Reviews for Phoning it in
Difdi chapter 21 . 4/3/2018
Let me guess - every single cup on that tray is for Spartacus?
Kraigen23 chapter 15 . 3/29/2018
The last scene between Ted and HK is pretty good
kurolothgarian chapter 1 . 3/15/2018
Just reading the summary, it appears you gave the SI the abilities of Rincewind the Wizzard.
Sir Cookie chapter 22 . 3/8/2018
Difdi chapter 2 . 3/6/2018
Mutant koala? Did you just give Stitch a lightsaber?
ARSLOTHES chapter 22 . 3/5/2018
interesting fic, hope you make a super dog with the puppy
Moar chapter 22 . 3/2/2018
i love it *thumbs up*
Paver83 chapter 22 . 2/25/2018
In response to the Typist's Note at the bottom regarding micro piglets, two words: Ryoga Hibiki.
Guestinator chapter 22 . 2/24/2018
("Or I could make it so your blood only dissolves metal," Merlin said. )

And that kills him because we need metals in our body such as the iron in blood. Oops.
kronos797 chapter 9 . 2/24/2018
hold on. pudge the fish? is murphy stitch. ive been trying to figure out who he is since 2015.
Greatazuredragon chapter 22 . 2/24/2018
Hehe, indeed.
Nice chapter, good work.
Guest chapter 22 . 2/23/2018
So, I guess Dawn is stupid? Heh, anyways, nice chapter, better than the last one!
Tigerman chapter 22 . 2/23/2018
A Spider Pig joke? Never mess with SpiderHam!
He fought the Inheritors after all!
AnFan-n-More chapter 22 . 2/23/2018
Oh my. I didn't even think of Spider Pig. My thoughts went with wings.

If Merlin really wanted to help with powers, he'd make an appointment for them with Xander and Giles. Though he'd need to make some way for them to meet so that he wasn't ferrying people all the time. Maybe some kind of dimension door construct. Though, it would have to be warded to keep nasties of either side crossing to the other.

Great chapter. Thanks for the update.
Abyssal Angel chapter 22 . 2/23/2018
"Pretty much," Merlin agreed. "The only Spiderman power(s) I can't just buff someone up to is precognition, clinging to walls, and making webs."

-Oh thank goodness... I finally got tired enough of retyping the sentences for the fixes in these comment sections since this fanfiction site won't allow right click, highlight, or copy/paste, so I went and hunted up an addon that would bypass the right click and copy restriction! Now this is easy!-

"Would transferring (the) web making ability give you spinnerets?" Hit Girl asked.

"Yeah, you are probably going to want to keep them supplies(supplied) so they don't have to go shopping," Merlin suggested
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