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akwardllama chapter 55 . 4h
This story is amazing. It is Emotional and wonderful and makes me happy and sad at the same time. If you ever decide to come back to it, would you consider a one off with Itachi and Sakuras wedding? Or of itachi playing hide and go seek with their kids, i know its flufffy, but the dynamic between sakura and Itachi is amazing.
Amazing chapter 55 . 3/16
Ahhhh. Wow. I can't believe it's over. This was such a wild, wonderful ride. I'm so thankful for the development of the characters and the plot! Also, I love that Sakura became Hokage at the end. I've always loved stories like that, but I haven't found many that go down that particular path. This was wonderful and fantastic and I'm so grateful you wrote this.

Also yes! Shisui needs more love! I look forward to reading your stories in the future! Much love
cathyscloud9 chapter 55 . 14h
Fantastic chapter! Love this story! Thanks for writing it!
Uchiha Misaki chapter 55 . 3/17
Such a wonderful ride it has been reading this story/ all your stories over the years. I am sad it is over but I believe you left it at a great stopping point. That being said, I wouldn't mind a one shot of them in the future. Thank you again
Whiski chapter 40 . 3/16
At the end of this chapter, I literally shouted "YAAAAAAS! CHAPTER 40 PROVIDES!" and now my family is looking at me like I'm psycho. I've burned trough 40 chapters... in two days. I'm so obsessed with this story! You've made me cry several times, by the way. Like, sobbing. ANYWAYS, ON TO THE NEXT CHAPTER3
tiny.tanaka chapter 55 . 3/16
It’s been years... 3 years! I’ve followed this story all the way through and I honestly don’t know how to feel. I’m crying and I’m happy with the ending so damn much. It made me feel so many different emotions when I felt like I was becoming a heartless witch. Thank you for everything over the years. This story meant so much to me. Thank you a thousand times over.
KagomaruLover88 chapter 55 . 3/15
I LOVED this story. Thank you so much for writing it! It really was very well written. I appreciate you sharing it and sticking with it. I would love an eventual one shot sequel to where they all land.
Really beautiful ending and story. Thanks so much. I truly enjoyed reading it. On the edge of my seat the whole time!
Lylex96 chapter 55 . 3/15
This was amazing! I loved it so much! I would love an epilogue. Congrats on finishing it!
ImprobableGirl chapter 55 . 3/15
I usually do not write reviews because my english writing skills are practically non existent, but this time I really needed to leave you a comment.
I seriously had to stop reading a few times to collect myself beacuse THE EMOTIONS were too much! Lovely story and such a happy and unexpected ending that it leaved speechless... I would really enjoy an epilogue or a oneshot as you said, and I'll obviously be looking forward to other itaxsaku stories written by you :)
i-just-really-love-sakura chapter 55 . 3/15
I'm actually crying. This was beautiful, wonderful, amazing. You have a unique writing style that has your stories heart capturing and audience on the edge of their seats. Thank you for this. It will always be a favorite.
JoyellMark Klimek chapter 55 . 3/15
I was crying through this whole chapter. I loved the ending. You did a great job with this story. Thanks for sharing your talent of writing with us.
loveitasakuxx chapter 55 . 3/15
What? Done! Noooooo.. it can't be.

Ohh myy.. it's actually done. Damm. I was expecting it but not so soon. I wanted to see sakura as hokage n uchiha matriarch. XD

This was too emotional even for me. U made me cry long fat tears while reading this. Even my buo thought something happened to me, that m crying like hell. And at some point, I have to eyes.. so that I can continue reading. :P

But the way you expressed the whole chap, starting from Itachi's death to sakura numbness to sasuke's grief to naruto's guilt to shisui n izumi's pain.. it was all beautifully described. Loved every part of it. N d best was Sakura's response.. we are not that lucky. She was shown so practical about it.

Tsunade mischevious smile, Itachi, kakashi's knowing grins.. they were awesome. And sakura expecting promotion got hokage hat waiting for her. N her response. Eh..? Hahaha.. XD

Loved it. X) it had the most beautiful ending. xoxo
GinaCat chapter 55 . 3/14
Oh my god this was so good I loved it so much. That would be great for a one shot sequel just putting my two cents. Your awesome !
BoycottingLove chapter 55 . 3/14
This chapter made me so emotional! I loved the ending; especially with Sakura becoming Minato’s successor.
lanae.harper1999 chapter 55 . 3/14
Another good chapter I applaud you and I can’t wait for your next story
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