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aka Arashi chapter 5 . 7/26/2006
Another awesome chap. Gets right to the heart of the matter.. pulls the characters together and really sets the stage for the coming adventure.
aka Arashi chapter 6 . 7/26/2006
There's something so awesome and sad about imagining Judeau, stripped of his defenses and his shirt.. standing there naked, his scars there for everyone to see. Those demons worked him over.. killed him even.. It's not like his body will ever be able to hide that kind of disfiguring damage.

And then to be accused of cowardice. It's almost too much to take! I love how this whole scene played out. The emotion of it. The sort of wounded pride Judeau has... wounded, but pride nonetheless. And the fact that he has nothing to be ashamed of, but at the same time, he's hideously scarred. It's a great contrast.
aka Arashi chapter 7 . 7/26/2006
I love the Great City. I love how they feel so lost and insignificant when they're stuck inside it.

Love the insight we get into Samina. Those kind of contrary actions are always so revealing.
aka Arashi chapter 8 . 7/26/2006
Birthrights, new armor, traveling together with the new group... Another excellent chapter. Is there fanart of Judeau's new look? I can't remember if I saw any of his armor on your site way back in the day... Well, there Should be!
aka Arashi chapter 9 . 7/26/2006
I think this is one of my favorite chapters. (if you noticed, I skipped a few chaps there, but that's only because those were the ones I already reviewed!)

The brand returns, the ghosts, the nightmares... the chilling sense that Griffith might just step into this world to claim him. Damn spooky! So enjoyable.

A look into The Void. Another well thought out element to this story. Loves it loves it.
aka Arashi chapter 12 . 7/26/2006
Hehehe, more pain for poor Judeau. Loves it.

You really get to see what someone is made out of when you throw everything you've got at them. Can't wait to see how far you push him. Take him to his limits then push him beyond them.

I know you'll manage it. ;)

And Yay for Dwarves and their amazing resistances. With that kind of strength, you can't help but throw a few trees at them or a few carefully aimed battleaxes. M... Love action, love the aftermath. Again, this is my kind of story. And throughout all the action and the downtime after someone gets their ass handed to them, we get even more insight into their characters and personalities. Great stuff.
aka Arashi chapter 13 . 7/26/2006
Gr... apparently 30 seconds is a lot longer than I like to think it is. No patience. None at all. My curse!

This is a great chapter. One of those crucial Turning Points that all stories need. Judeau takes matters into his own hands, to find that really... he's being a dork and the answers were there from the start. Love it.

Everyone wants to feel like they belong. And after everything that Judeau belonged to was stripped away.. it's great to see him find somewhere new to call Home. A new group to call Family.
aka Arashi chapter 14 . 7/26/2006
More unfolding plot and a deepening of the characters. Excellent chapter. Relationships being fleshed out is always a great thing.

The reinstatement of Thirgynn... really shows the relationship of the dwarves.

More bonding for Samina and Judeau, yay for bonding! More insight into Samina and Steelwing's relationship. M.

Good stuff
aka Arashi chapter 16 . 7/26/2006
Steelwing is a genius. (which, in turn, makes you a genius!)

I'm not sure how much research you've been putting into this story to make it full of so much truth, depth, and insight.. but it's spot on and fleshed out so fully that it's easy to understand why Steelwing is as awesome as he is. He Knows what he's talking about.. you really feel that when you read his explanations.

Insight and Acceptance. I've done a lot of studying of Bushido and the way of the warrior for my own fic writing and my own private amusement and use. The way you eloquently explain some of the most difficult concepts of the way of the warrior... it's exceptional.

Love Judeau's reactions to this all... can't wait to see him truly come into his own.
aka Arashi chapter 17 . 7/25/2006
My favorite line in this chapter.

"You're a soldier, Judeau. What do you think it means?"


Ah, one thing I've been thinking as I reread everything and caught up with the new chaps... It's just a thought, but... I've been wondering why Judeau's brand doesn't bleed when he's around the forces of evil. I mean, when Gatts gets in trouble, his brand is practically pouring blood. To make matters more interesting... Gatts has the advantage of having his brand on the back of his neck, which would suck for the pain, of course, but doesn't exactly get in the way of his fighting. Having a hand slick with fresh blood would make it quite a bit more challenging to wield a sword or toss a dagger.

If you think about it. Judeau kind of got off easy, after the whole ordeal. Gatts lost an eye and a hand... making him a cripple. And seeing Gatts overcome those kind of limitations is one of my favorite thing about Berserk.

Anyway, it's just a thought I had. Would be awesome to see. Maybe this world is a bit further from the original branders, so it manifests itself as extreme pain and less blood? You do mention that he's got some dried blood when his brand first reappears.. but after that it's pretty much an untouched possibility.

