Reviews for A Cadmean Victory
qwertyuiop123214685 chapter 72 . 4/15
is harry ever going to get around to placing the blood wards?
lachyfrost chapter 1 . 4/13
You've ruied the story as soon as harry chose to help Nev. Fuck you for ruining a good story. Everything after that was absolute fucking rubbish. Don't even get me started on that Katie bullshit. FUCK YOU.
Tora808 chapter 103 . 4/2
10/10 did in fact cry like a small child
UnknownReader2001 chapter 95 . 3/25
I can feel Harry's rage. He has more reasons to become a dark lord than Voldemort. Bloody hell! Katie is the one who made moments in this story cheerful, idk if Fleur can even match her when it comes to cheering Harry up, and now she's gone...
2678024 chapter 60 . 3/24
2678024 chapter 51 . 3/21
A plus
Drago chapter 56 . 3/9
on chapter 56. 1 thing to say ,really:
Fuckin ClIFFhaNgER?!

(lol pls dont be offended, it wa not my intent to do so.)
drago chapter 55 . 3/9
lol i hate that its "practise" and not "practice" XD
it's driving my OCD up the fucking wall! lmao
no but seriously, i fuckin love this book 8(
leadwolf72 chapter 36 . 2/26
love it
Unfairestdrake8 chapter 104 . 2/26
Best story I’ve read really emotional at parts but good
Guest chapter 82 . 2/22
Heart this!
Guest chapter 103 . 2/18
You motherfucker.
You have no idea how sad I felt after Harry died for Fleur, only for this teaser to be there for me afterwards.A masterpiece of a book, ups and down coupled with in-depth characters and wonderful world building. easily the most under-rated HP fanfic i have ever read. About to go read the re-written version, hopefully just as good
GauntPlane58 chapter 1 . 2/20
This fic was a chore to read for the first half, took me three weeks instead of the usual 1day/100kWords.

The way you got Fleur into a relationship with Harry was just horrible and mostly clichéd. (oh no he can't resist my veela charm he must be my future husband) very shallow and it reads kinda misogynistic, but at least you tried to salvage it with happenstances of the TriWizard.

Your ending for snape in the remaster is wonderful, your ending for Dumbledore in this one too is top-tier.

Your writing style in both fics is very bad, too much dialogue, it jumps from one setting to another in a mere sentence or less, doesn't explain reasoning, etc.

In your remaster, why did you not fix your grammar issues?

Anyways, good day, hated this fic.
Indigo2004 chapter 37 . 2/17
Really good! Gotta finish up from here (ch37)
Guest chapter 18 . 2/15
uhh. my dude. p sure your contraction observation is largely an individual experience or a consequence of your particular english language culture. contractions are just. a natural consequence of a language that’s maintained so many small helper words to maintain flexibility since england kept getting steamrolled by so many other cultures and languages (before they took out their accumulated land and inferiority issues on the entire rest of the world instead of going to metaphorical therapy like a responsible nation. lame.)

their presence in speech has fuck-all to do with reading aptitude or intelligence, unless the speaker’s being a tryhard. which yeah, that tracks with the hermione you’ve written. irl it sounds robotic or preachy? depending on inflection choices. so for harry imo it comes off as a little kid stomping his feet all, “take me seriously i’m a Real Adult now! a darkened complex soul I Am The Shadows. I Am Batman” instead of true maturity.
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