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Vivida chapter 34 . 7/5
Yet another masterpiece for my heart to relish and remember in future days
I almost can't believe this story is over, but it must be done, for the characters do deserve a happy ending for themselvesYou have no idea how grateful I am for finding you on this site. Thank you for all of the stories you share with us, all the effort you put in them and the emotions they spring in me every time.
Thank you for being such an awesome writer!
Guest chapter 33 . 6/6
You DO realize this is STARSCREAM we are talking about, right? It is far more likely he would be lying, after all, he says he cleverly led them into a trap when the clips show him running for his life and activating the weapons by accident. And because we never actually saw them die, their is every bit the chance that they survived
GodzillaFan4555 chapter 10 . 5/12
LOL for Starscream in the Apex Armor
Princess Emeralds chapter 34 . 4/7
I've really enjoyed reading your story. I completely binged read it in 2 days. I absolutely loved Miya and Predaking relationship and how it grew realistically. That can be pretty hard to do but you did it perfectly. I loved the bit where Predaking says that she's his sparkling in front of the Autobots. It conveys how much he loves her and that he'll protect her no matter what. I loved it. This story made my heart ache and smile happily.
Changeling Man chapter 33 . 4/1
I thank you for Killing off Starscreen and sparing the Predacons. I too was furious that the pathetic coward killing off the pair. Needless to say I thoroughly enjoyed Star's death and the new peace with the autobots and as far as I'm concerned the new Robots in Disguise cartoon isn't even cannon.
Guest chapter 16 . 3/31
Honestly? Soundwave is BA, always has been, always will be, he is number one on my list, and my FAVORITE character, because he's even cooler than Megatron, and Optimus combined (no offense to Optimus who I luv!), who seems to ave a temper, Soundwave is chill 24/7
SyfyGuy2 chapter 34 . 3/30
Ohh-hoo-hoo! XD XD I'm giggling with glee at how this story has closed! XD

I LOVED what happened in this chapter after the last one! XD I absolutely loved how much detail you went into with Skylynx, Darksteel and Ripclaw seeing Earth and meeting Miya; with their deliciously-written reactions in the opening scene to Earth's landscape and their very-curious reactions to the bird flying by them. I wouldn't have expected the Predacons to react so much like Optimus Prime to seeing the bird fly by them instead of like the Decepticons' anti-organic prejudice, but I love it and still found it believable in this context! XD I quite liked Predaking's subtlety-quip when he spotted the suburbs where Miya was living. X) I also liked the exploration of the Predacons' feelings about Predaking having them leave Cybertron when they went through the space-bridge, and Darksteel and Ripclaw's initial protests and Predaking placating them. :) :) I also LOVED Predaking's sentimentalities at seeing Earth and feeling its breeze again, then him deeming his sentiments out of the way after one quick moment like that! XD XD I loved Predaking's "alter that fact" line when telling the other Predacons that Earth is theirs - is that a 'Heart of Fire' reference I detect? ;) ;) (Certainly a reference I'd love to see more of, because the way you make Smaug say that line is GOLDEN. :D :D) I loved how you wrote the bit where Predaking spots the Miya's foster-home among the suburbs, it was genuinely quite abrupt when he picked it out among the multiple houses! :) :)

I also loved how you wrote the scene with Miya in the house and what happened to her after the hospital scene. :) I genuinely thought before reading this chapter, and also when reading the start of that scene, that this story was going to see Miya growing up in a stable, loving foster family but still see Predaking after their post-Cybertron reunion, seeing him every day on a hill throughout her life or something. Then when you started describing the way each member of Miya's foster family really is, concerned-with-looking-loving-rather-than-being-respectable, they gradually made my blood boil with increasing disgust and hate - the way Miya's foster-sister is a bully and the way she treats Miya with her burn-scars and with the pillow-throwing when Miya's having nightmares, the way that other little brat is, the way the foster family responded to Miya not opening up to their initial loving behaviour, and ONE OF the worst of all, THE FOSTER-MOTHER REPLACING MIYA'S NAME WITH SOMETHING LIKE "MISSY" BECAUSE SHE THOUGHT A NAME LIKE MIYA WAS "GROSS"! }:-( }:-( (Grrrrrr!) }:-( By the end of it, I wanted Predaking to smash that house and squish all of those filthy, ugly-souled, humanity-staining, sparkling-stealing wretches, if not for the fact you couldn't have something that dark happen when Predaking has found Miya again at the end of this story. :) :) OHH, when that youngest-kid-in-the-foster-family was poking Miya's burnt arm and asking if it hurt, I SO imagined and relished in the thought of Predaking squishing that rotten little shit between his fingers like a baby sausage, and SAID LITTLE SHIT STILL SCREAMING WHEN PREDAKING DOES IT! }:-) }:-) }:-) I also quite like the statement you made with the bit about Miya and the foster family's disagreement over middle-eastern tension (which has also made me curious about what time period the events of 'Transformers Prime' occur in in your version) and Miya's thoughts on saying grace (which I had to chuckle in agreement with XD XD); about the conservative old-fashioned religious American family archetype that the foster-family embody. :) :) :) :) I also loved and was quite shocked, I think a little bit horrified by, the detached state Miya is in after the hospital scene - I loved how you wrote her character throughout this chapter from when she was washing the dishes to reuniting with Predaking and meeting the other Predacons. :) :) Predaking certainly made the right choice deciding to go back to see Miya again! :) :) :)