But ya, awesome chap. More action! More war! w00t!
aka Arashi chapter 18 . 7/25/2006
Heheh, the female dwarves... hehehehhe... love it love it

AND, much love to kicking Judeau's ass all the time. This world is dangerous, he's a cursed man... and the Berserk story itself is one full of blood and injury, something that I have always enjoyed in a well written story. If your main characters go through all their trials and tribulations without a scratch, you've either got some piss poor baddies, or an audience of children. 8D You, thankfully, have neither! So please, don't spare our heroes on my account! mwahahaha

Great to see more of the dwarves, how they work, how they live, how they love... so cute!
aka Arashi chapter 19 . 7/25/2006
Review Throttle? What is this nonsense! making me waste 30 precious seconds of my time when I could be reviewing! Gah!

OK! So.

First off, I loved the surprise about the female Dwarves. Caught me off guard and I loved it! (I know that's not this chapter, but since I'm reviewing backwards, hehehe) I like getting into Thirgynn's head in the beginning of this chap. Makes me wonder what she feels for Taskkarr? Well, it's not hard to imagine!

Getting to see the Bad Guys is great. It's nice to put a face and a name to the thing that's gonna be haunting your heroes. Yay for evil! Yay for what it does to make the main characters even cooler than they already are!

Again, love the holidays. Very creepy! Judeau getting taken out by the spirits and the evil energies on the evilest night of the year... awesome.. just awesome..

And in part 20, his decision to take matters into his own hands and Beat his curse.. to live with it and be strong enough to handle it. So great. He's finally moved into the Main Character camp... no longer being overshadowed by personalities too great to be competed with. Love how you've explored that concept.
aka Arashi chapter 20 . 7/25/2006

As we say in the land of the rising sun, hisashiburi!

It's been a LONG time! I'm not sure if I can accurately express how happy I am to see you back and updating and how happy I am to be back and reading! Let's just say I'm happy, estatic, thrilled, etc etc!

Just the other week or so, I went to the bookstore for the first time in way too long and found 2 new volumes of the Berserk manga! And then that got me thinking about other things I'd been missing out on, and then I got my alert that you'd posted! Coincidence, I think not!

Summer vacation just started at work, but I still have to come in every day and sit through the boredom. I decided to entertain myself these last two days by rereading and then continuing reading the new chaps of this most excellent work of fanfiction.

You know what? There are parts of this fic that have actually joined with my recollections of the later volumes of the manga! It's amazing! I realized "oh wait, this is something that happens in Berserk, not in this story!" Be flattered. I think this story has become canon somewhere in the back of my mind. Like parallel stories about characters that were once together but are now seperated. And though I love the fact that Judeau really can't ever be reunited with the Berserk cast, I keep having this feeling like he Should and Will! The story you've written is that close to the surface of the "reality" of Berserk.

I was thinking about it yesterday on my way home from work, after reading 1-14 of H&P straight through. A work of exquisitely crafted fanfiction is just as "real" as the Anime or Manga that it stemmed from. After a while, we accept our favorite stories as "truth" or "fact" and we can easily argue over details and events, as easily or easier than we could argue over the history of the "real world". We take things we love into our hearts. And that's when a fan is born. The characters ARE real to us, the events Happened.

And in the same way, your story has been elevated to the same level of "reality" that I have ascribed to my favorite games, shows, anime, and manga. It's something I carry around with me, and could easily discuss the plot and the nuances with any other fan of this work of art.

Pretty damn amazing, if you ask me. Gives me a new respect for fanfiction that I think I've lost these years when I've been on the inactive lists for my own writing.

And now I'm going to do something that I should have done when I first started reading your fic (has it been a year or more already?). REVIEW. EVERY. SINGLE. CHAPTER.

There is too much to say and I am limited by a 30 min time limit... so without further ado:

Loved this most recent chapter! I love the holidays you've given this world. So real I keep wondering what you're basing them off of, like "Oh, this must be a holiday somewhere in the world at some point in our history." They're just that good.

I love the Storytelling INSIDE a story! Talk about the sweetness. The story of the Phoenix had me just as transfixed and sentimental as I think Judeau had to have been. Awesome work.

I love that they're finally opening up to each other! It's been a great and natural progression. I can't wait to see where their relationship will go from here, whatever kind of relationship you have in store for them! I love the stuff with the chivalry and Judeau treating her like a girl when she's not so very comfortable with being treated like one. Most excellent!

And now to review in reverse order. Let's see how I do!
Kyree chapter 20 . 7/24/2006
I love this world that you have created in such detail. The more I learn the more amazed I get, you have languages, folklore, social structure, geography, everything. Also I am very happy that you have started to separate Samina from Caska and her life sounds interesting, will we ever meet her pheonix trash children. You said you liked the constructive critism but for this chapter I can't give you any, your writing style has solidified and become smoothe and continuous, without jumping beyond comprehension or get bogged down in details and your grammar and word choice are good. My only recomendation would be to keep doing whatever it is you are doing already because it's working.
Merina chapter 20 . 7/21/2006
Wow! An update! But alas, none for Hearts Eclipsed! Great chapter. It was nice to see Samina open up. I sense a possible relationship! And although it shouldn't have been very Lord of the Ring-ish, the whole thing in the glowing mushroom garden reminds me of Arwen and Aragon when they are kissing at the waterfall! But anways, update BOTH fics again soon!
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