Reviews for What Are Brothers For?
asm chapter 1 . 1/20/2016
good start- i hope 2 read more- i like the idea of peter wanting 2 sleep with greg- pete's gonna need comforting- i can imagine him asking greg 2 hold him- so they fall asleep with greg spooning peter.
it might go a little something like this: i'm not a writer, but feel free to borrow from my ideas for the rest of your story.

- a couple hours after falling asleep, peter wakes up- feels greg's strong arms wrapped around his waist- peter can feel greg's large, warm hand low on his belly- and can feel greg's large, hot, hard cock pressed between his butt cheeks. pete can't help but get turned on- he starts to wiggle his butt, wanting 2 feel greg's erection sliding and pressing against him.
greg is dreaming his cheerleader girlfriend is letting greg fuck her big titties- greg thinks his cock is sliding between some big tits when in reality it's sliding between peter's butt cheeks.
- this gets pete so aroused that he slides his underwear off and reaches behind him to push greg's underwear down- tucks the waist band under greg's fuzzy nuts- so that he can feel greg's naked hard on sliding between his naked butt cheeks.
greg's cock is drooling pre-cum_ making the slide between peter's butt cheeks nice and slippery. peter's ass hole starts twitching like a hungry mouth- he needs to feel greg's cock slide against his ass hole.
so pete reaches behind himself again, pulls his butt cheeks apart- and greg's slippery cock head slides against pete's hungry little hole- making it all slippery- pete is so turned on that his ass hole gets juicy and loose- when greg's fat cock head seems to be poking at his hole- pete presses his ass back against it and feels greg's cock head pop inside his butt hole- omg- both boys moan in pleasure. greg dreams his girlfriend is finally letting him bang her- and peter just keeps sliding his butt up and down greg's hard cock- peter needs it deeper though- so he slowly climbs on top of greg, being careful to keep greg's cock inside him. peter, now sitting on top of greg's hips and cock- starts to bounce up and down on it. greg's dream fucking causes him to thrust his hips up and down, up and down- peter is going crazy with lust and desire- his fantasy of having a man thrusting into him, finally coming true- the fact that it's greg- somebody he loves and trusts- and who has a sexy, muscular body and a great big dick- just makes it better.
pete can't stop himself from sliding his hands all over greg's pecs and washboard abs- feeling greg's broad shoulders and hard biceps.
greg is dreaming that his big titted girlfriend is bouncing up and down on his cock and worshiping his muscles- just the way he's always wanted it. yeah, she's begging for it- moaning greg's name like a bitch in heat- greg hears her moaning, 'deeper, harder, yes, oh god, it's so good, it's so big- please don't stop- i want to feel u cum inside of me'.
greg's a generous guy- so he gives her want she's begging 4 (it's actually peter begging for it- but in greg's dream it's a girl). his hands slide to her (pete's) hips_ and he thrusts harder and deeper. greg's large, strong hands squeezing pete's hips hard enough to leave finger shaped bruises- pete loves how greg is using his strength to power fuck him- to pull pete's hips down on his cock as he thrusts up into pete's hungry, hot, juiced up hole. greg's cock supplying plenty of pre-cum to make peter's butt as welcoming as any pussy- maybe even better- the closer greg gets to cumming the more aware/awake he becomes- and seconds b4 he busts his nut inside his girlfriends pussy- he wakes, opens his eyes- and sees peter sitting on top of him- bouncing on his dick- there's nothing greg can do to stop his orgasm at this point- so he just keeps on going- eyes wide as he looks at his brother pete- pete's eyes closed- his face showing such ecstasy - pete's plump lips wet and moaning - moaning greg's name- begging 4 greg's cock. between the dream about fucking his girl and hearing pete beg for his cock- greg can't stop himself- he squeezes pete's hips even harder- grabs his butt cheeks with his large hands- spreads pete's ass as wide as he can- and thrusts as deep as he can- greg releases the biggest nut/orgasm he's ever let loose- grunting with every jet of cum he spurts up his brother's very welcoming ass- greg cums so much his balls ache- when peter feels his guts get sprayed with greg's hot jizz- feels greg's cock twitching inside of him- that's all it takes for pete to also orgasm- without even touching his dick- he shoots and shoots and splatters his cum all over greg's pecs and abs.
greg decides that he'd pretend that he never woke up- pete's eyes were closed in pleasure- so he doesn't realize greg had awakened.
