Reviews for Rebuilding
Snitch150 chapter 300 . 5h
This is my third time reading this FanFiction, and I still swear that it is my favorite of all. Thank you for another pleasant reading experience
symphonica chapter 161 . 12h
GOD your Susan is brilliant, I love her! And as a self identified Hufflepuff I absolutely adore and agree fully with your take on who Hufflepuffs are. Not just the miscellaneous ones, but the quiet strength and hard workers.
GenieM chapter 300 . 12h
I enjoyed the story...thank you.
BiiBoo chapter 86 . 10/21
Haaaa, FINALLY ! Can't wait for McGonagall reaction...
BiiBoo chapter 39 . 10/20
Oooh God. Molly as DADA teacher, such a good idea ! Can't wait !
BiiBoo chapter 35 . 10/20
Oh god, the Howler.
Molly was so... Awfully herself !
symphonica chapter 141 . 10/20
I love when authors harken back to canon snippets, especially ones that so obviously shape the relationships between characters! What a lovely chappie ending.
symphonica chapter 140 . 10/20
Such great analysis of the effect war has had on them, and how difficult it would be to partner with someone who wasn’t even old enough to understand fully. Well done :)
symphonica chapter 112 . 10/19
Oh I’m very much hoping Percy is gay and that he and Theo get cozy!
MandiA74 chapter 300 . 10/19
I absolutely loved this story. It was so hard to put down and do things in real life! Absolutely wonderful.
symphonica chapter 13 . 10/14
Mmm I love that you’ve acknowledged the sparks so early! Looking forward to what we see next... will it be dating soon and a long expose of their relationship? Or a slow burn? Or a friends to lovers? We shall see we shall see!
Guest chapter 1 . 10/8
300 chapters?! Wow this must be a good story, excited to read
Guest chapter 279 . 10/6
no charlie you got the youngest girl you can get your hands on bro.
Guest chapter 300 . 10/6
This was beautiful thank you
Kate chapter 144 . 10/5
This whole story is amazing but I think this particular chapter is the most real thing I have read in my life. Wow
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