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World of Octobers chapter 67 . 9/12
Good job! And oh, sixteen days of Games? I'll be in it for the long haul ;)

Can't wait for the next chapter!
The88Constellations chapter 66 . 9/9
Wait...who died, exactly? I'm not 100% sure. Maybe you could post euologies, or at least a death count? It would just make it easier to keep track. Just a suggestion, you don't have to take it, and I hope this doesn't come off as flames.
ariel786 chapter 1 . 9/9
great one
Dev chapter 64 . 8/1
Hey this is an incredible story! I've read a lot of Hunger Games fanfiction, and some of them are very good, but this one is by far the best in terms of writing and story-telling. I always get excited when I find an online story that's eloquently-written and isn't full of grammatical errors, and I really appreciate all the hard work and detail you've put into this - even adding cool little details to the canon like District 6 being based around Japanese culture, Manari being of Islamic faith, and the huge amount racial diversity throughout the districts in general.
Every character is super captivating and I've been rooting for all of them throughout their journeys. I'm eager to see who will come out on top and how much further the tributes still with us will make it and what happens to them. Thank you for giving me an excuse to read again. c:
This is some great stuff and I hope that one day I'll be able to write as well as you can.
Can't wait for the next chapter!
seekergold chapter 64 . 7/31
I'm so glad I stumbled upon this really great story! I've been looking for failed rebellion aus ever since I finished the books and your story did not disappoint! I really am enjoying the relationship of Yuna and Fidan and I hope one of them wins! :)
TheAmazingJAJ chapter 63 . 6/29
Wow, tension is surely rising once more... I can't believe how good this is! It's written so well, and the thoughts and emotions are so strong. Awesome job!
Minerva-DE chapter 57 . 2/15
Hello Sukkar,

I stumbled over your story and I love it, I think it's one of my favorite hunger game fanfics and I'm excited to see how it plays out! My favorite is definitely Cora, alhough I'd also like to see Jewel or Bridget winning, or Yuna. Samil or Statice are the ones I would not like to win, although I think they are good characters. All of them are though, I think you did a good job on the different perspectives and how you used them to fill the different characters with life.
Also, the capitol story is quite captivating. It is an unusual setup to put such a detailed games story in the framework of a "capitol life" but it works well, I think also because your first chapter was very appealing. I have to admit I skipped most of the "reaping chapters", I think I may go back and read a few of my favorite characters.
I look forward to the next update :-)

TheAmazingJAJ chapter 56 . 2/2
lol, good on you for procrastinating! Well, I guess I better review, so I'm cheering for the careers, mainly because they all stand out to me at this point. Manari has a really interesting storyline that makes me want him to go far, and he's my favourite at the moment (you know, if he goes into a final duel with a female, he isn't allowed to shake their hand.), but then Marcus is fun to watch, while I can't count out either Jewel or Cora, so they're all in a tie for first to me. Well, hopefully we can see an outer district tribute next time! I wonder what Samil is doing?
Guest chapter 50 . 12/14/2017
kill off Manari and Jewel next
Emmah chapter 1 . 12/9/2017
Just so you know, memento mori means remember you will die
Guest chapter 50 . 12/7/2017
I'm addicted to this fic. I was going for Cora but I really like Yuna and Fidan. Excited for the next chapter!
Anla'shok chapter 45 . 11/10/2017
Bridget is great. The way she makes the best of the situation while still sounding like herself and showing what a struggle it is is great.
It's also normal, from her point of view, that Angel is so opaque. And that's maybe the single frustrating thing of this chapter.
Angel completely blew it here. Now, you showed him cracking (sort of), and maybe he got cocky, figured he'd toy with her, make it a show, got distracted by his own thoughts as he tried to rationalize an aversion to just going for the kill (and with Bridget, he can't use fear to do the job for him, because she wasn't frightening enough to spur him into defense mode), and got caught completely by surprise when she got her own blow in.
But that's just me assuming.
Don't think I'm upset Bridget came in on top, though. Renata's probably going to be more interesting now that she's alone. I don't expect her to go back to the Careers, not when she has no partner and doesn't bring skills to the table the others lack (unless she comes back with the pretense of the 'Career alliance' to score a kill against one of her former allies, which would be an unexpected twist, but it'd take a bit of mental gymnastics for her to get there.)

Dion doesn't strike an emotional chord in me, but he's a solid character. I do like that it's not all 'Dion's the competent one and Bridget tags along', they both bring strength to the alliance (the snake scene was fun).

I realize I'm pretty invested in what everyone's doing at this point, which is great.
Anla'shok chapter 44 . 11/10/2017
I really enjoyed the banter. Jewel stands out more than Manari, because her anger, and the way she uses it to shield herself (and the way she tries to rationalize them being wounded as a waste for the Capitol) is something I get. You can see that the situation is finally getting to her and she's starting to see it's not fair. I'm eager to see what will lie beyond the anger.
Manari is still mostly in his pre-Games mindset (even if Charlotte upset things a bit), and I'm waiting for the moment he'll stop focusing on tangential questions and start tackling the real things (like perhaps seeing how twisted his statement on how it's fair he got to volunteer and not that girl who was mean to him. How he's better than her because he's killed people in a Capitol sanctioned 'game' whereas she broke his bone in a place that could get it mended in a blink). I'm not saying I'm expecting Manari to go anti-Capitol. But there's a clear disconnect between some of his beliefs and his choices/behavior.

I'm not sure about their tactic of sitting duck by the Cornucopia. It's convenient because they are in pain, so it makes sense they'd favor a tactic that keeps them from moving, but that assumes they're safe from the other Careers.
I'm eager to see how having the Ones and Fidan's alliance so close together will play out.
Anla'shok chapter 43 . 11/10/2017
I like this new facet to Fidan. She's... extra careful? I'm struggling to find a better word, but I mean that in her dialog she's very careful not to sound pushy or assuming. I also get the impression that she's rather nervous and speaking very fast, but it's an empathetic kind of nervousness where she's really trying to take into consideration how she comes across and how her allies feel. With the Games added layer of fear that make her desire to 'keep the peace' and not upset anybody very relatable, it made Fidan really endearing.

It's also a nice contrast with Yuna, who is also on edge but expresses it in a harsher way. You can see the two girls have a different way of steeling themselves for what's to come.

I like that you don't let the 'downtime' chapters go to waste. This is nice way to show an alliance while still showing that despite the three wanting to work together, they can't shake off the tension altogether.
Anla'shok chapter 42 . 10/24/2017
That was an interesting peak in Angel's head.
He's very eager into talking himself into an 'all is well' mindset while Renata is in full (realistic if you ask me) freakout (and if I were her and I found another tribute, I'd knock out Angel somehow and make a new alliance. Even killing a couple of tributes won't improve their standing at this stage, and it sounds that it's only the fear of the unknown and the prospect of loneliness that is keeping Renata from leaving straight away). It might also be funny if Renata just point blank tells him "well I'm not going to kill or help you kill this person, so you either walk through me, join us, or you go back to the Careers like a good boy." I'm pretty sure that short term at least, Renata's turning coat won't displease the Capitol (if only for the confusion/drama not having the Fours show up will cause at Career camp)
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