Reviews for Ramen A-Go-Go!
Dame Selena chapter 1 . 1/7/2016
Only criticism: You said Karachi instead of Kakashi near the top.
"Slowly, as if preparing to run through a string of hand signs" great image, pictured it just like a manga frame, the kind of increasing tension only to troll the reader kind of image.
I liked the descriptive way you basically said "they ate ramen like pigs at a trough" LOL
I have to admit, I was eagerly awaiting the outcome and yeah, no matter who won I would have loved it, haha at Naruto being a cheater and winning anyway. (On another note, doesn't Kakashi wear 2 masks? I don't know if you watch the manga but in a filler episode the genin were trying to see his face and he said oh if you just want to know what's under my mask just ask it's... another mask! *trololololol*)
I don't get it, I thought Kakashi looked ridiculous but from the response people thought he looked attractive?
Basically I thought it fic was really funny, maybe it's fandom specific but for some reason Naruto always has such troll one shots.

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