Reviews for Rebuilding
GlowDust7501 chapter 300 . 2h
Oh my god I finished it. This was such a beautiful story and I almost cried at the end of this. To be able to see them get through their suffering and be happy like this is means so much to me and you’re such an amazing writer. Thank you so much for writing this!
GlowDust7501 chapter 275 . 3h
Awwww... I almost cried reading this. I’m glad they’re all healing
GlowDust7501 chapter 262 . 7h
Please stop with the foreshadowing I like them happy
GlowDust7501 chapter 173 . 12h
GlowDust7501 chapter 113 . 10/27
Omg are Percy and Theo going to be a thing? Because I ship it so hard
efachepis97 chapter 46 . 10/27
I would like to mention how glad I am about your portrayal of Ginny. We all know how badly she is represented on this site and thus it's a real pleasure to see her written in such an understanding and canon compliant way. she is understanding, tolerant, hot headed and stands up for who and what she believes in. This is what JKR meant her to be, and while some people's dislike/reservations about her are understandable the lengths they have taken it to is a shame.
efachepis97 chapter 7 . 10/27
I just started reading this story and so far I have enjoyed it. Seems very promising.
It is well written and your characters convey the sorrow they feel, the things they've gone through very believably. It is hard not to empathize with both of them (not that that's the goal...), they pull you in. it's hard to find writing of this quality here.
GlowDust7501 chapter 1 . 10/27
When you said there were a lot of chapters I didn’t think much of it. But then I got to the end of this chapter and THREE HUNDRED? Ugh there goes a day of my life to yet another fanfiction
yuliareneexx chapter 116 . 10/13
I love Theo so much I adore their friendship and his acceptance that he’s not a death eater made me tear up. Another amazing chapter.
yuliareneexx chapter 42 . 10/13
So good. I love Pansy (mama bear) already. I seriously love Draco/Hermione . So fucking sweet.
yuliareneexx chapter 15 . 10/13
I love this so much. I adore your writing style. So soft, yet incredibly realistic and heart-wrenching. Just love it. I feel like I’m right there w/ HermioneDraco.
alixlouise chapter 300 . 10/12
This story was amazing, thank you so much for your hard work on it !
Brunesixteen chapter 1 . 10/10
I simply cannot believe I have never heard of this story with 300 chapters and nearly FORTY THOUSAND comments :-O !
persnicketyfics chapter 21 . 10/7
gods. I read this fic he's ago and didn't favorite it because I favorited your author page. then I read about 500 other docs and I could not for the life of me remember the name of this fic or who wrote it and desperately wanted to reread it. so glad I found it again, because this (and The Green Girl) are among my favorites in the DM HG category.

I love this fic, and I particularly love your portrayal of Theo. thrilled to be rereading.
kalagang chapter 9 . 10/5 I tried reading this multiple times but could never get into it. However...! I would only get through the first few chapters before giving up so I decided to try to get at through at least 10 chapters to decide whether or not to continue and I’m glad to say I’m officially hooked! This is my first time reading a fic written in this drabble format and I really didn’t think I was gonna like it. That’s why I gave up so easily so many times because I figured it wasn’t going to be for me...but people speak so highly of this that I NEEDED to understand the hype LOL It wasn’t an option anymore. I’m glad I’m enjoying it so far now, can’t wait to see where this goes. Thank you for writing this! Your work is very much appreciated :)
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