Reviews for Rebuilding
Anon chapter 300 . 6/17
It is not possible for me to deliver the amount of praise this story deserves. I hope you know just how amazing of an author you are, that you were able to create such a compelling, sophisticated work. I think your take on how the Slytherins were treated by the rest of the houses in Book 7 is intriguing and certainly thought-provoking about how intolerance works both ways— something that seems particularly relevant today. I loved this story, with the existing characters you fleshed out and made your own and even the ones you created and breathed life into. Thank you for completing and posting this behemoth for all to enjoy!
Anon chapter 173 . 6/14
Amazing! You should be so proud of this amazing work.
Guest chapter 300 . 6/12
I absolutely loved this so much! I love the character developments and different personalities. Just everything about it. Thank you for writing it!
jtp93 chapter 300 . 6/12
I don't think any story has so successfully pulled as many emotions out of me in a public place as this story has. beautifully written.
bluejerry chapter 300 . 6/10
I rarely get around to reading any fanfiction these days, but I really genuinely liked your idea and concept for this story, so I decided to give it a go. And boy, did the first chapter convice me to keep reading. You write in such a picturesque fashion, you paint such vivid images, characters, situations, dialogue! I couldn't stop reading for a good few days until, today, I made it to the last chapter. And thus I felt like leaving you a little review. At least a snippet, telling you I've enjoyed it very much!
Thank you for putting you work out there!
so perfect it hurts chapter 300 . 6/8
Loved this story. I thought it was really clever how you incorporated so many different coping mechanisms and how everyone interacted with each other. A thoughtful and romantic story, that is different from the others I have read on this website. Thanks for writing!
Austwigirl chapter 241 . 6/2
i just realized what happened to Clem lol
Austwigirl chapter 239 . 6/2
oh no. poor Draco
Austwigirl chapter 1 . 6/2
yay! Percy and Theo! and i love Draco's ducklings and the puffs. excited to start part two
Austwigirl chapter 132 . 6/1
i loved this it would have been nice for the headmistress to point out to Molly that the children needed to be children for a day and laugh.
Guest chapter 300 . 5/31
Love it! All of it! It's a epic to be treasured!
Infinity128 chapter 1 . 5/26
this is the third time I'm reading this story... That's how much i love it
littleaiman026 chapter 86 . 5/22
I am so happy Neville did that! And the comparison to Alecto Carrow!
littleaiman026 chapter 83 . 5/22
I loved that detail about the Imperius Curse!
littleaiman026 chapter 80 . 5/20
They’re finally accepting Draco 3
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