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ZenoLucario chapter 57 . 7/27
I love this story, great character development, plot advancement, keep it up.
Cold-heart-Angel23 chapter 57 . 7/25
It's cute that Smoochum joined the gang. Now Perrine and Hikaru know what happened to Caiseal, and Hikaru's story is out. I found the moment between Cais and Hikaru to be sad, yet sweet.

Update soon!
Canada Cowboy chapter 57 . 7/24
Glad to see you update this fic again. It's been a while since your previous update, and I'm sorry to hear that your life experienced some turbulence. Nonetheless, let's see what we can come up with.

I'm glad to see Caiseal opening up to the group a bit more. We know Blackthorn and Ice Path are things that make Caiseal uncomfortable, mainly due to the whole abandonment thing. I'm glad to see him take some positive out of this experience, knowing that there are people and Pokémon who care about him. I'm especially happy to see the part about Hikaru, who had a similar past to Caiseal, and how well they bonded. In any event, this should make for an interesting experience going forward.

Next, I'm glad to see Julia catch another Pokémon, and not in a traditional way. I like how Julia felt taking Smoochum is akin to kidnapping, and she actually asks Jynx if Smoochum can come with her. It is in contrast to what happened to Amara, who basically kidnapped her Pokémon and mistreated them. I'm especially interested to see what happens to some of the Pokémon each person catches in reminiscing what life would be like if they didn't join their trainer. We know one such Pokémon was shown with Umbreon, as he chose to go off on his own, despite his own sister (Lucretia the Espeon) being on Julia's team. Will they ever run into Umbreon again, and maybe he wants to join so him and his sister can fight side-by-side?

Finally, it's great to see that they finally made it to Blackthorn, where they will have to take on Clair and potentially challenge Team Rocket. If I recall the show, Team Rocket entered Dragon's Den and things got nasty in a hurry. It didn't help that Clair (in the games) is very arrogant and refused to concede even when defeated. I'm not sure how you intend to address those, but there could be some interesting interaction here. And of course, I'd like to see a scene where Geraldine comes back into the picture. Given what that poor Pokémon went through, it's time we hear some good news.

Thanks for writing a good chapter and I look forward to seeing your next update. I hope things are now smoother in your life as well. Please feel free to reach out if you want to chat more.
OkonoMiyagi chapter 57 . 7/24
This was a very good chapter overall, but something's bothering me in the Pokedex entry for Jynx. You've stated that Jynx reproduce asexually, which by definition does not require fusion of gametes to produce offspring (in other words, two parents). In addition, asexual reproduction requires that the offspring are genetically identical to the parents, which would imply-the way you've written it, anyway-that one Jynx would bear another Jynx, skipping the Smoochum phase entirely. Yet the only way Smoochum can be obtained are by breeding Jynx with Ditto, which is the farthest thing from asexual reproduction. Am I missing something here?

That aside, I've been following this story for a while and am only now getting the chance to review. I think you've crafted a wonderful story and look forward to seeing how you'll be able to tie up all the loose ends in everyone's storylines.
Q-A the Authoress chapter 57 . 7/24
I wonder what Smoochum's nickname is going to be?

Keep on Writin' and Rockin'
FantasyLover88 chapter 57 . 7/24
I'm glad Julia got Smoochum, though I wonder if she's ever going to get a Swinub. I also love the moment between Caiseal and Hikaru; they really do have a lot in common. I can't wait to see what happens next! :D
Dreams Come True 996 chapter 56 . 7/15
I discovered this fanfic a few months ago and I'm enjoying it. I can totally relate to Julia in most of the cases. I'm wondering if You're gonna continue this fabulous series, please? I don't care what the critis or haters say about great stories like this, but I screw them. I wish You the very best of luck and success no matter what, where, when, why and how.
GlaresThatKill chapter 10 . 5/29
I honestly don’t understand how incompetent the police have to be in order for Amara (who is not that much older than Julia I assume), a teenager, to avoid them twice. And it seems like nobody knows she’s on the blacklist or something? I don’t know how public blacklists are supposed to be, but you would think that gym leaders, even new ones, would have access to that kind of information so incidents like what happened to Whitney wouldn’t happen.

And honestly, with how destructive you portrayed Amara, don’t expect me to sympathize with her with this suddenly revealed past relationship with Chanel, who I assume has died because of how Amara is crying. As much as I don’t like Amara, I’ll still read this story. I just hope the cycle of Amara constantly escaping the authorities won’t be a constant thing.
FantasyLover88 chapter 56 . 5/13
I knew Caiseal had a rough childhood, but this is ridiculous! It's not his fault that the twin died while they were still in the womb. Things like that happen! Does the dad even KNOW what his wife did? Makes me wonder if the mom's in jail and will make another appearance. Either way, I can't wait to see what happens next! :D
Q-A the Authoress chapter 56 . 5/13
Wow, I did not expect that dark of a backstory for Caiseal. I'm glad he got his feelings off his chest at least.

Keep on Writin' and Rockin'
Canada Cowboy chapter 56 . 5/13
I'm so glad we see another update, this time about the long-awaited past for Caiseal. There's a lot to get to here, both in terms of people and Pokémon. Let's get started, shall we?