greg is now acting completely asleep- his dream fuck ended. pete has to lay on top of him for a few minutes to catch his breath. pete feels very lucky that greg didn't wake up- and thanks god for horny boys who regularly sleep thru their wet dreams. he imagines greg will just believe he had a really good dream. so peter slides off greg's dick- all slippery and shiny and warm with cum. pete slides down between greg's powerful thighs- finally getting a good look at greg's still partially hard cock. it is a big one- it didn't just feel big- greg has a great cock. pete's mouth waters as he looks at it- peter needs to taste it- pete has an overwhelming urge to suck greg's cock into his mouth- he starts by poking his tongue out and licking. pete decides he should lick greg's cock clean- and greg's cum is still warm- it's salty and bitter- but pete likes it. pete really likes licking greg's cock clean- there's still some pearls of cum oozing from greg's cock pete thinks he should suck greg dry. with his tongue under greg's cock head- pete opens his mouth wide and slides forward- greg's cock slides over pete's tongue and thru pete's plump lips and into pete's mouth. pete wraps his lips around gregs thick cock and wiggles his tongue under greg's cock head and starts to suckle- it's not much different than sucking on a straw. except this is meaty and hot and feels so damn good filling up pete's mouth. greg is still faking sleep but his cock is very much awake- greg feels pete slurp all over his cock- feels pete suck and lick it- feels pete's lips wrap around it- feels the vibrations as peter moans around his dick- like it's the best thing pete's ever had in his mouth- oh god- greg can't believe how good this feels. he never ever thought about letting a dude suck him off- much less letting a dude ride his cock- but he can't deny the reality of it- and damn it feels good. he can't believe what a good fuck and what a good cock sucker his bro is. greg can't help but feel lucky. he's decided he's going to be very supportive of pete- continue to offer him comfort- and to let pete know that he can come into greg's bed any time he needs it. greg's not sure whether he'll continue to fake being asleep while peter pleasures them both - or if he'll just come straight out and let peter know that if pete wants a cock to practice on- that greg will lete pete suck his dick anytime pete wants- he might even offer to be pete's 1st fuck (cause this was just a dream as far as pete knows) telling pete that he'd rather pete's 1st time be with somebody he trusts and who will be careful with him- greg will offer his cock to pete to be fucked with- to get him used to taking it up the ass- for when pete finally decides to do it with another guy. as greg is having these thoughts- pete is still busy down between greg's thighs- pete seems to really enjoy having a cock in his mouth. greg's had a few blow jobs from a couple of the cheerleaders- but the girls don't seem to like to suck dick very much- but pete sucks his dick like he's in love with it. and there's something to be said about enthusiasm- and damn is pete an enthusiastic cock sucker- pete is licking all over- kissing up and down greg's shaft- laying wet, open mouth kisses on his cock head. pete has even licked and sucked on greg's nuts. none of the girls ever did that- and it feels pretty good- it feels so good that greg thinks he's gonna blast off again real soon. greg opens his eyes just a bit to watch pete. it's dark enough that pete won't know- and greg discovers that pete's eyes are closed again- with a mouthful of greg's cock- pete looks looks so blissed out- like he''s drunk on greg's cock. like he's the luckiest guy in the world to be able to suck greg brady''s dick. greg doesn't want pete's efforts to go unrewarded- so greg will let pete worship his cock for another few minutes and then reward pete with what pete is working so hard to get- a mouthful of hot jizz churned up by greg's big nuts..
peter can't believe how lucky he is that greg's such a deep sleeper. he never imagined he'd be doing this with his bro greg- but when he woke up in the middle of the night and felt greg's hard cock against his ass- it's like a switch flipped in pete's brain- he's had dreams about other guys cocks for so long- that he just couldn't stop himself. and he doesn't feel too bad about it- cause obviously greg is having some pretty hot dreams - and at least greg's dick is enjoying the attention-
pete feels greg's thigh muscles flex- feels greg's hip muscles twitch- greg must be ready to shoot off again- pete doesn't want to make a mess- so he decides rather quickly to let greg cum in his mouth and to swallow. he liked the feeling of greg's cock twitching in his butt- but he can feel every vein and ridge and flex of greg's cock in his mouth- how big and warm and meaty it is. how it fills up his mouth so good- pete imagines if he practices enough that he'd be able to deep throat greg's rather large dick. pete knows that he's gonna do anything he can to get greg's dick in his mouth again (and in his ass again) it's just too damn good to give up. and after a few more hard sucks and slurp
Guest chapter 1 . 12/8/2015
I love this fic! There aren't many good Brady fics and I'd love to see you continue this one!
Guest chapter 1 . 8/21/2015
Continue very good story. Love it
Goldie Gamgee chapter 1 . 8/10/2015
Ooh, I like this! Second 'Brady boy is not heterosexual' story on this site as far as I know, after my own about Bobby being bisexual XD We need more gay Brady guys! :D
I liked this, the brotherly interactions between Greg and Peter were very in character and it was sweet of Greg to be so understanding. Although it was not so sweet with Mike, although I feel as though it was probably an appropriate reaction for the 70s, and it definitely was an interesting twist on Mike's character. (If that makes any sense. Words, bluh...)
I'm glad Carol was more understanding. This was great, I'd love to see more if you wanted to continue it! :)

-Goldie Gamgee, Daughter of Hades