it. Thank you!
MarshmallowMcGonagall chapter 79 . 10/11
Fab illustration of how Slytherin and Gryffindor differ in their approach.
MarshmallowMcGonagall chapter 78 . 10/11
Hermione not being their redemption? That is brilliant.
MarshmallowMcGonagall chapter 77 . 10/11
That Dramione moment? Swoon 3
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