I LOVED Miya's reaction when she first saw Predaking from the kitchen. I loved reading their whole exchange - Predaking refusing to defend himself or snap and Miya wanting it to, Miya letting all her anger out, Miya trying to stay angry with him, then Miya finally breaking down at the end like that. :) :) My jaw dropped in shock when Predaking revealed he'd planned to die after getting revenge on Starscream, :O :O and I love that the thought of Predaking being dead is what makes Miya's emotions finally come all the way out with her breaking down. :) :) I also LOVED Miya and Predaking's embrace around the reunion climax, the way it harks back to their embrace in the 'Predacon's Daughter' chapter - which if I remember correctly, got interrupted by Starscream before they met, but here they manage to complete it; it's a genuinely touching and satisfactory way of showing Predaking and Miya are finally together this time in this version compared to how the 'Predacon's Daughter' reunion ended. :)

I LOVED Predaking introducing Miya to the other Predacons, from the Predacons' initial bafflement to all three of them individually bonding with her in that scene, to, and I think I could've gasped out loud at this part; Predaking finally using the D-word to directly describe Miya! :O :D :D I loved the Predacons being surprised by Miya's lack of fear upon seeing them, and Darksteel and Ripclaw being more adverse to accepting Miya initially; Miya and Skylynx bonding over video-games, Darksteel taking to Miya upon seeing her mean side particularly was great, XD XD and all three Predacons becoming more accepting of Miya when she called them family in spite of how everyone else Cybertronian has responded to them. :) :) I love Miya going with Predaking and the Predacons at the end. :) :) :) Though I'm still slightly troubled by Arcee's words about Miya having a life of her own - I feel like that conflict with Miya and Predaking being together them-against-the-world remains unresolved in spite of Miya leaving the foster home to be with the pack. I loved the moment Miya recognised Ripclaw's beast mode, and I loved the Predacons screeching to the sky before flying away - I was actually expecting the wretched foster-family to come out and see them fly away with Miya. Speaking of which, Miya and the Predacons flying off seriously made me think of Harry and the Weasleys flying away from Privet Drive in the flying car in 'Chamber of Secrets'; I seriously got vibes of that scene in the book. Which is a VERY GOOD thing, very MAGICAL and emotive! :D :D :D I also loved the closing line about dragons returning to the world in spite of the fact Predacons are the source of the myth in 'Transformers Prime' - the meaning in that line was just GOLDEN! :) :) :) I'm noticing that near-extinct dragons getting to flourish and rule the world again is a recurring theme in your work, with this story and the way Middle-Earth dragons dying out is seemingly tied into a rebirth-new beginnings theme in both your 'Hobbit' AUs.

Overall, this was a hell of an epic chapter to conclude 'The Predacon's Prisoner'. :) With Skylynx, Darksteel and Ripclaw's feelings about leaving Cybertron, seeing Earth for the first time, Miya and Predaking's reunion, the type of foster-family Miya had wound up with showing Predaking had been right to go back for Miya rather than stick to his decision to stay away from her, and Miya bonding with the rest of her pack and them flying off. :) :)