First off, I'm glad to see some fear in Caiseal regarding his past. We know he was seriously scarred, with snippets about whether or not he should have died. There was a lot of name-calling, and Caiseal lived on the streets for a while. Now we realize that Caiseal used to have a twin, but somehow his body absorbed the other twin's body before birth. Is this the "Vanishing Twin Syndrome" that we see in medical situations, and does this mean Caiseal is a chimera with 2 different sets of DNA? Either way, this puts the dynamics of the group in a whole new light, something that I think will only enhance the story.

Next, we also find out Caiseal's family situation, with a little sister named Violet that he cares for a lot. However, I sense some sibling rivalry because it feels like Violet is the favoured child while he was the black sheep. I'm glad to see that Caiseal's mother got reported for child abuse, and that Caiseal is now in a better spot. But we didn't see what happened to Violet, and if she ended up moving out of that toxic household. I also got a bit confused about Mallow, because Caiseal met Mallow in the streets, but then you said that Mallow was with Caiseal when he was abandoned. If you can clarify that timeline for me, then it'll make things a bit clearer.

Finally, I'm glad to see things coming full circle, with the same Jynx that rescued Caiseal back then now coming back. This time the Jynx has a child of her own, and Caiseal was able to see that child. It's interesting because we seem to have so many of those reunions within this story, with the most memorable one being Hikaru and Raikou. Now it feels like every single member of our trio has had some special reunion event, and hopefully with these you can build on their characters even more. I can't wait to see Caiseal potentially running into his family again, and hopefully they can address Violet's situation and potentially bring his biological mother to justice.

Again, you did well with this chapter and I'm glad to see your progress. I look forward to seeing your next chapter and welcome any discussion you may want to have with me. Good luck for next time!
YellowFlashCannon chapter 55 . 4/8
Nice story
Q-A the Authoress chapter 55 . 3/18
I hope your father had a nice birthday. :)

Keep on Writin' and Rockin'
Canada Cowboy chapter 55 . 3/18
Well, that escalated quickly. Amara was arrested, but her Gengar broke her out of jail. Kassia and Julia settled their differences regarding Geraldine. 2 separated Pokémon evolved at the same time. And most importantly, Caiseal is about to encounter his own past. Let's go over these things one by one and see where we want to go with it.

First off, you pretty much guaranteed that Amara will spend time in prison. It's one thing to run away from home, and I might even see the court going lenient on Amara for beating up gym leaders due to her young age and unfortunate circumstances, but busting out of a police station is a big no-no. There is no way she will get any mercy from the courts, and now that the police has evidence from the station on what she's doing and where she's going, I think everyone will be on high alert. I really hope Clair, Blackthorn's gym leader, won't be as clumsy as Whitney or Pryce, and will actually refuse to battle Amara and turn her into the police. I cannot imagine Amara being able to beat Clair up, and Clair not only should, but must, turn her in at all costs.

Next, I like how you dealt with the Geraldine issue. Kassia is definitely realizing the mistakes she made, both with Amara and Julia. She is upset about Amara, but she did not do what a dutiful parent should have done, taking way too loose an approach (along with Truman) in handling how Amara dealt with Chanel's death. Then, when things don't work out, she resorts to fruitless efforts to get Amara back, only to neglect Julia's needs. Julia is growing up in front of her eyes, whether she likes it or not. Julia made a big decision to give Geraldine up, and Kassia needs to realize that and respect that. I'm glad it all worked out and I hope to see what you do with them in the future.

I also like how you had Caiseal worry about going back to Blackthorn, but still be concerned about Julia's family issues. If I recall correctly, Caiseal has his own family issues, with his biological mother abandoning him at one time. He was taken in by another family, but we don't know what happened between his foster mother and his biological mother. But at the same time, Caiseal has also grown in that he actually cares about those around him, and will put them before himself. For him to support Julia and still help her catch Amara is great, and I hope to see his development very soon.

One thing I do want to caution you is the way you wrote the roles of the adults in this story. I know that it's important to write full characters, including those who have great flaws (such as Kassia, who is so overwhelmed by the Amara situation that she's almost helpless). However, you almost took the idea of "adults are useless" to the extreme, where they can't even keep a 13-year-old in containment. Amara escaped a bunch of monks, beat up at least 2 gym leaders, evaded arrest throughout the entire region, and now escaped a police station. Don't you think it's getting a little too clichéd, to the point where we can't even trust those who are in charge? If I live in a society where a 13-year-old brat can outsmart trained law enforcement, I'd request to move immediately! So please, if you can, tone it down a bit and don't overdo it.

I look forward to your next chapters where you will address all these outstanding issues. I especially like to see Amara being re-arrested (and they WILL do it right), Caiseal encountering his past, the Blackthorn gym battles, and Geraldine's recuperation. And of course, I'm willing to discuss any ideas with you, if you wish.
Cold-heart-Angel23 chapter 55 . 3/18
Wow so much has gone through in one chapter. Amara was in jail and Gengar helped her escape. Viole and Blossom have evolved, two evolutions in one chapter. Casiel will have to face his demons soon. Will the gang ever encounter some Ice types, update soon!
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