As for the story overall, it's been an AMAZING RIDE! :D :D It's familiar, very much a DONOVAN94 auteur piece of work by its Canon-monster/human-OC relationship format and the nice fantasy-with-hints-of-horror,-romance-and-tragedy-genre atmosphere and style permeating throughout, and the format of the monster leaving/rejecting the human before being with them at the end; yet the fact this is a father-daughter relationship rather than a romance like in several of your earlier stories sets this story apart in several aspects: Miya and Predaking's mutual parental dependence on each-other, and the way grief and longing seem to be dominant aspects of this story over passion, emotion and eroticism. Some of the stuff Miya's been through in this story - from being Predaking's toy to getting stuck in the air vent to getting blasted by Shockwave to her and Predaking's first reunion and separation - is pretty dark even by your standards, even with most of the story being told from Predaking's P.O.V. rather than Miya's slightly lessening the emotive impact on the reader in the earlier chapters. It's not necessarily a bad thing, frankly I LOVE how dark this story was, just saying. :) :) :) I think this story's avoidance of repeating canon scenes when it doesn't deviate from canon, instead supplying a vast amount of new scenes set during the covered canon's time frame, or showing the scenes from a different P.O.V. to the show with Predaking; works really well when not producing a large amount of AU story-alteration. I also loved the canon alterations that occurred; from Predaking vs. Terrorcon-Airachnid to Predaking downing the Nemesis to Starscream and Predaking's altered/expanded roles towards the end of the Earth storyline to Predaking's battle with his reanimated original (loved Predaking's existential crisis when facing the old Predaking :)) to Megatron's final death to Starscream's, Predaking's and the Predacons' fates in the last two chapters. :) :) I also have to compliment you on how successfully you led me to believe for so long that the wyvern Predacon was a Chekhov's gun after Project Predacon's destruction, then brought Ripclaw in. :) :) Though I'm still a bit hung up on those family-man cops that Predaking killed around when he first transformed not coming back into the story at any point afterwards. You having only seen the third season of 'Transformers: Prime' when you started this story shockingly didn't show much. I honestly didn't remember Predaking having an inbuilt blaster before looking at 'Persuasion'. :) I loved the ultra-antagonistic role Starscream had, and how super-satisfying his comeuppance was by his relationships with Miya and Predaking in the leadup to it. The story had a super-satisfying conclusion with Ripclaw's introduction, Skylynx and Darksteel's changed fates and the Predacon pack departing for Earth, and taking Miya and flying off. :) :) I also really love the way you characterised Ripclaw during the brief slot she was in the story - I really like her belligerent yet cool-headed personality which occur seemingly in spite of her very first interactions with Predaking and learning hierarchy. :) :) This was a really incredible story, as usual, and I don't think you were a one-track horse at all with this (nor with your other stories for that matter)! :) :) :)

OOOOOOOOH, the open possibility of a sequel set during 'Robots in Disguise' with the pack as the Earth-defending team, eh? That sounds very interesting, I'd love to see what you'd do with that and how you'd explore the Alchemor crisis (if the Alchemor crash still happens in your AU) and what you might do with the Megatronus storyline (I haven't watched 'RID' since the miniseries with Starscream and the Minicons, but I think Megatronus has the potential for a lot more story-content with the Thirteen mythos than he got in the show). I'd also love to see how you'd continue Miya and Predaking's story and give their characters further development in a sequel. :) I can just picture an AU version where Fixit and the Alchemor wreck are still present but Predaking and the pack replace Team Bee! X)
Guest chapter 20 . 3/23
Really? Onyx Prime was the oddest? What about Amalgamus (I may not have gotten the name right)? The one who's body is constantly transforming? And most if not all of the 13 Primes where oddballs, like Solus Prime, the only female Prime, who for some reason has a male name, who was also the only one killed by Megatronus Primes betrayal (am I the only one whoe finds this a little bit sexist?), or Micronus, the first Minicon? Why was Onyx Prime considered the weirdest one, because he transformed into a beast ? So what? I'm pretty sure most of the Primes couldn't transform in the first place
Guest chapter 34 . 3/20
are you going to make another tansformer story about steeljaw in the sequel.
Guest chapter 5 . 3/19
Let me guess, your idea came from How to Train Your Dragon?
Guest chapter 34 . 3/19
Wicked! Is there a sequel to this story?
Stacked Waters chapter 34 . 3/20
Yeah! Happy ending!
icanhascamaro chapter 34 . 3/19
A neat snippet, even a one shot, could be of her new family showing any jerks from her past why they shouldn’t be so mean to other people. It could be therapeutic for Miya! And a lesson for any bullies. Nice ending, but I wouldn’t mind seeing more from Miya and her new family.
Maryam Clarus chapter 34 . 3/19
another job well done by our amazing author!
may you write more high quality fanfics and stories in the future! you have graced us with your presence and stories this is just as fantastic and beautiful as you!
Mariah chapter 34 . 3/18
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since you like their movie series.
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